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Joy A. Collura's - Winter 2022 Recap - Part 1

Any jealous people spreading rumors out there about


or anyone having a person dangling over their head, they threaten to harm or hurt me in a black mail sense- release them---

Refrain from giving into black mail --- or those who are doing this. Give it to the wind.

Refrain from trusting that person and stop drinking the kool-aid.

Move forward.

God knows my flaws. So does the Public at Large at this point in the journey with my "live" journals.

Just keep away when I am sick or tired. I have medical reason as to why too.

Let them make front of me. God is watching.

You are carrying too many burdens and that current pattern is hurting your health.

I know our connection is damaged / destroyed but stop hurting yourself because someone else is holding stuff over your head. Be bold. Let that person(s) go. Stop allowing people to control your world.

The trolls will always exist. Take care of Y O U. They will spy. They will judge. They will deceive and lie. As I saw, they brutally assaulted me ... they do disingenous actions ... Free yourself. Refrain from concerning yourself what others will think, say, or do. Manipulation(s) need to end. Be free.

This has zip to do with different levels - different devils.

Some of the Yarnell Land pics - deer in the snow:

I was unable to attend the flag being given to Roger- Jesse Steed's Unkle....I hope they had a nice visit. I was not even around.

The other Fall 2022 part 9 "live" journal post said it was too long so this one began 12-19-22 after my ENT Specialist gave me to Respiratory Specialist --- Sleep Study phase for the next 6 weeks to fine tune my medical machine --- I want to thank Jesse Steed's unkle for inspiring me to "stay the course" and this email-

So sorry I missed the handing of the flag to you, Roger.

See you in 2023 and I will go to you God-willing.


This blog is professionally tied into the domain of proton so it would be nice to have a Lifetime Membership because this is what the annual invoice looks like for having the blog tied into it professionally so would be a nice gift for the blog:


2023 is all about no filters - no Snapchat --- you see me unwell as I heal from some folks who wanted me to be harmed for some reason(s) in such a bad way --- even if I look rough ... I will get back in gear, God-willing, in 2023--- thank you Roxie for the crocheted "R" Reunion 11-30-22 winter homemade items- I really appreciate you. The CPAP machine should be called "swell up my face and nose"...I am in the middle of a six-week advanced sleep studies...let you know when I know.

RR shared this with clouds...Wickenburg area awhile back:

I Love Seacret items:

as I close my night out in the desert pampering my skin---from the sun --- some days my legs just do not want to work--- my advanced neuropathy is getting worse --- you can see it in my face when on my walks my legs just cease, ugh, see:

I dislike air mattresses --- for the record. and thanks for the nice thought. Prefer a wool blanket under the moonlit stars but pondering buying a mattress for my hips hurt sleeping out there in the desert areas:

Tesoro fun in between medical machine "not so fun" but keeps me here and alive... I still do not understand that area...

see how the air pushed in my nose puffs it out --- ugh

thank you- I received it:

hey Gary--- just remembering you this Holiday Season 2022:

Winter backyard pic:

Thank you, Sonny, for coming over with a pair of your Whites for me --- broke them on my desert hike for Fire Season 2023. See:

unwell pushing myself to walk daily:

found some more of the same book 3 miles away from last pages and again burnt.


thank you to all the wonderful staff at Kingsway Assisted Living who made Aunt Mary's golden years filled with love and joy- sorry for your loss, FJS, 12-18-22.


12-23-22 Annual "YouTube YHF 13' In Review Day" --- looking at the comments made in 2022:

New research shows Arizona firefighters likely surprised by microburst during Yarnell Hill Fire - YouTube

This video is MISLEADING --- I am ALIVE --- I was on those Weavers too and you could see the weather right in front of us even the weather that was created by the fire and the fire whirls and etc.