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Joy A. Collura's Journal- Spring 2023 Recap Part 2

3-29-23 8:36pm: Weird week- I am trying to remember the events this week. I did not go to the mountains for my normal walks/RR times this week yet but will Thursday-

I got home last Friday morning. And let me recap the weekend...Last Saturday I went to ladies group 10-1 something then headed to the trails and met up with SB/BL...saw Jared and Ranger Dave...I was supposed to go Sunday to do my phlebotomy, but I took tension head pain meds so have to reschedule. What the heck happened to Sunday--- SB arrived around 9:30---FJS stopped by---then barely slept --- this was Monday:I recognized, I remembered, and I give thanks to the Lord for "Curtis Heaton" ( and Tuesday was workout with Toni and I was really wicked ill last night---22 times in 1.5 hours in and out of the bathroom and just losing my bodily functions. Toni asked me to come back and meet her 2020 Facebook friend on Wed. and we did. Margaret was there in start of the day and Martie was at the end of the day. I was in the desert for the first time riding passenger in a OHV. I got home and talked to RR about how odd this week has been even saw DPJ and Gracie today...heading to the mountains tomorrow then Friday is doctor's appointment and Kass's 75th bday party.

men yet. Night. Then ladies time Saturday through Monday due to guest in town. I can tell you this much --- this week is half over and I have not even done the normal regimen stuff.


Knowing what I know there may be keypoints of facts in the fillum but for sure is far from the true story and let the FBI now figure it all out--- way too much and I will not be that one ---- heart wrenching alone knowing the news but when it surfaces even more heart wrenching how many suppressed it and how many bullied / trash talked about me or just how many wanted the narratives that were set to be glazed. Sigh.

Going through emails since my legs are unwilling to trail to the desert...believe it or not I went to bed about 1am ---shocker I know because I like to get to bed 730-330am. Anyways I got up around 10-11am and now I know today I will not be out with RR and so thankful he understands- I am even dreading the doctor appts and bday party in my current limitations and pain.

Here are the 2023 DFFM grants:


3-30-23 4:42pm: I barely could walk today maybe 15 steps so far and in those steps I thought wonderful idea, Joy...I am going to ask ADOT about their retention schedule on tragedies --- good records request. So we know DFFM stated ADOT is the custodian of records for their vehicles so let me go see what we can do almost 10 years later.



4-1-23: Slept 16 hours. I actually broke down at Sound Bath today because I must have had suppressed emotions. 3-31-23 was Kas's 75th bday party and I really showed up---even bought a gift and card- unheard of; I know. To see Kaye (Margaret) H. after almost ten years was uneasy for me. I went with open mind and heart- her husband was pleasant to me yet zip my way from Kaye. I am not looking for apologies but would be open to "fresh start" --- was not felt there. How did I heal from all those jaws dropping harmful folks--- well, God. God and I have been very active in getting the documented truths out. It is a huge task. I probably would have passed going if I knew Kaye was going but glad I went --- Kas deserved a nice time amongst all her friends. Awe struck is all I can say when I think back to that vile moment by Kaye and that crew--- how could they? did they know what I know? I am a walking testimony for God. That I know. I watched me be the community whipping post and when I look back I think mmmhmmm- did they know what I know? What a mystery. Anyways, I had some life changes this past week - 100% focus on health puts my desert moments on "pause" ---minimal times out until I regain strength.

I have my normal NTE time twice a week and my 3 hours Nordictrak bike time but walking the desert is on halt until mid month at minimum.

Looking forward to seeing Margaret on 11th.

There is my cancer follow up this month too.

Soon- it is time for one of my favorite conferences:



all of a sudden- fake job offers:

fraud subscription emails:

I started at page 10 on my emails to go through but I am gonna go through most recent back to page 10...

A federal lawsuit seeks to limit Forest Service use of fire retardant

Shit, it took almost ten years as I watched HOW MANY die of horrible deaths ??? but glad to see the topic at the front but permits are not the only thing that needs to be done - these people making the product and placing it down should possibly make it a MUST to read the autopsy reports and use YHF13' as a true case study...

they want one to pay to read their article above so I won't add more but 1%, Shayne? How about Caples RX as a good example or the Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho 2013--- do I go on???? I would imagine the number is larger...


Toni had Massachusetts guest this week- Trish and she made this cake for her:

on way to see Dr N in Scottsdale:

so at peace...even with the uncertainties at hand:

took pics of flowers at Walmart:

for my three favorite folks:

Last card I got like this was for Jenn Aschraft April 2021.

