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"Live" Journal (Month of April 2022)

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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I was listening to Public Records and recordings and you Hotshots out there. You learn a lot in that. My co-partner Fred J. Schoeffler expressed to another his dislike how I mix my public records in with medical / snapchats / etc. and my life journal section.

I am for now on - from April 7, 2022, going to listen to the public record recordings and Fred's request done back channel and make posts called "live" journal and the month at hand and keep records separate from my life journal.

So, you will no longer have to scroll, scroll, scroll through my life stuff for public records documents.

Sometimes I reflect back and wonder if I was doing it such way because this whole blog is not made the way I would like it.

I would prefer to hold on to the data and just wait until I made an article, but it was agreed upon long ago that I would "live" journal what I did each day with uploading records in a slow timely fashion with making my health priority first.

Never did I think meanwhile my blog partner was telling people as he has been doing because our contract was written that it was to be a "live" journal with uploading records in a slow timely fashion and he would make articles from what I provided him. I was always the gatherer in this, and he was to place the information out using his expertise. I was never in this to produce articles. I was to release records in a "live" journal fashion only.

I am officially going to separate records from "live" journal and that should alleviate some of Fred's concerns he shares to others yet not fully to me.

Yeah, I had to learn the hard way in public records and from others. All the man has to do is be direct to me and avoid all the whispering to you all to come to a solution.

Problem now solved.

I hope this helps you, Fred.

Also, from now on another thing I heard from Fred is he wants dialogue before an image explaining the image versus just dumping records out. I will do that.

I am thankful to learn about my blog partner through his sharing to the Hotshot community and ends up in my lap ... I hope this teaches us both a lesson.

Watch what you say and write because I may end up seeing it someday... I could easily bail for good but this time I will do the bigger thing and make a resolution for this matter.

You come to better resolution if you just be direct with your blog partner versus talking behind my back --- soft smiles.

Salute to Solutions.

My "live" journal was just dumping of records, but Fred wants all posts to be scripture inspired so I will work on that area. It is new for me to add that on to my dumping records pages.

Below is an update to my emerging leader presentation. The email update as of 4-7-22. I will work on this after my procedure next week--- it is due in May 2022.


4-7-22 6:14pm: logging off PC until next week---I came on special for this announcement.


4-7-22 10:33pm: Watching a study on Facebook on liver damage:

How is it in October 2021 my face was cleared using LilliAn's product:

but lately I am facing toxins draining all over my body---odd...Snapchat fun while ill fighting infection:

I have to get well soon---this is rough---I see cats on my shoulder --- soft giggles:

all this fluid leakage holes---could it be my liver??? Looking forward to my procedure to get rid of this infection once and for all...

just got this from SB's memory wall---2020 I was so swollen---wow:


Archiving some Facebook posts:


placing this on here 4-10-22 10pm from my FB and some I met yesterday:

Bonnie Rigsby | Facebook

Let Your Soul Breathe LLC | Facebook Tara Brown | Facebook

Alana Edmonds | Facebook 7:30 seconds in you see Fred Schoeffler and Roy Hall on the Butte Fire---historic day for me to see 4-9-22 Roy Hall and Fred J Schoeffler at the GMHS Trailhead parking lot talking---


I have photos I can insert here but unsure at this point of this was a private or public event, but it was our Eric Shane Marsh Tribute Hike 4-9-22 with Eric's Best Friend ... no, not you Alan S... he had another --- soft smiles.

Thank you, Mary for joining us---

Scott, are you taking close-up pics of orbs?

I will stick to pics of cacti blooms:

Mary, someone yesterday thought they did over 10 miles...let me show on the map how far you went before you turned around and went home.

on the map where you turned around:

you did this much, Mary:

you had this much more to go where the white circle is:

this is the area Sonny and I dropped down June 30, 2013, by number 11 Anthony Rose marker:

So number 11-19 markers are the way pretty much Sonny and I escaped route out on June 30, 2013, so when up there be thankful the prison crews and other organizations helped up there to create the trail you walked on---it was not like that June 30, 2013.

I challenge this being the halfway point---Next time, I will take pic of the halfway point.

Roy Hall, Tom Harbour and me the Desert Walker:

Historical Moment for me: