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Joy A. Collura's - Winter 2022-2023 Recap - Part 3

January 16-23rd, 2023

1-16-23 4:33pm: Thank you soooo much Toni for today. We did well as accountable workout partners. Your lunch is always a delight- trio cauliflower soup and crackers and some for me to take on my trails this week--- I am so happy.

I enjoyed every minute with you. See you later in the week---

time for me to hit the trails

for the week 1-16 thru 1-20-23

with RR family and desert critters.


1-20-23 2:40pm:

Special thank you to my Security / Surveillance Team for what you all just did this afternoon for me---I truly appreciate it. I wish I could name you all publicly, but you know I really did not expect it. I have a great team currently and I really am so appreciative. You know who you are ...

I am out in the middle of the desert placed cameras to see what critters are near me at night near where I sleep and here they are:

a domesticated kitty??? really...that far out...whoah..

coyote? bobcat?



1-20-23 6:33pm: Thank you for the offer, Sonny--- but I am doing my liver and other areas and that is my focus currently. John let me know you tried to reach me. My focus is not anything but my healing up. I will not take any areas on right now freely, barder/trades, or financial gains. I appreciate your offer. Declining it with much appreciation.


I am not with any current AZSAL (current/pending) appointments -

I am okay. Harder week moving but did get some good walking hours in...


Remembering you "Harry" ...


As of today 1-21-23 6:48am, these are the most viewed posts in most popular order:

this one is the top post and has the most unique visitors:


Hello Tim Foley---glad to see you taking the time to click on and view my profile---I will not click on your profile though...

any person who willingly took on YHF13' investigations and you interviewed me August 2013 with Tom Zimmerman, Richa Wilson and that other fella Brent W. under Mike Dudley's request--- you all I feel could have helped me tighten this up

so, I will give you the benefit of the doubt- reach me and fill in the "swiss cheese"---There are not many gaps left "back channel" --- just so you know...

My current mood is...

No time for bullshit

or distractions...

speak up...

tell the truth...

fill in the gaps where you are able...

or I have zero interest...

knowing what I know should have been you investigators who did it public not me---

I deserve answers...on that fire we almost died on but 19 did.

I gave it in 2022 to legal team of another and their political publicist...many should be ashamed of themselves...too many

but always willing to "listen"...but I am off in 2023 so place it in a Declaration and snail mail to PO BOX 572 Congress AZ 85332. Thanks for visiting...


thank you TG for allowing me to visit and be my accountable workout partner twice a week ... I appreciate you. I have to work on my pulse rate, eh...your pulse was perfect but mine is really struggling on either way low or way high ...and I feel it on my trails on the slope elevation...

now headed to the mountains...wishing there was a lake though :)

Johnny G--- look forward for you to do my hair soon... I wake up and go on my hikes--- rarely brush it out there in the desert.

desert adventuring...

no MP/KP visit started to upload pics to do...


1-21-23 9:12am: headed to my ladies group now and it is 5:21pm and back---- and THANK YOU MC for sharing your gift, MP for all your fun sharing and TG/M for that all are my extended family and "soul tribe" --- and you know who you are, I get ya what you are saying --- "breathing" --- I need to take the time to feel what is best for my path and His. I get regeneration and shedding the old --- a whole new side ... I get fresh start mentality and let the old die out...but it is a connection I will have to take it all in ... the whole thing is a lot for me. It is a surprise indeed. I know when God is present and this does have me in my head...I just think certain things need to close out...I just am unable to repeat certain things...I need to live my life and heal...

thank you again TG and look at my pulse is better than last time--- and there you go again having a great day of exercise. I did the heart rate program three times.