Locals at surprise bday party:

I asked Lou if he could dress like an Amish Preacher as the driver to all the people who had to park at Toni's:


4-2-23 2:48pm:

Thank you Trish for the Wisdom affirmation box and Toni for all our lunches as Nana's Sandwich Shoppe today and great to see you Margaret too. travels to Trish:

we shared what music we heard or resonated the past 24 hours and I said "breathe again" as I struggle to "breathe" and then we saw this at the gift store and then we got news one of the ladies' dogs had to leave us here ... Rest in last breaths...sigh.

This was an interesting article that came in my email.

Statute of limitations already ran out ... interesting propaganda. Doubt there will be a partial jury.

If they can do that to him --- there is no law anymore...

If anyone was affected by the YHF13'- this article above will give us hope (cough,cough) that some of Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 folks who suppressed and who did criminal manners are found accountable for their misuse of their roles and powers.

So, to me, I like to think no one person(s) is above the law as well. Yet, fully aware we have corruption in a very bad way.


Someone asked me how does my email get these articles I post--- I rarely skim them--- just show you what makes it to my inbox...odd, I know...I come from a mixed family of Republicans - Democrats - Etc. so I think all the recent emails came from when I was at the Arizona State Archive Library when I met that long time male journalist and he mentioned the ARIZONA AGENDA so could be that--- either way I toss in the articles for the folks who love the political culture --- to me, they all are disappointing...


correction to "these""


PRR-000149 thru 163:

I am 164 and no 165. My 164 is again for the umph time about those YHF 13' transfer records that keep being closed and I have it worded fine.


I bought this ticket last year- unable to attend 2023 and alerted Bonnie and Alana 4-3-23 that they can transfer my ticket to someone Bonnie chooses to do so.

Thank you Toni G for our continued dedication to our NTE training and workouts. I really appreciate it. We watched "groot 2" after and home to and soon I will show you what she gave me....


Spring cleaning - very windy out


that is funny as shit ... spam jobs asking me to apply to work for the USFS ... USDA and State of Arizona...


4-4-23 1:21pm: I am in rest ... Spring cleaning ...rejuvenate mode ... God is having me release some things and when it is released then this will be very painful and heart wrenching and the truth I waited for and now know ---

I had to allow God to have full reign on it and I know some hoped I would have never found out but the truth was always there....and it will be shown in His time. Believe you me, the truth is nothing one can ever be ready for on this.

Trickery that someone tried to do on me --- "white out" will not fix this for sure. It's a lot- the truth. I will say that. Shame on the folks who did this all with intent and harm especially my way. You all thought you were smarter than God. Tsk tsk.

Copy that.



4-4-23 5:22pm: On 3-17-21, someone gave me their long-time book that helped guide them through this world.

They said they found the book to guide them, but none so special as me.

I want to share this 1950book and todays' passage ... and I know someone out there recently said they were struggling to just say no .... and the passage said:


Many observers fear that the self-indulgence and moral indifference spreading over the world may destroy freedom.

Walter Lippmann put it this way: "Without order or authority in the spirit of man the free way of life leads through weakness, disorganization, self-indulgence, and moral indifference to the destruction of freedom itself. The tragic ordeal through which the Western world is passing was prepared in the long period of easy liberty, during which men...forgot that their freedom was achieved by heroic sacrifice...They forgot that their rights were founded on their duties...They thought it be clever to be cynical and enlightened to be unbelieving, and sensible to be soft."

Most of us know we must bring forth fruit worthy of penance; that with God's help we must be firm when tempted to be weak; that we must have the courage to say, "No" when it would be easy to say "Yes". Knowing this, we ought --- if we wish to preserve our sacred freedom ---to help bring order and discipline into the mainstream of life.

"Bring forth therefore fruit worthy of penance." (Matthew 3:8)

Pray that you use the talents God has given you to preserve our precious heritage of freedom.





Sonny, here it is:

bladder bag you gave Nellans

Sonny, where you pointed area of fire to me:


4-4-23 8:30pm:

hee hee


I definitely know who I am ... I am expecting real good stuff in 2023.

Many revelations and many healings by those revelations.

Also, I am a bad mamma jamma- trend with me.. get out of your comfort zone and "show up" --- yeah, let's get trendy.

Congrats to all the hard work and I did not do it alone...

Congrats, Jesus!

This is my year to be respected vs. those nine years I lived in judgement.

I am far from the norm - and let's all bring unity and love and heal another in truths.

Let's let go and surrender on anything that stood in the way. Forget about all those betrayals.

God is Love.

I care about what God says...

I didn't back down. I say who I am and I stand on it---

judge all day long-

My intentions are pure.

I mean well...


I did not allow all the judgement and lies bring me down.

I spend my days rejuvenating the past two weeks-

no mountains.

Lately, once a week catching up in person with RR and twice a week working out with TG. Twice a month with all the ladies - spoke with Sonny tonight on his solar power and new inverter. Been reading the June 1, 1938, USFS Region One 'The Lookout Cookbook" and eating my cucumbers, celery, blueberries, and kiwi.

What do we need to release, Lord, at this time?

Let us all know.

I am surrendering to you, God.

You know my prayers - for those to "speak up"

I just hope as the FBI watches all the different folks, they see how important for some to talk...

For those who are not who they appear to be...

I am praying for you.


 these were on my youtube timeline ... man, awesome content so sharing


4-5-23 1pm: My health insurance case manager stated she could not find a MD IN NETWORK to take me on but today is the BEST day of the year because I prayed and the name that came into my prayers- I googled it and even reported name to case manager ... I called and even though the MD is booked out until April 2024, MD has some in the office who can get me in this Summer 2023- "finally" - what a stress relief to finally find a PCP. Praise Jesus. Yeahhh!!!! The MD is right up my way of living too .... my MD currently holds eight Arizona state running records. She also completed the 2010 Arizona Ironman Triathlon. Gotta love that. I said this was gonna be a great month and I think it is happening and then some. Faith is awesome.



Big changes. In the next seven days, please pray God's will be done... for my area. Major life event shifts.


Prayer request.

So, here we are. I found a PCP finally. Yeahhh! Then, I learned bad news- really tough news.

Last time I was in this boat was 13 years ago- got all my areas in order and I busted my ass for almost a year --- and I am willing again

yet I am in the middle of serious health stuff so income for me --- I lose my health insurance. Weird. Just pray God's will be done. I rather not waste time on what ifs and focus on my faith with God. However, a huge shift at home today.

Pray God's will be done.


4-6-23 12:03pm: In our deep discomfort, we lean on the Lord to guide us. We have less than a week to figure what we will be doing ... keep praying ... I have Faith and "Believe" in good and bad moments.

Psalm 139:14

(Psalm 139:14) Our physical pain or discomfort can be a way that God gets our attention and let’s us know that He knows we’ve sinned. I imagine this is what David experienced as he recounts in Psalm 38.

We all experience pain in life, whether emotional or physical pain. No pain is alike, we must all walk the journey and path that God has for our lives, yet God promises that there is a purpose in all pain. We can press on each day knowing that God loves us and wants to use the hurt and pain in this world to bring Him glory.

However, I am pressing on with pausing my social life the next week and get my warrior mode on to get this figured out.

I cancelled my VIP ticket and helping out my Dr to this event below and cancelled the next few weeks appts too- they are a long drive. (gas ???)


the bad news arrived to our home by email at:

but we did not read it until 3pm. God, help us figure this out...angels, you too...but not Charlie's angels...well, maybe they can help too.


Today 4-6-23 I helped Sonny with his Oct 2022 accident stuff- we went to tow company and got the receipts.

Now RR and I are watching Skull Island dvd and ate Filibertos Sonny got me and donuts/candybar-


Friday, April 7th, 2023 at 5:13 PM- HUGE BLESSINGS:

This message was sent to me:

'I know you would never ask and that is why I offered. You have helped a lot of people, including my Dad, so it’s the universe helping you!!! Keep me posted! '

If I need help- I have someone who offered to do that--- prayers God's will be done.

I spent today with Tammy / RR / Maryanne then Tex and now time for me to finally sleep 6:17pm...way tired.

A GMHS loved one also sent me beautiful emails today- thank you bunches. Hopefully, the FBI is watching me and them and coming up with a better plan to get the rest out to the front.


At 4:44am 4-8-23, God answered prayers of mine. This week a huge shift happened- my husband got an email his job position is no more come Thursday

and with that very short notice I gave God total reign and at 4:44am today I am sharing God is Good. Think about it folks. I know with my unwavering Faith He and the angels will carry us through.

Happy Easter to EVERYONE --- or as we call it here Happy Resurrection -


Bobcat on land:


Thank you Toni G for what you did for me 4-9-23- it meant everything to me. See you next week.

Huge hugs. Great time yesterday- Lou won :) --- also thank you,RR for my Easter time with ya.

Now it is time for me to take appx a week off here and so have a great one. everyone.

Hey Scott--- let Burk know we found where the chicks are --- hee hee... at Wickenburg Tractor Supply--- had to laugh ---:

Hubby said he also seen 444 --- his was on two lottery tickets this week:

I will be shocked how well I pull off this week--- the swelling is off the charts right now...You can see it in my eyes- this week is a challenge...shortly are my procedures so just "waiting"

go Haven!!! I like this gal --- and her pops ... reminds me of me and my pops (RiP)