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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Winter 2023 Recap - Part 6

It's almost near ... I love Spring time ... seeking out nature ... seeking out peaceful grounded season to be ... loads of sunshine and happiness, community and joy.

Saturday Feb 25th, 2023 Youtube comment that I will allow FJS to reply --- I am off in 2023 ---just doing health and family / friends.


The one feeling bad right now --- and you are in your emotions -- you made your choice --- own it.

Different levels - different devils.

Your sobbing now? Wow.

If you would do anything for me... just "tell the pure truth" ... Think I heard the devil went to Georgia ... so what's your excuse ... right?!


February 25, 2023 8am: Heading on out for the day to workout and ladies group. MP's drum ceremony was cancelled so get well wishes to KP.


February 25, 2023 9:47am-4:02pm: Thank you, Toni, for today --- ladies group with special wish paper- I wished for loads of cash flow for us all there to come to us in the next 48 hours because I need it for medical reasons ...

thank you for the snacks- no games today ( is it cuz' I kept winning... just kidding) but started to watch with Lou and Toni the Guardian of Galaxy with "Groot" and then time was up. Now back to figuring out my medical stuff about to all happen.


I am watching what State Fire vehicles are visiting for lengthy amount of times in 2023 in our ghost town at the Congress Fire Dept --- and if it is for training, wonderful. Just being observant of our tax paying dollars. See:


- Happy March 2023 -

Feb 27- workout with Toni and Martie---and made fresh beignets donuts with chocolate powdered sugar ;) - almost 1 hour on the Norditrack.

Feb. 27- March 1st...I was out in the mountains shorter time this week due to medical appointments and weather about to come in.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 at 4:43 PM

recap from TG that I received:

  • '23.03.2023' Kirsty Elizabeth

  • 'As I was given them the agendas (or themes) are: Environment Community Connection/Communication' - Kirsty Elizabeth

  • 'The way forward can be carved from nothing of known experience in our past.(Hence the times of deep purging which go alongside it). -Joy's reply- I purged last Fall 2022 and I agree that people who threw dirt my way are eating their words for their lies and omissions- the past is the past yet I know if they are currently in the space to be free and bring unity vs division like I watched--- those can stay around --- the rest --- "purged"' - Kirsty Elizabeth

  • 'step up and speak out, possibly with regards to one or all of the 3 main growth themes above (Environment Community Connection/Communication)' - Kirsty Elizabeth

  • lay down a foundation stone towards the many greater steps to follow down the line of the potential for infinite living. Kirsty Elizabeth' Hugs! TG

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 at 4:50 PM - recap from TG that I received:

  • 'You Are the Solution' -Rebecca Couch

  • 'In each moment that you hold the chaos inside of you or mistakenly believe you are not separate from it, your internal world is polluted, but this is not necessary. It is so important to realize that you are the antidote to it. You have the power to command peace, to command natural order, to hold a space of balance in the midst of it. The more that you can do this, the more the storm will be calmed. You are the solution.' -Rebecca Couch

  • 'take command of your breath, all the while knowing that this breath of life is the body’s experience of the interconnectedness of all things, of the fuel for human existence, of the preciousness and the illusiveness of life. Without the breath, you are not embodied on Earth. Cherish it and nourish your body with it consciously.' -Rebecca Couch

  • 'You are deeply interconnected with all things' -Rebecca Couch

  • Seek and you will find. Knock and the door with open. Ask and you shall receive.Hugs! TG

Email alert on YHF13 Public Information Officer - PIO Brad- who was my PIO Social Media AWIMA Instructor in 2018-


I was thinking when watching this last night- The Britt Rosso video- that I remember what those two guys told me they saw and then I thought my google earth map had some odd words near the area YCSO inventoried crucial items 6-30-13 thru 7-7-13. Something to this area? Any person want to privately or publicly give me your legal declaration- send it to COLLURA PO BOX 572 Congress, Arizona 85332. I can tell you multiple people already gave me and others data just like to have more since I learned there are still people out there that can offer such... "do the right thing"

when I look at google earth - it says "glov"---wth???

glov Yarnell, AZ 85362

Link to share

<iframe src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d15693.177128686479!2d-112.77704194534992!3d34.220871008754784!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x80d331f80bf0a391%3A0xc48058256d328510!2sglov!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1677732705036!5m2!1sen!2sus" width="600" height="450" style="border:0;" allowfullscreen="" loading="lazy" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade"></iframe>




I rarely get ready anymore because I am out in the desert areas so I see squirrels and birds and they don't care what I look like - they just like "chilling" with me - they like my exciting energy - my happy moments.

I do wish my head pain would lessen in both my eyes/nose/sinus areas and between my nose where the brain tumor is...that blows at times...

but still happy to get out to the desert...

Dozer guy (CA) says he has a class next week at AWIMA and wants to meet FJS and me and everyone knows this is my medical healing year and so I am just stuck because I am like I have my calendar jam packed until July and all my immediate folks know that and I am like uhhhh...

Just wrong timing, Dozer guy, for me...we will commitments or plans just so you know...

right now, I just want familiar everyday regimen and a few planned events. I just have to say I have been refusing any external areas outside my dad's friends he knew decades family and immediate folks.

Even if say blah blah blah wanted to touch base- not in 2023...and will possibly re-evaluate in 2024. I am pretty focused on certain areas. Even if say you know who says ok, Joy, I am ready to "speak up"---write me a legal declaration and mail it to PO Box 572 Congress AZ 85332 or reach FJS ---

Today, I was talking to RR when my cell phone buzzed and it was across the room with password entry and it began to play 2022 Anchor podcast with Burk Minor.

That was so weird.

I had not heard that voice in ages. I was thinking of that Louis L'Amour book and how grateful I was July 2021 --- weird how I showed kindness month after month to just where it is now - a resigned WFF lifetime member as of July 2022 because high priority cop call was made on me when all I asked for was a public record form. Strange. I remember all the stuff I spoke to Scottie Briggs about and even he is out out....weird how life is...but I would need some 'conference calls' to ever see that ever happen in my lifetime but way off in 2023...

heading home to do medical, haircut, Italian Festival...cancelled some Prescott tasks due to weather. I was alerted about the Apple tracker just so you know...


back to facial leakage...and my chin is retaining fluid too and leaking in left/right area and midline frontal near where my brain tumor is...

my backyard got snow tonight:

3-2-23 early am:




He finally figured it out...he had to accept the old invite...after Wix worked on that recent glitch...


Tools For Google Earth ( Monday, February 27th, 2023 at 8:35 AM no longer going to use Earthpoint product subscription.



Special thank to Roger Federwisch (unkle) for all the peace you shown my way --- you are a joy. You helped me with my Cpap process. I really appreciate you, sir. Nature inspires me as well.


Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 at 5:44 PM from cell images:

Once I get these from ANTHEM - I give them to local veterans as a monthly treat:

I highly recommend this company- almost cancelled it July 2022, because they are in some way tied to WFF in donations but I measured the company for the quality they consistently showed me




Not this year:



Arizona State Forestry DFFM Staff ride product was used by federal employees R3 - Forest employees and the below is DFFM's reply--- I will soon ask for a FOIA request with SWCC ( Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) Website (







Sonny called asking updates on his case / accident:

Immediate Prayers Please ... Tex Gilligan was in an accident ... Pray for all involved. (

Computer aided dispatch (CAD) connects dispatchers to the correct data and information they need in every operation. A CAD system is complex combining hardware and software that works together with E911 and Record Management Systems (RMS). Donna Gordon's incident is paid for and coming to me soon by flash drive.







Remember this ONE thing in the aftermath of the YHF13'--- when we here at the blog say "honor" those who were affected by the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013-

you will not see me say "buy here, shop here, donate here"...

I was the eyewitness who was on the Weaver Mountains with the GMHS/ GMIHC June 30, 2013, staying with integrity gathering the documents to lead to the conclusion

and never requested you to spend a dime of your hardworking monies as you will see others do on the aftermath of the fire --- they will state honor is in the dollar spent ---- ????

Documentation of truth(s) is HONOR to me and at no time should monies be shown to support any areas if they lay in the "knowing" of lies and omissions about the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013. That is what I feel firmly. God is watching.



3-2-23 3-4:14pm today with EA: Spoke with DSTEP/EA/THEGT...paid some funds...

key areas that were discussed and unsure it's takeaways:

  • 1838 - Lincolnshire - Newbury Port - "Regret" - Careless - Drunken Male Ward - fox hunter - wealthy - possibly UK / Irish --- Lord --- Red Derby --- 15th Century--- and all that led to my liver ???

  • uncover astral body (volcano) - Superficial - perfection - strong body --- "joy" --- in someone else's body

  • NS- she will need medical care. And will be in my care. ???

