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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter into Spring 2023 Recap - Part 4


book the ladies decided will be our book club reading...for March/April 2023...this is all new to my life ... very foreign topics

ladies group time:

thank you always Toni for the treats

finally arrived...Holiday 2022 gift...thank you:


Tempe location:




What an interesting poll. A topic I am glad Steve Irwin's kid is talking about. I am all for the discussion of this topic. Something we as women fail to talk about amongst each other unless you are childhood buddies. Endometriosis really affected my life early on. I used nutrition route for my path vs pharmaceuticals. I was told I had a total hysterectomy when I was very young but over time I have been told by multiple areas I have no ovaries, a left ovary, a right one --- so which one is it? I have never been properly treated to see what the true diagnostic was there. I am all in support of women talking about this vs. suppressing it.


man, I remember this day like it was like yesterday - miss you "Harry" --- we laughed so much. I am doing surveillance stuff and saw this on my photos...

best mother in law ever:

it use to be fun when Frank visited and we would sing Elvis songs:

the old vhs after 24 years is getting very grainy or they always were ???

my mom and step-father trying an Elvis song too:

I sure miss when the kids were young and they always surprised me showing how much they enjoyed our times...little surprise for me:

hey Johnny--- remember here?

being goofy with the nieces and nephew:

my mother:

3-19-23 *SB / land. then got a call and I messaged land stuff and crashed. Interesting timing because FJS told him today vs when it took place---it was odd for me to interact especially when I write on here my stances time to time. It is not my place to say HOW we can get politics to the front to address- we just have to do it. I think it is time to create a "new" USFS system and let go of the old with keeping in mind to all those who are almost to retire. The new pay raises system seems great- right but there is much more to it behind the scenes...I mean wouldn't it be far-fetched to say if we give you a raise it may fade out another title position to give you that raise...


3-20-23 1:44PM: Thank you Toni G and Trish for today- Toni with our consistent workouts and Trish for your yummy homemade chicken noodle soup and for both to play quad-dominoes --- I know it was on pause because they didn't like me winning so much so it was not so fun so I had to leave at 1pm and it was left off a very close game with me in the lead and Trish n 2nd. Now let's look at the Weaver Mountain area and this week's weather as I am taking off to the mountains -


Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollar, really...

any of you wanting to email her- shoot, go ahead. I think this requires certified snail mail before I ever bought into this---God bless these folks wasting their energy my way.

Virgil said State Fire is putting on a full class today at the fire district building:

Martie- I gave your book to Toni today and then when I got home mine was in the mail:



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