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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part III

Summer 2022 has been glitchy making the posts.

I attempt to make a solid blog post, but it just gets glitchy - removing data before my eyes or work hours on a section to log in next visit seeing it vanished even in the History Restore-


so part 1 and 2 will stay the same and work on part III in hopes it works.

Yarnell United 10 n 18 International Land

July 12, 2022- Happy Birthday Johnny--- I am thankful to local business for being present for me and helping me 7-11 to 7-12-22- I thank you. It has been a hard year and today provided "hope" in clarity on hard topics soon --- thank you.

Also thank you to Mike for all he does for the locals here---

Front yard blooms

Boise Idaho Trip

My "Dear John" letter to the ____ and why... (

part 4:


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