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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter into Spring 2023 Recap - Part 3

(thinking of Stephanie's bunny- RiP)

 See you next month, Johnny G ---

international defense, security and aerospace company looking at a small ghost town housewife hiker...hmmm ???

it is 3-17-23 9:11am. I am so sorry I am scattered cleaning and organizing my hiking gear and have not paid my journal the proper attention. I just gave RR his DVDs from library and now back to cleaning. I am going to the Wickenburg Ranch this weekend and workout with the ladies and I am detoxing for sure...let me show the areas leaking out really alot of liquids...and puss...toxic detox

sparing you the band-aid views :)

let me detox to this physical appearance "please" ... hee hee . kidding but right on to the Baywatch Babe in her 50's doing a great job in the aging process...

Time to watch Combat and clean... "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all ---

plus the below video has helped to get toxins out when I am headed to sleep and it helped someone else I know too:

I am cleaning and organizing and when RR picked up his DVDs I picked up Pete Davidson is the king of Staten Island. My family is from Staten Island. I really enjoyed this comedy drama especially the fire department section - it was for the first time in all my training that I could resonate and see me working in the fire industry vs just being "student of fire"

Wow, when I googled the film I saw how many get injured/die in fire and never do we really "hear" about it--- wow. 23 out of 34 were firefighters who were injured and that was 9 years ago- but I watch this film above and look up the film and I am glad I learned ...when your a housewife - the task is different than going to a nine to five job and this movie inspired me to gain better health to get back to work. I mean I can still do this housewife hiker role but I feel I gained a lot of skills and I have many gifts --- I feel I can do more to lessen the moments of fire fatalities more than I am.

However, I just applied to be a librarian. It is a 12 hour a week paid job so I have to call my insurance and see what that will mean for the medical area. Good film though. Made me think to my family.


I never did hear if Burk liked these cookies last year...just got an email about the brand I sent him last year ...

Now, it is Happy St. Patty's Day 2023 --- I went up to the Ranch House rest. parking lot at 3:33pm then to the Yarnell land and met an amazing Horses for Heroes woman and a Marine veteran and man, I will be shocked if Super Dave Basden is untouched by YCSO's system now. He has an attitude that is way too aggressive...and it was all caught on camera/audio recording. Enough of the bully tactics, Mr. "Huff Puff" Dave, what gives? Maybe today's paper trail of filing Criminal against him-will finally adjust his manners. Glad to be home by 6:17pm. I did catch up with someone from Fall 2022 but I had to --- man, I forgot to mention yesterday I spoke to Ryan from KY- it was so good...I really miss our chitchats...

almost 5 months since I been to the land.

Ladies- remember I mentioned last week I said I would meet someone with a van (by the river) and you all laughed and said "how" with my regimen--- well, I did meet a lady with a van near water too, see:

Moment was recorded - as well as I recorded Dave as we normally record as we enter due to the prior abusive manners of Super Dave.

went as the land rep today--- I am confused by the aggressive pointing as Super Dave drove pass---show ya that video---


3-18-23 2:09pm: 9:34-10:17am- Toni G, Trish and I drove and met Martie and Jim at the Wickenburg’s Rancho de Los Caballeros to work out but -- basically our workout was a walking tour and listening to the history of the place but Martie also had her parents work there long ago and so it was nice to see and hear the professional and personal story. We did spend some time in the gym area. Really nice to meet Wickenburg’s Rancho de Los Caballeros Montana Jim, Glendale AZ Rob and massager James and the couple in the gym.

noon to 1:26 we were at Lydia's --- HUGE PRAYERS to our little In and Out Queen we met there- she touched me so much --- she had her own WA Make a Wish moment --- loved her energy - she is in my prayers. I had my "road trip" Make a Wish request- maybe Jim will embrace the wish---I think it would be good for them both. Thank you again Martie and Jim for the tour today---here are some photos:

I am watching Mack and Rita--- I soooo relate to this film- that little kid. That movie is for sure me. Looks like me as a kid. Story line is me. I love the older and "golden" generation soooo much.

I should take the time and recap my week in pics from my cell- here ya go:

local's dog (CR-P) saw the desert walker and ran up to me - it was sooooo cute --- like two lovers running towards another on a beach was the "joy" I saw in that dog--- felt so good, see:

St Patty's --- no four leaf clovers --- yet it was fun exploring today --- this dog took me on one beautiful adventure ---

so happy:

It is weird because the moment the dog ran full force my way with a smile --- all I could think of was the pressures of one man and the choices he made and how he let go of his dog - his pal - I am sorry that person had to do that.


Someone dreamt this week that I would abandon them and or harm ... and I can guarantee you no matter who you are - in my immediate space or one who are the naysayers doing the harm my way --- if you treated me like crap or said mean things about me or just plain ignorant ---- it's okay; that is on you...God will handle it---I have zero concerns with anyone and if you perceive I don't like you- "reach me"- I am willing to help walk and talk you out of that chaos---

I have been put through it--- some wanted to put my name through the mud --- I have been abandoned and when I write about people on here- you know where you stand.

Shit, I spoke about Burk or Scott over time and that's simply because I am buffaloed there. Like what just happened- made zero sense. I just don't get it.

Truth is unafraid to be looked at - researched, etc.

I also feel by the people who began to go into his space don't see him like I had --- lost him to folks who truly choose to not understand me and my stance in this --- so it is weird phase ...

He has spent much of his time and life and funds in gaining and gathering to get the truths out just disappointed the direction it is at currently because somehow the very people he chooses to be around over what we had- called the cops on me high priority and as of last Fall 2022 that person told him Fred and I could possibly ruin his rep by being around us- whatever. Ridiculous. I understand some areas yet buffaloed on the fact I wanted to know the same folks like he did so why if we have same platform am I treated rotten and him - he is treated well. I know he is not in this for making a profit so let's get that out there and that is why he has full reign to use this blog to bring truth(s) out. Not Fred, myself or him will ever see all the time and funds we did for truth(s) ..and that's okay but anyone rumoring any of us are--- it is a lie.

Scott knew the politics from day one to all this so to see the broken promises made to me --- if he is at ease --- then great. He is good folks.

Just for me I felt he went to the mental health platform and every person who called me with traumas from fire and aviation and dispatch are watching his choices and I get it but some of them do not ---

the numbers are small for people standing in truths and help no matter the politics involved and truly be firm with the politics but it is growing greater to have status / agendas / education on Mental Health and sway from politics and I thought he signed up to be firm in the truth with me and for me it felt off balance ... it is sad and disappointing for me to watch in my lifetime. To me, he was a brother - and I am left wondering what just happened in 2021/2022?


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