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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part 9

Joy A Collura | Face Of Horror

closing the Summer 2022 'live' journal out 9-16-22 3am: since I have medical appts the next five days so here it is and I will post the Fall 2022 on December 21, 2022. I will fill in the next five days of Summer on here though.

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Awesome, Naomi who was originally in first place is back in first place and I am no longer in first place--- Congrats--less than one hour to go :) Thank you to all for the votes and for still being in the top 20 but I am far from an influencer, and I did my part of the rules and if I get top 20, awesome --- if not...enjoyed the past week doing my best.

thank you sir-- but it seems your vote angered Naomi's hubby as he placed an emoticon on my social media and another who knows her chuckled --- poor sportsmanship especially when I was giving Congrats --- weird world indeed.

8 minutes later Naomi is back in first :) --- love it...

Congrats Naomi even though some of your family expressed poor emoticons my way on my social media--- no need for that silliness --- it is just a contest:

New round:



Went to Begins Within and fixed my pinched nerve ...thank you Dr Nelson and Deb for my medical massage as well.

c2 adjustment- sinus and the face - atlas in proper position

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Joy A Collura | Face Of Horror



Recent updates for DONNA GORDON- I did earlier in this post redact any photos that were given to me in this PRR of DONNA GORDON- it was hard to see her in the bodily position she was in and just the photos show there was in my humble opinion which is just a housewife no expert that she suffered a moderate to intense hit to multiple areas. RiP Donna Gordon. Remember I watched the Sgt grow up, so this is very hard for me because I have to follow the documented facts in an unbiased fashion to lead to conclusion on two people I have lived around and know/knew but I have to document --- why? because DONNA GORDON was one of my testimonies (YHF 2013)(Donna knew a Karen who was also part of my documentation on the aftermath of the YHF 13'and that person is in high political power who was a part of my thorned areas on the aftermath of the YHF 13') and I am in my whistleblowing phase, so I have to document her end and the YCSO end to make sure this ending is told properly and with full transparency---




archiving FB posts: