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July 2023 Journal

July 1: Begin to build Post One Through Eight on the AZSAL.

How one couple survived the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire ( Ryman?

An investigative reporter?

Yeah, right, Anne? Really?

How about you got an editor and leave it there...

Then interviews the very couple who has trash talked to high authorities the eyewitness on the fire that I almost died on but 19 did (in my public records I requested ) about Anne showing the blurred vehicles from this couples' surveillance cameras--- bullshit if you want me to think you are an authentic investigative reporter...we, the people, deserve the truth on those missing want to be a possible investigative journalist then go to the Arizona Archive Library --- I mean there should be someone in your field doing what I did as the small town housewife. What a terrible thing to learn how the world turns...


last time I peaked at the land was in May:

and today- the home was built that quick, look:

removed the Helm footage

Department of Forestry and Fire Management (

My Muddy Princess Crew spent time with Fred J Schoeffler / SB / T/J A / Joe Dana and FJS was a tiny thorn because I announced HOW MANY TIMES publicly and privately in 2023, I am not seeing folks --- way limiting on visiting or visitors in 2023 ---and I got this text to my email:

thank you soooo much for the bday greeting. Good to see RR and chocolate milks too--- I am sorry to refuse the strawberry ice cream but I am increasing in weight doing all my work outs and eating right 96% of the time. Sonny planned to stop by and do his waters but never heard from him again today.

Archived Public Records. Research. Non Commercial Purpose. Electronic Return. Need these dates June 28 through July 3rd, 2013 of the following:Field Weather Observations , Maps,Incident Action Plans (IAP) (original & corrected) ,ICS 201 Incident Briefing, Infrared Imagery (with interpretation),Photos, (w/ captions) Significant Events Narrative / Reports Special Interest / Political Inquiries Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) Other Records, AFUE

Join - History Hub

???? why so many copters in the air or are those ufo/drones/etc???

July 2 FJS was okay tonight- said I can get the Map App at $100 but I will not purchase until I am at that public record

Beautiful---Hello, Media. This is what I hoped TEN YEARS LATER to see from you all...Thank You, Sir. (

July 3 all was fine last night but then I got this:

FJS sent this many times ??? ---

my reply:

I wrote and now ignore:

The Past Few Days - Posts Reverted to DRAFT Form until I meet with Legal Team and AZSAL- (

July 4: Ruminating kinda of day

Yeah, Helm couple unable to use my image for their narratives; removed:

Ron Steffens replaced Bill Gabbert:

July 5

Public Records | Department of Forestry and Fire Management- PRR-000238 (

scheduling on 9-28-23 to put this July 2023 journal on 5-18-23 to keep all the contributing authors posts before my journaling.

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