January 24th-30th, 2023

Five of us ladies walked around Quartszite, AZ on Tuesday January 24th, 2023- met 3 new ladies and I enjoyed our lunch and walk that was windy and chilly and very much busy with lots of vendors and people:

yes, since I was brutally assaulted July 20, 2022, in Boise ID, I sure have had one long health path but I also sure aged...where are those snapchat fun app that Scarlett and Annie introduced me to couple years ago...I am kidding, I really do not miss having a cell or apps or technology...just miss the fun of silly pics...with the kids...

saw this sticker and thought of you Sonny

I won this:

Thank you Martie for sharing:

boat in the desert:

I was home and out to the mountains by 5:30pm--- before I hit the trails I spent time because RR said he had not played Cribbage since the 80's, Toni let me use her homemade score keeper and I won --- skunked RR.

the CPAP is changing my face --- especially the sinus areas and nose...ugh...and eyes at times...makes them tired..

My breathing was off and heart rate very low this week even during exercise...

see the changes, hee hee:

funny to think JD was talking about the "desert walker" yesterday on a Staff Ride...we all were out on the mountains, eh...but never met ya JD...only JD I know is InvestigativeMEDIA John Dougherty and some students at the academies were JD...My trails were Tuesday after my day with the ladies until today 1-26-22---came home early---I rather be doing something else than being in that snap wind.

go explore the ol rock wall folks:


what a out for fraudulent folks...

Bitdefender, eh...cute...that was the ol' this is not a real email...

Thank you Jerry for the update---catch me for Summer 2023---pretty booked up right now--- Declining the Creative Getaway Feb 19-24, 2023 at North Ranch here in Congress, Arizona.



So I received the paper form and then noted there is an online system -


I have not ordered anything ...someone at Christmas said they did so maybe this is it ... ???

1-30-23 12:08pm: Updated information--- what arrived was my medical and here I thought it was my TN inheritance from Elvis ;) hee hee...


Late night...Thursday 1-26-22

Little side note chat:

God's Will Is Being Done...

They messed up. It's deep. I had a huge thing happened in 2019-now. Yo. What else can I share? Not much yet...

They need to proceed asking God to forgive them, not me. I already forgave.


Lil Ms Show Off...whisper, whisper...their secrets...back channel chatter...

Some are so in their judgmental minds; labeling me, untruthfully as well.

Like 'Lil Ms Show Off'...

but what you fail to comprehend

I desire zero clout...

It's in me, not on me...

get it right vs. being a bit judgmental...k.

These folks reaching me...aka: "breadcrumbing"... about these Site Visits/Staff Rides and what they are telling folks..."God is watching" --- I do not even have to get involved...but I would be curious to speak with a few specific ones at this point.

Are you trying to change the course of fate?

One up attitude?

Why have you been projecting...what for?

I have heritage gifts

Just like Tom Harbour and Roy Hall

some of you come here to see---'I wonder what she is up to...'

Keep digging...

See where you can catch a lie or such my way is why you are here???

I lead a life of truth and share my flaws here publicly...

I mean everything to God

You don't have to make it up to me.

I forgive you (all) but do something for that FF's widow..."please"...she never deserved to have all that she has had happened the past few her.

Get out of being in your ego

or finding blame

If you got fired for doing things ...unlawful things to me


Spiritual laws and earthly laws, my friend, are the same...

Gratitude is needed for your attitude

thank God 🙏

Level up in 2023

Aw, you feel bad 😔 huh

When those thrusts happened my also felt undeservingly bad

There aren't too many genuine / authentic folks in the world and sorry you out there didn't know we really do exist because I am one of those rare ones...

If you sat in a room where you or someone spoke negative about me


I walk in God's light

I forgive and forgive and forgive...

My dad would sing this or play it over and's lingering in my head tonight...

As for Y O U ...

I walked away.

I stopped expecting you would be there for her.

Carol deserves assistance.

Her husband was a firefighter.


So, yeah...

You should be disappointed.

And heart broken.

I just was the messenger for God's plan...that Willis mentioned in a new's conference...

The betrayals done to me in almost ten years would have killed the normal folk...

I am/was at peace.

You are/were at war.

It's over completely.

You wished on me, what?

Because y..o..u.. did something messed up to me?

Now your stuck and the blame goes??!

Let me guess...

You screwed with my life, and it caught up to you and you are reaping what you sow???


Under judgement is crucial to finish out what happened that weekend..

That I deserve...I almost died that day but 19 did.


I have had many dreams in 2023 of staffed folks from the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire and I also dreamt of this dog head man called Anubis. ???

I want to share to folks who were about to retire or do AD work... do me one favor...send to me your declaration of documented truths to PO BOX 572 Congress AZ 85332 because I am the one who has best documented more and gathered more Public Records and FOIAs than anyone for this fire. Let's keep putting this profile in true to how it went versus what I saw glazed...let's do that...okay?


1-27-23 9:40am-4:40pm- 1.5 hour workout/play games with Toni and her daughter in law and grandkid, MM, Glynda and Lou --- MM at my home.

next time Toni and I will watch my pulse and keep my hands on longer because 1 time it did work where it went up.

Sonny stopped by with an Olympus camera with no battery and left. Was placing new phone system - landline security system to get rid of the static / interference and perm. block numbers and I said the next call we will just block and it was FJS by mere chance I was seeing if there was dial tone and it was FJS--- I really am confused by some areas but I am too drained so anyways time to organize then crash. One of the ladies I have a bet sided bet...if she loses 22# in 90 days she gets fifty bucks...on some yuck program...if you sampled it, you will be like making that vomit gesture.

Here ya go MM:


I got your email "unkle":...thank you for the message and encouragement:

almost time for my muddy buddy moment...April 2023...

1-28-23: I slept and organized all Saturday after going to Tractor Supply, Bashas, Wickenburg Dollar General Store. I feel it in my bronchial (cough) 1-29-23: tax day and organize- oh my.

Eric Bowman Box744 Wittman, Az 85361

Loretta Moralez saved my life long ago so I am asking anyone who reads this site to pray for her son, Eric...I do not have social media but his story is on Loretta's Facebook page...send him "thinking of you" cards to above address.

1-29-23 4:30pm: I paid last round and now FJS paid this round:

So for those folks that think Fred and I freely give you the documents - yes, that is true but to keep a website running all these years...we give you the information for free but at a price to us.

Fred's website takes in donations--- I never will for any reason. I just want the truths to the front even if the media / investigators failed me and others...I will until I pass on...

We do that because TRUTH MATTERS!!!! So please see we not only invest our time and life but much of our finances to ensure that TRUTHS are shown.

Do the people who talk trash / negative about us - do they take the time out to show you the documented facts we have been doing for almost a decade or are people like 2023 Staff Ride, JD, out there trash talking because it's "freedom of speech" and they can? What they all do not get is GOD IS WATCHING...I will keep plugging away...and getting the documents out when I am well.

expenses happen plus the domain and other areas we pay --- our security surveillance is costly too to do accurate online analytics. We do this to bring the truth to the front.

Oh, and yes, Fred can say he paid into it 2023...when he was saying it to you, I had been the one we are both financially involved ---

My plan is to heal. During that time, I will make my health first then take time to fill up those pages from June 28, 2013 through July 10, 2013.

This week is medical and going somewhere different for an adventure...Enjoy yours.


I am currently reviewing images in a way that shows the smoke better on locals' images from YHF13' and building a 6-30-13 chronological order of them...


I fell here: my winter dry scraped up leg:


this is my only support to WFF/Veteran Missions-- is an auto refill to ANTHEM each month that I donate to a local veteran each month here when it arrives to me, I give it away to local veterans as a treat gesture...



I got this email below probably from all my "giving" to WFF so much in 2021/2022 (which is on my "live" journal in 2021 / 2022 just go peak back) and it was a learning lesson for me as I shared with a pure heart because I had no idea back-channel Burk Minor disliked me sooo much (I thought we were fine) and was sharing that he felt I was a person along with Fred who could ruin one's reputation & don't be around us (???) and him calling the cops high priority on me July 20, 2022 was confusing when I asked for a public records form--- it will always be an unresolved matter because my trust broke towards WFF and I resigned my Lifetime Membership after I toured the expansion of the WFF's new building ---knowing what I know, I am traumatized and have no desire to ever go to that building again--- Firefighter widow, Carol,

deserve(s)(d) better .


1-30-23 3pm: so far a day filled with dealing with medical and being on hold with medical alot...current weather:

I love cloud pics: