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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter into Spring 2023 Recap - Part 3

(thinking of Stephanie's bunny- RiP)

What does the Arizona wildfire forecast look like for 2023? |

What does the Arizona wildfire forecast look like for 2023? |

 See you next month, Johnny G ---

international defense, security and aerospace company looking at a small ghost town housewife hiker...hmmm ???

it is 3-17-23 9:11am. I am so sorry I am scattered cleaning and organizing my hiking gear and have not paid my journal the proper attention. I just gave RR his DVDs from library and now back to cleaning. I am going to the Wickenburg Ranch this weekend and workout with the ladies and I am detoxing for sure...let me show the areas leaking out really alot of liquids...and puss...toxic detox

sparing you the band-aid views :)

let me detox to this physical appearance "please" ... hee hee . kidding but right on to the Baywatch Babe in her 50's doing a great job in the aging process...

Time to watch Combat and clean... "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all ---

plus the below video has helped to get toxins out when I am headed to sleep and it helped someone else I know too:

I am cleaning and organizing and when RR picked up his DVDs I picked up Pete Davidson is the king of Staten Island. My family is from Staten Island. I really enjoyed this comedy drama especially the fire department section - it was for the first time in all my training that I could resonate and see me working in the fire industry vs just being "student of fire"

Wow, when I googled the film I saw how many get injured/die in fire and never do we really "hear" about it--- wow. 23 out of 34 were firefighters who were injured and that was 9 years ago- but I watch this film above and look up the film and I am glad I learned ...when your a housewife - the task is different than going to a nine to five job and this movie inspired me to gain better health to get back to work. I mean I can still do this housewife hiker role but I feel I gained a lot of skills and I have many gifts --- I feel I can do more to lessen the moments of fire fatalities more than I am.

However, I just applied to be a librarian. It is a 12 hour a week paid job so I have to call my insurance and see what that will mean for the medical area. Good film though. Made me think to my family.


I never did hear if Burk liked these cookies last year...just got an email about the brand I sent him last year ...

Now, it is Happy St. Patty's Day 2023 --- I went up to the Ranch House rest. parking lot at 3:33pm then to the Yarnell land and met an amazing Horses for Heroes woman and a Marine veteran and man, I will be shocked if Super Dave Basden is untouched by YCSO's system now. He has an attitude that is way too aggressive...and it was all caught on camera/audio recording. Enough of the bully tactics, Mr. "Huff Puff" Dave, what gives? Maybe today's paper trail of filing Criminal against him-will finally adjust his manners. Glad to be home by 6:17pm. I did catch up with someone from Fall 2022 but I had to --- man, I forgot to mention yesterday I spoke to Ryan from KY- it was so good...I really miss our chitchats...

almost 5 months since I been to the land.

Ladies- remember I mentioned last week I said I would meet someone with a van (by the river) and you all laughed and said "how" with my regimen--- well, I did meet a lady with a van near water too, see:

Moment was recorded - as well as I recorded Dave as we normally record as we enter due to the prior abusive manners of Super Dave.

went as the land rep today--- I am confused by the aggressive pointing as Super Dave drove pass---show ya that video---