  • Illusions - astral body - uncover physical (volcano)

  • one conflict -

  • alternate dance - one foot in ditch and one on sidewalk style - "play"

  • walking more is fine --- be more creative for YOU -- "happy" --- "energetic"

  • user / stuff ownership / enabler / fatherly /stolen ideas / dilators / image / "I am"

  • says vs. do

  • granulation on ball joint for thegs and she will talk to dstep- \

  • I felt once the Lord topic happened - my mind was buffaloed and I laid quiet and thought ??? but it was nice to catch up - it was nice to visit with DSTEP and THEGS- enjoyed that...




spill the tea, please... "Lives Matter"









almost time...


3-5-23 9pm: Shoot, let me "think" and recap the past few days..I rescheduled the neurologist appt last Friday the 3rd because I simply did not want to travel up in snow country. I worked out with Toni 10-2pm. I lost in quad-dominos. I flushed that day on our niacin time. I think because she asked me how I met "EA" above and I said you want the long or short answer and she said long--- bet she knows better not to next time...hours later she got the answer and then some. Thank you for my ham and pepper jack sandwich and the bags of chips. I dreamnt of Sc**** and J***on Friday night (mojave snakes in water)- I was left thinking about them yesterday probably because SB was a part of my Johnny G times and well, his presence has been at those appointments prior--- so with the dream and my Saturday Johnny G moment he was thought of --- so I went from my blonde hair to level 6-7---brought all the blonde to my roots color with a punch of brownish red to entire head. I will next month do a "cherry pop" moment to the hair--- that will be different. It all washed out...let me go look at my cell pics and add today's BEGIN WITHIN booth 23 moment time here from the Italian Festival--- my energy lacked and it was interesting...I took a pic of this lady in red with Fred in the pic...I don't know why just to be silly...let me go load some pics...I am tired and I have a long week ahead...I will most likely get my precertification and be admitted this week--- we will see---still working on fine tuning some health stuff so you will still see I am haggard looking in the blonde or reddish brown hair pics--- I will get well, I am tired of the swelled up face/neck and liver area and whoah I may snack at Toni's or RR's but enough for what I am seeing to my body--kind of a bullshit from my way of thinking. ok, let me share some pics:

I will soon pull the records on some areas --- but running out of online time for today and so maybe Thursday---but wanna keep the public at large aware of when I notice State Forest vehicles in our desert ghost town...since grants are on the rise for rural areas in Arizona. We do not need a grant here in this desert--- really. Keep the toxic red crap away from this area since we already have enough historic tibithurione / arsenic / cyanide / mercury to our area. Right?

John sent me a pic from last year when I lived in my WFF gear---

"what a difference a year makes"

--- now I am fully resigned from being a lifetime member from WFF since July 2022 after what I experienced on the WFF tour and then two days later high priority cop call was made by executive director when I asked for a public records request form and all that evidence is documented in my Summer 2022 posts. But I noticed my eyes were haggard last year and I know Summer up until I was brutally assaulted, I was building strength...what an up and down journey with my health, eh.

Weird to think I pretty much lived in WFF gear July 2021-July 2022 then I stored and boxed away my WFF gear. Oh well, life goes on.

thank you rr for the carne asada fires and horchata :) older man was having fun painting and it was fun to watch:

I was gonna get a Karen.2 cut but Johnny G said I can grow my hair out now--- out of the messed up toxic hair cycle it was once in so long hair I come.

I wore my Italian sunglasses (rollerskate glasses) for the Italian festival:

all one color right now:

where the heck did that arise from this week---if I put my head down I can create a double chin this past week--- heck no--- this gal is making sure more exercise this week--- that ain't staying---no way. Bye double chin when head is tilted in/back and down...yuk!!!


Beautiful soul---later this week I will scan her campaign--- short on time tonight:

I have some of the best alternative doctors- and thank you to the staff at the Italian Festival--- my groove was more focused on my liver swollen and that crummy double chin--- I was not feeling today. I grazed off others meals --- I was not into it --- maybe next three rock:

anytime you want my presence at your events for my health testimony- sign me up. I highly suggest you all --- all through my posts...and daily life. I highly appreciate my Neurologists/ Rare Disease / Genetic Disease / Heart / ENT / GI / Foot/ Seizure Specialist too and my brain surgeon...let's work on getting me a new PCP since my 2022 PCP is not in network in 2023.

my current nickname: "Chubby"



and much more but subscribe to them to learn...


Sunday, March 5th, 2023 at 9:58 PM that Christmas 2022 gift delay- update: I’ve looked up your order, your package is on the way and you will receive it in the next 5-7 days.

But when I go to link - it goes to a 2022 delivery ???

so who knows...


Man, with these "Forensic Weather" / Investigators out there --- and how well they can document escaped fires ... well, we will see how this unfolds:

Yarnell land: