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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part IIII

Summer 2022 has been glitchy making the posts.

I attempt to make a solid blog post, but it just gets glitchy - removing data before my eyes or work hours on a section to log in next visit seeing it vanished even in the History Restore-


so part 1 and 2 will stay the same and work on part III, IIII in hopes it works.

Dear Amazon Customer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has published a notification about the below product that you have bought on

I left a message 7-30-22 4:53pm - sharing about my 3 seizures into unconscious state last Fall 2021-


8-12-22: The past few weeks I have done zero walks or exercise and just rest / sleep / medications and zero cerebral care (restart mid September) and did my PCP appt. I also have been talking to YouTuber Commenter, Ryan, since 7-30-22 on and off and we are reading Donut's book via the phone.

This song has come into my mind the most Summer 2022:


"Pure Imagination" is a song from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. It was written by British composers Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley specifically for the movie. It was sung by Gene Wilder who played the character of Willy Wonka. Bricusse has stated that the song was written over the phone in one day. The song has a spoken introduction.

I still do not know why but maybe someone reading this does...

Then when I came back from Idaho this song kept popping in and I do remember a Yarnell related video had this song as its background:

And now recently I hear this song:

In my dreams, I also see someone "trapped" and I also see someone pregnant the past few there any men out there in their older age that got someone pregnant in 2022 and was not really wanting that --- I keep being shared --- get a paternity test. Refrain from accepting it is yours. I feel strongly deception was done to you.



I have "alerts" for JOY COLLURA / JOY A COLLURA and it came back this video...I wish Steele or Larry Davis one day sat with me. I think it would be a good talk.



still seeing people talk shit about me but how come my online reputation says I am good--- maybe it's the people talking shit and not me--- you ever think of that folks?

4.95 out of a 5- not bad. Maybe those sick people who trash talk me should recognize this. But knowing you all, you will randomly go post your reviews to reduce my status but the site takes reviews / comments seriously if they are stated in a negative fashion so I would challenge the negatives left to "look into it"...I would say to the site- "fact check and verify" ... just as I do on my blog freely providing the documents and so much more. I fact check and you Willis? God is watching you.


Watching backyard videos when it snowed Feb 2019:

8-12-22 6:26pm looking at Yarnell land camera footage:

lion to the right? possibly.


Email from Fred - ha ha ha:


prior Lolo Hotshot Bryan who use to live with Eric Marsh---please reach me.

Summer 2022 thoughts...



8-14-22 4:47pm:


time to pluck my brows, eh...hee hee:

and thank God for the SnapChat fun :)


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