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"Live" Journal (Month of May 2022)

"Live" Journal (Month of May 2022)

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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5-7-22 11pm archived FB posts:

Happy Mother's Day:


Nice quotes Mom:


Microsoft Word - 2022 Conference Program 4-29-22 (


I left 5-4-22- Fred stopped by Congress and I said "ok" and geared up and headed to Beaumont, CA to meet IAWF Joaquin Ramirez...

Neighborhood's Cacti Blooms:

Beaumont CA:

Always spreading the word on Wildland Firefighter Foundation ---

Past President showing his Support to WFF:

snapchat video:



Fred gave me this hat- thank you, sir:

It was great to finally meet Joaquin Ramirez--- he took 2 pictures of me and him - he looked great but no way for my part in the photos--

seem like one eye went one way and the other ???


It is here ... Happy Mother's Day!


Oh yeah- recap my C-pap moments this past week:

Saturday April 30 89, 8.07 usage hours, adjust mask 9/20, 1.6 events per hour, 1 mask off

Sunday May 1 88, 7.58 usage hours, adjust mask 8/20, 2.2 events per hour, 1 mask off

Monday May 2 98, 9.55 usage hours, adjust mask 18/20, 2 events per hour, 2 mask off

Tuesday May 3 76, 5.16 usage hours, adjust mask 13/20, 1.3 events per hour, 2 mask off

Wednesday May 4 80, 6.09 usage hours, adjust mask 9/20, 1.6 events per hour, 1 mask off (travel mode)

Thursday May 5 83, 6.42 usage hours, adjust mask 6/20, .4 events per hour, 1 mask off (travel mode)

Friday May 6 91, 10.31 usage hours, adjust mask 15/20, .2 events per hour, 5 mask off (travel mode)

Saturday May 7 91, 11.12 usage hours, adjust mask 11/20, .5 events per hour, 2 mask off(travel mode) - now home.

Sunday May 8 68, 4.34 usage hours, adjust mask 12/20, 1.3 events per hour, 1 mask off

Monday May 9 93, 8 usage hours, adjust mask 15/20, 1.8 events per hour, 4 mask off

Tuesday May 10 91, 8.31 usage hours, adjust mask 13/20, 1.7 events per hour, 4 mask off

Wednesday May 11 96, 10.12 usage hours, adjust mask 20/20, 1.2 events per hour, 5 mask off

Thursday May 12 95, 13.40 usage hours, adjust mask 20/20, 1.4 events per hour, 9 mask off

Friday May 13 91, 9.12 usage hours, adjust mask 17/20, .7 events per hour, 3 mask off

Saturday May 14 67, 4.1 usage hours, adjust mask 20/20, 0 events per hour, 6 mask off


Awaiting the woman who is currently focused to kids ball teams and living life her own ways versus God's mission and her speaking the full capacity of why she was placed in all this --- until then the post remains "just a draft" but I have it shelved as a woman who had the guts to call up someone and I want to know why that call was made ... it matters!


Happy Mother's Day Mom 5-8-22:


We only seen deer on the land for May 2022:

I am focused on calisthenics and my walks versus online time this month.

I am gearing up for a six digit income interview and I am trying to make sure I can fit in a dress before then-

and no it is not the total amount including the decimal point and two digits after the decimal point ;) hee hee

I have a lot of respect for what Elon Musk has done foy my new way of doing things...lots of respect to him.

If I have extra time, I will work on the post what does IM mean to me ---

and post updates here as well.



5-10-22 7:01pm: Nice to spend time with Belinda tonight - Glad we had the time to spend to do that.

I would also like to upsell Nicole:



My backyard cacti blooms have in same cacti yellow and orange flowers:

Mae following me too:

Angel silhoutte:

this bird loves me and follows me on all my walks like the bird looks forward to it:

more backyard blooms:


5-11-22 11pm: last recording online 4-13-22 8pm but I did one for my medical team at the start of May 2022 and the other day: 2022 Monitoring Edema / Fluid Buildup (Lymphatic) Measurement Chart

Ear to Ear: December 2021 - 10, 1/1/22 - 10, 1/16/22 - 11.5 (swelling) --> 7-7.5 is my normal, 2-4-22 - 12 (swelling), 2-24-22 11 (less swelling), 3/20/22 11.5 (swelling), 4-13-22 10 (less swelling), 5-8-22 7

  • Temple to Temple: December 2021 - 7, 1/1/22 - 7, 1/16/22 - 7, 2-4-22 - 7 5-5.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 6 (less swelling),3/20/22 7(swelling), 4-13-22 6.5 (less swelling), 5-8-22 7

  • Widows Peak to Chin: December 2021 - 8, 1/1/22 - 8, 1/16/22 - 8 with swelling 3d by chin area with fluid draining in T-Zone/ears, 2-4-22 -8 with swelling 3d by chin area with fluid draining in T-Zone/ears 6-6.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 8.5 (swelling in chin area no fluid draining), 3/20/22 9(swelling), 4-13-22 8 (less swelling), 5-8-22 8

  • Forehead all the way around: December 2021 - 24, 1/1/22 - 22.5( reduced swelling 1.5 inches), 1/16/22 - 21( reduced swelling 1.5 inches), 2-4-22 -21 18.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 23.5 (increased swelling with fever and heat felt). 3/20/22 23(swelling), 4-13-22 22.5 (less swelling), 5-8-22 23

  • Shoulder to Shoulder: December 2021 - 16, 1/1/22 - 16, 1/16/22 - 17.5 (swelling) 2-4-22 - 17 13-13.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 17 (heat tension felt) 3/20/22 18 (heat tension felt) (massager mentioned the heat and tension 2 times this month), 4-13-22 15.5 (less swelling), 5-8-22 15.25

  • Upper Arm: December 2021- l13r14, 1/1/22 -l13r14, 1/16/22 -l15r14 (swelling l 2 inches r 1 inch), 2-4-22 - same 9-9.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 l13r14, 3/20/22 l15r15 (swelling), 4-13-22 l13r12.5 (less swelling), 5-8-22 l10 r10

  • Wrist: December 2021 - 7, 1/1/22 - 7, 1/16/22 - 7, 2-4-22 - 6.5, 5-5.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 6 (less swelling), 3/20/22 l7,r6.5 (swelling), 4-13-22 l6.25,r6.25 , 5-8-22 l6.50,r6.25

  • Neck: December 2021 - 16, 1/1/22 - 16, 1/16/22 - 14.5 ( reduced swelling 1.5 inches) , 2-4-22 - 15, 11-12 is my normal, 2-24-22 16 (swelling and naseau and vomiting), 3/20/22 16 (swelling and naseau and vomiting),, 4-13-22 14 (less swelling), 5-8-22 15

  • Chest: (which all my young life was 34 :( (sad)December 2021 - 41, 1/1/22 - 43.5 (swelling), 1/16/22 - 40 ( reduced swelling 3.5 inches) 2-4-22 - 46 (much inflammation and swelling) 34 is my normal, 2-24-22 41.5 (tightness in scapula less swelling in chest), 3/20/22 47(much inflammation and swelling), 4-13-22 40 ( 7 inches - much less swelling), 5-8-22 41

  • Upper Thigh: December 2021 - 24l24r, 1/1/22 - 24l23.5r,( reduced swelling .5 inch r) 1/16/22 - 22l25r( reduced L 2/increased R 1- swelling ), 2-4-22 - 23.5l23r, 16.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 22l23r (reduced swelling in left leg), 3/20/22 25l25r (swelling), 4-13-22 25l23r, 5-8-22 23.5l23r

  • Fattest area of stomach: December 2020 I was almost 70in. and dangerously congested all over December 2021 - 46 but was 36in Sept 2021 (a concern but I also had 3 seizures into unconscious state, medical delays/babysit bs with ins./pcp/specialists, 7DJ/Lee/Pat/Ashby/Basden BS, DJ over by me and her cease bs on an area I have been solid with DCJ for decades- very agenda feel and uncool, and my head pain bilateral ear infection which I am still not over that ), 1/1/22 -42, 1/16/22 - 51(swelling), 2-4-22 -40 (swelling going down) 30-31 is my normal, 2-24-22 47(swelling), 3/20/22 54 (7 inches increased swelling), 4-13-22 43 ( 9 inches - much less swelling), 5-8-22 43

  • Calves: December 2021 - l17r17, 1/1/22 - l16r17, 1/16/22 - l15r15.5 ( reduced swelling 2-2.5 inches), 2-4-22 -l15.5r1710-11.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 l16r16 (left increased, right decreased), 3/20/22 l17r17 (swelling), 4-13-22 l16.5r16.5, 5-8-22 l16.5r17

  • Feet: December 2021 - l 8 r 10 , 1/1/22 - 9.5both, 1/16/22 - l almost 10 r 10 (swelling), 2-4-22 - l almost 11 (much painful swelling),r 10, 7-7.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 r 9 l 10+(fluctuating), 3/20/22 l almost 10 r 10 (much painful swelling), 4-13-22 l almost 10 r 10 (much painful swelling), 5-8-22 10 r/l

  • Ankles: December 2021 - 10, 1/1/22 - 9, 1/16/22 - r 9 l 10 (fluctuating), 2-4-22 - r 9 l 9 5-5.5 is my normal, 2-24-22 r 9 l 9, 3/20/22 r 9 l 9, 4-13-22 r 8.5 l 8.5, 5-8-22 r 9 l 9.25


As I go forward with the evidence

and the Political Publicist - Investigator - Lawyer have it to figure how they are going to present it

I am still working with AZ State Forestry (2013) / DFFM so they can tell the family members since they are the Family Advocate---

It is a tough path to be on but it needs to be done ---

it is already "in action" and one of my hopes once it is out that Super Dave and all the people who put belief in him versus the documented evidence- hope once Dave sees it he will apologize direct to me and also cease from harassing all the folks who go there to the land ---

this last week one of the contractors took his family member out there and boy Super Dave gave the "entitlement" and he alleges it was approved by YCSO ??? what? that has to be paper trailed - these manners are odd ---plus why would you tell one of our folks ______ was alone and _____ was out of town --- weird...

You may not know this but "God is watching" ...

I will get Eric (RiP) and another's truths to the front in 2022. I am sorry our system failed to do the difficult right thing but once it is out --- you will comprehend why these folks treated me the way they have ... I guess they never had someone with the tenacity and integrity like me ever on a fatal fire where we almost died but 19 did --- but I will follow this through to the end.

I plan to do another Tribute Hike soon ... to show more evidence to family members. This is one of my public notifications if you are a GMHS family member; reach me for "in person only" to speak what is coming out. I will not show anything online --- to me that is way impersonal.


5-11-22 today's pic when I was getting ready to put mud on --- detoxing --- yes, Gary ---- "again"

S M I L E --- ALWAYS!!!

Night 5-11-22 11:49pm. I have to get on the Cpap again --- just spoke with Bri- and I need to get up early. I get an ultrasound soon.



5-13-22--- good walk ---- good to see Patience Langley and Dave H. on my walk---

watch that moon this week:

look how the sunset hits the homes in my neighborhood:

"Owlcapone" and his babies "Owlivia: and "Owliver"

5-14-22- I will be off here and social media until the 22nd. Until then, much in the moment...

5-15-22 12:51pm- special trip to here to place this here before I head out:

I was asleep when I was listening to Sound Vibrations and husband asked how come it showed I was listening to Pisces Card Readings and we both look at my history and sure enough when I went to sleep, I was listening to 10 hours of sound healing but it rerouted to Card Readings of Pisces--- no more going to sleep with smart technology for me. That is not good. However, it was cut off because the man above hit subscribed on my YOUTUBE stuff and that notification cut off the recording so thank you for your timing on subscribing because I believe in Divine timing. I mean I was in dream state thinking my "Hardy Boys" poster (BM) (just sayin'- "angel moment happened July 2021" - lightworkers moment --- ) was excited for this Summer 2022 with my being out in area and I had no intention to recap or be present in anything that does not bring me closer to God. We are here to bring the truths to the light. I have to go but had to place that here.

We went back in my video history and it appears I would be on healing sounds and then it would go to "reading" videos of misc. since 4-26-22 so we deleted it immediately and hope that also clears up my dream state on my "Hardy Boys" poster (BM). Like I said a year ago, my life is God, self care and everything else will be a daily process to work through Him to help me do His paths and His mission.

When I was on my video history -- I saw "notifications" and here are some new videos to share:

Jared Welsh: 17:21/23:21 is when he spoke:

YOUTUBE is monitoring the words YARNELL HILL FIRE REVELATIONS because I put it on here but it keeps vanishing:

as you see 8 minutes later it shows my comment hidden and not public, see:

the image:

Real account how Wildland Fires become large Wildland Fires

--- YHF 2013, I eye witnessed it and Sonny told me it was just a controlled burn now---yeah---we saw it almost burned out and few bushes and we were at the top of the Weavers---

Let us see how long it stays, my comment:

Now let us look at the comments I made in prior years. I went to most looked at on the videos and now we see what is new in the comment walls:

Now let me look at "view count":

and I can note ABC15 hid or removed my comment from their wall I did years ago-

but someone claims the video ABC15 did got this reply:

California is probably my biggest WF/FFs that reach me and they all ave this general comment:

some comments I want to preserve since my last time looking: