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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part II

June 21, 2022 through September 21, 2022

Lilli An’s ( cured the face oozing-see:

on way to a "Marvelous Monday" with Dr Nelson and the staff...

my ten minutes of rest:

I feel "LOVED" at Begins Within:

Relaxing and Healing and doing so well on my Brain Tumor cerebral cont. care:

Scottsdale Chiropractic - Begin Within Family Wellness (

Begin Within Family Wellness | Facebook

Backyard Desert Walks Views:

Desert Walks

Front Yard Cacti Blooms:

IMDB keeps coming in my Google alerts for my name (???) and it shows this:

Funny to see a small ghost town housewife hiker rate number two in the world up against a Yellowstone actress when I was too ill to do this part and Fred and two other ladies did my part, yet I am very much involved in spreading the word on this organization.

Then I like to take the time out for Josh Brolin who alleged called us YHF hikers' assholes on his Instagram ( I have that screenshot somewhere when he did it to us) when he made the film Only The Brave and wonder who taught him about the eyewitness hikers? But I wonder how Brolin feels seeing a small town gal be on that IMDB rank meter at all- I wonder how his little whisper in his ear on us hikers feel seeing it is almost 9 years so can you stop with the Monday night quarterback crap and 15 minutes of fame bs and realize we are owed the truth what took place June 30, 2013, and almost killed many folks...How about those folks start "speaking up"

this photo I was so happy because in 2017 I had hit the 100 pounds weight loss in this pic:

Items in my life I like to share about:

Idaho July 17-24, 2022, Trip

6-28-22 through July 1st 2022 - My 50th bday local adventure:

I even wore my same clothes I wore 6-30-13 to do the reenactment hike when Sonny Gilligan came this week:

we headed by the old OX Ranch Ziger Spring areas to get up to the top of the Weavers- Congress side:

camped on the old Weavers---those kissing bugs got me even with netting tent- ugh:

Sonny did his best to do the hike but his breathing on the slopes stopped him

we headed out to the property:

the property looks the same- the old sign we made with the "19"

the old hiking vehicle with InvestigativeMEDIA on it:

my humor at our old hiking headquarters:

couple snapchat pics in Aguila all filthy and dirty:

Finally got out and home and showered in 10 minutes for June 30th events:

Patti and Larry McCracken Visit was wonderful and filled with love and yummy cake and good July 1st Bday wishes on 6-30-22--- I very much enjoyed my visit- we all did.

Fred, Scott and me always mentioned Burk and the crew at WFF--- we love WFF and all their hard work.

pictures being taken from our friendly neighbors:

Sonny has a hard time with Media/Memorial and he prefers our private hikes, so he went home early - said to Scott "bye"

I had to walk out of the Memorial when Blazing Honor played, and I bumped into this reporter- I was rude and just began babbling saying can the media finally stop with the sound bites and work on documented facts, and they have it in their archival storage and YCSO also has information and DFFM --- please... and then I sat down, and I wept. Scottie came my way and let me know he was there and the reporter was so loving and caring and she asked for my number and she called it but I accidentally wiped my phone to default without saving her information so if you are her and you see this unplanned image and you know it is unplanned on the angle of photo and I just saw it in my photo gallery--- but reach me if you desire--- I know you tried but I did remove all calls this week and I did not mean to for your number...

July 1st evening - American River Hotshot visit

In Loving Memory--- it was somber to not see Jane Marsh this year and the CO Div Chief said Willis was up doing Amanda Marsh's events so that was why Willis was not at our event

Pine AZ text from Fred:

laser away was cancelled


I am in Congress not Yarnell...

looks like CO Div Chief Rick on the left:

RiP Jane Marsh:

Is John M MacLean stating just he is out of the book deal for YHF 2013 or both him and Holly Snyder Henderson Neill?




Fourth of July - Independence Day - pop in to social media to read what a fella FF wrote on GMHS:

thank you for the Birthday wishes:

Sanchez Prummer Facebook alert to check out his post and I did and since there, I did my FB quizzes--- July 5, 2022, and thank you to my brother's friend Bob G. for the nice comment---

Emails of Interest These folks at AMEN Clinic did a full analysis on my brain and came back with my brain tumors just the label / diagnosis STRESS in March 2021 --- zero mental concerns, Lee Helm or Super Dave did you note that ???

...However, after watching your manners in the past annual--- may I recommend this place for it may help you in bettering your behaviors. Remember what you stated when you said who and how many were on the BSR land 6-30-13 and in this post alone I proved who has been factual throughout all this on documentation I provided here.

I believe the testimony of Dr Ted Putnam when it comes to South Canyon Fire:

28 years ago eight firefighters survived the South Canyon Fire in their shelters - Wildfire Today

My 50th Bday - Snapchat Fun

Pets in backyard:

Stray Cat "Dirty Harry", Sonny's animals Cole the cat and Mae West - Field Spaniel/Chihuahua/ Apso Lapso mix dog: