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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part 9

Joy A Collura | Face Of Horror

closing the Summer 2022 'live' journal out 9-16-22 3am: since I have medical appts the next five days so here it is and I will post the Fall 2022 on December 21, 2022. I will fill in the next five days of Summer on here though.

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Awesome, Naomi who was originally in first place is back in first place and I am no longer in first place--- Congrats--less than one hour to go :) Thank you to all for the votes and for still being in the top 20 but I am far from an influencer, and I did my part of the rules and if I get top 20, awesome --- if not...enjoyed the past week doing my best.

thank you sir-- but it seems your vote angered Naomi's hubby as he placed an emoticon on my social media and another who knows her chuckled --- poor sportsmanship especially when I was giving Congrats --- weird world indeed.

8 minutes later Naomi is back in first :) --- love it...

Congrats Naomi even though some of your family expressed poor emoticons my way on my social media--- no need for that silliness --- it is just a contest:

New round:



Went to Begins Within and fixed my pinched nerve ...thank you Dr Nelson and Deb for my medical massage as well.

c2 adjustment- sinus and the face - atlas in proper position

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Joy A Collura | Face Of Horror



Recent updates for DONNA GORDON- I did earlier in this post redact any photos that were given to me in this PRR of DONNA GORDON- it was hard to see her in the bodily position she was in and just the photos show there was in my humble opinion which is just a housewife no expert that she suffered a moderate to intense hit to multiple areas. RiP Donna Gordon. Remember I watched the Sgt grow up, so this is very hard for me because I have to follow the documented facts in an unbiased fashion to lead to conclusion on two people I have lived around and know/knew but I have to document --- why? because DONNA GORDON was one of my testimonies (YHF 2013)(Donna knew a Karen who was also part of my documentation on the aftermath of the YHF 13'and that person is in high political power who was a part of my thorned areas on the aftermath of the YHF 13') and I am in my whistleblowing phase, so I have to document her end and the YCSO end to make sure this ending is told properly and with full transparency---




archiving FB posts:


Remember these folks, people who talk about me negatively - go search their reputation--- here is mine: 4.95/5 and the .5 negative was two people I had been connected to so let's see what happens when I delete them today...see...just putting it out the folks who talk the shit...God is watching. Some thought they were gonna have this nice swimming pool and they ended up with a kiddie pool and they are taking it out my way... just sayin' foundation is built upon a rock ... theirs seem to be crumbling.

I dropped a connection last time and my score went from 4.75 to 4.95 so I am disconnecting three more connections and see if me brings me to a 5.


For Fred ... "Trigger" roaring up ... are ya ... pause to some areas because I spoke to avoid certain topics ... things will be back to norm when one recognizes avoid talking to me about SB --- I really do not need to know where Charla is, Fred... K. Thanks!!!

9-19-22 3:52pm: Fred, to confirm you said today you stated Scar**** not Charla- recorder confirms you said some woman Charla went with Scott to Utah to see his son Jackson...back peddling gets ya so far. Fred wants to pay my family's bandwidth to get the blog and glitches back up- I am unwilling to use another's equipment when this blog has its own. This blog has its own business access that once we see YCSO's area handled and SB/WFF area rectified- I have zero interest in any part of this. And if Fred got it all wrong on the Scar**** / Charla area then I reported that data when SB's pal said SB was so very busy with projects and I said then why did Fred tell me blah, blah, blah ... called bullshit on very busy if that happened then awoke next day to being blocked. I was reporting what I was told- Listen folks, I am not helping on the blog or any place until someone helps Carol and fixes the disingenuous ways done to WFF with my name used by SB ... that was wrong to do that and knowing full well I am out until someone helps Carol. If I end up being that person than I am out for good. I should not have to be doing that with my health. Yet I am trying ...

9-19-22 9:02pm: my husband hoped I was home from BBQ- very nice elk burger- quality time. Fixed some areas with Wix and FJS. Yet, I am disappointed how people help folks nowadays...just so disconnected by it all --- here is the rattler my hubby saw on his walk tonight:

went through the wheel:

wait a minute here- I speak documented truths and get barely any views but a rattler coming out of tire has already been seen 62 times in 47 minutes...what the heck????

83 hits this rattler gets but I cannot even get anyone to vote for me here--- ???

Everyone, I wanted to "pause" blog and revert to draft for Fall Season 2022, so co-author wants it to just run "as is" with glitches so it is what it is. The IT Team upgraded the security for all areas.

To the "sot spot" person, you are possibly listening to too much to gossip when your gut tells you that you and I are just fine --- you went through so much as a young person to now. You are not a wounded warrior though.

You were up possibly in your ego but as you know you had your ego death / end in recent times.

I am glad you are walking away from the toxic elements to your life and stopped settling and you are getting God's downloads for you. The cuts you made were awesome. The gifts you are feeling are for reals. You are becoming so strong.

Just like myself, I demand this 2022- simple respect, or I pause and or cut you out.

Your desire to know me again will take simply being "present" because the type of last moments I need to guard myself from the bullshit I was shown.

You stabbed me in the back in the grandest way and you moved way too slow to fix it, but I so get ya--- you have been this man in the box.

I am here to your life, long term as a true friend though just know that yet I am all about truth and integrity in my immediate space only.

No illusions there but my blog proves if you are going to do another agenda outside being pure then I walk away and or pause. I will catch it. Yesterday, I had just awoke and my pack was in back of vehicle and that person took their property and set it to camera for me to record entering a place but boy the quick aggression I saw when I went off camera to text because it is easier to just text me the images to email but this person was so rude and abusive and I will not engage...I am out of bullshit in 2022. No time for it.

The gossip to the "sot spot" person- the person who you ask about me--- they have not been fully upfront to you so you made decisions on tiny data and because you place more trust in that person and their disingenuous ways vs being direct to me- the message from God I gave you showed you I am for reals--- and stop engaging in the gossip is all I can tell ya.

My life is medical most of my days each week- we have been doing our best to avoid moving closer to hospital / center and doing this long distance, but it has its setbacks and delays and challenges.

If you are on pause and I have been verbally upset at you- you really had to do something disingenuous to get there and,

but I am open to know all people just expect truth and integrity in my immediate space so when you are asked "how is the Desert Walker" than you state "best you ask her" or avoid giving tiny misspoken data that misleads from God's mission...

Time to realize those people have been holding you back from YOUR journey --- no more people pleasing needed for you --- time for growth --- you had enough lonely nights --- time for you to see you need to be around people who CARE --- we do --- I do.

Just stop listening to others and VALUE yourself like we do --- like I do. They do not give a crap about you. Get motivated. The worst is behind ya. These people wanted to be in your place so remember to rebuild your confidence. Look forward not backwards. Take time for you. I understand that fully. Focus. You got this. Praying for you.

Based on above image my medical massager has officially stopped doing my massages (last one done by her 9-23-22) so I will be seeing the Asians that I usually see when at Fire Training for my lymphatic treatment.

I made it to round three now --- nice ---

  • "Child's Play Round" (begins September 6th and ends September 15th) - Public voting will help reduce each group to the top twenty (20) Competitors.= Winner of that round the last second was Naomi.

  • "Gauntlet Round" (begins September 15th and ends September 22nd) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top fifteen (15) Competitors.= Winner of that round is still Naomi with a few creeping up.

  • Made it to Round Three:"Conjure Round" (begins September 22nd and ends September 29th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top ten (10) Competitors.

I will be off WIX --- I will publish Fall 2022 (September 23 12:40 am through December 23rd, 2022) on Christmas Eve - have a loving Fall Season 2022. Until next time, loads of peace and love your way.

quick pop in to state this:

if you were paused or blocked off my social media - there is a reason - reach me direct at 480 559 1971. For one, you made a public comment to help me in pushing truths out -- that was hopeful to read but it never took place. Once you do this public then I will add you back on.