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Joy A. Collura's - Fall 2022 Recap - Part 8


Congrats Megan Higby - That's so exciting.

Thank you to all the many who spent thousands of dollars to get me to the first place. I came in second place in my group.

Merry Christmas to all that put this together to help the children with Cancer--- B+ | Fighting Childhood Cancer (



11-18-22 3:50pm: Thank you Dr Nelson and the ladies for the healings today and now home watching "Last Full Measure" with the guys...

I asked direct questions, and they never answered them - I see how this is going --- I asked for the reasons they kept closing the "other" section of this PRR --- and re-asked:

I am ready for some sort of the CIA - FBI and or any higher authority to reach me in regard to 2013-now to go over the omissions, lies and crucial areas... and now add in YCSO to the loop with DPS and how DPS was given the crucial "live" footage and yet the preliminary reports said what it did --- tsk! tsk!


Facade sacred brotherhood / sisterhood - it's happening ... I am seeing it.


time to go back to pioneering and foraging --- who eats this kind of crap --- ugh ---

pioneering in my fifties is much different than a decade ago....teaching another to stay away from these noodle crap is the first step :)


snap chat fun again --- no more FB tests just snapchat and that is soon gonna fade too---FB is closed. Scottie Briggs opened "Joyous Kahula" 7-17-21 and I closed it this Fall 2022; 11-2-22. My empress look:

been out camping this week with the snapchat critters---

the kid in me is like "oh my" ---

cartoon version of me:

I am thinking about the lies and bullshit in this photo and HOW MANY are taught values from our parents and grandparents but then I think of HOW MANY are taught generation after generation to internalize lies and omissions. God is watching.

I am not happy in this pic --- learning more are willing to lie and omit ---- it is sickening:

I, in 2 weeks, - gained twenty-two pounds--- wth???

Holiday wishlist:


If anyone met the lady that I redacted that name above - if you met her in person --- you know life is not the same without her presence. Very much missed. Breaks my heart to see her no longer here. One of a kind woman.

Frank, read above.

You see that, right.

Do you think it is best to leave the truth back channel?

I am doing my best to get it to the front, so lives are not built on a faulty foundation. At least give the data to these folks so they are building relations on solid truth and ground.

I think me owning the evidence that YCSO gathered June 30-July 7, 2013, makes it difficult for me because I am in this to bridge documented facts not all these bogus attacks / lies / omissions /etc done my way.


placing it again but bigger font:


City of Prescott's PRR portal area is not always alerting me--- I got an alert on the above but look how many closed that I did not receive an alert / email. Odd.

So quickly reviewing it:

all my PRRs are still sealed / unpublished to the Public at Large:


then when I log out it shows requests:

143 differences.



in order:

I was alerted about this one: Request 22-836. Closed. Request an appeal.

opened: October 5, 2022, 7:18pm closed: November 17th, 2022, at 2:35 PM- Duration: 1 month, 11 days, 19 hours, 17 minutes


Request 22-807- looked through all my emails- no alert:

also note they do not label the date they closed like other areas of communications:

12 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes and 0 seconds- safe to assume since zero email alert that it closed at the time they placed insert of link date.


Request 22-785.

opened: September 23, 2022, 2:56am closed: Unknown Date and never alerted me- Duration: unknown

checked SPAM box:


Request 22-784.

opened: September 23, 2022 via web closed: Unknown Date and never alerted me- Duration: unknown


Request 22-723.

Result: 8 days, 20 hours, 7 minutes and 0 seconds-

opened: September 4, 2022, 7:50pm via web closed: September 14, 2022, 2:03am


Request 22-721. No alerting me on this PRR. Open and closed in 18 days.


Request 22-720.


before we did barder trade contracts - I would do yardwork / defensible space / load wood / cut wood / and etc. and Fred would give me funds direct towards to say get a haircut for the Conferences / Presentations / Academies or something to help the cause ... this was my first dollar earned with him and I still have it:

this will be the first Thanksgiving Fred forgot the family and me --- he has been sooooo focused to his County / Land project and ??? (cupcakes?), so I brought the old card back out:

my hair is going wirey grey in my 50's and I am months away from seeing Johnny G to color it Antique Rose Gold---

Snapchat fun-

looks like my brother Paul in the middle:

desert fun with my pop's pal:

wearing a mask cleaning an area of Mr. Bojangles:

since July 20, I gained 59 pounds so fast and most came on the past few weeks- 28#s came on in the past 10 days. TREADMILL soon...

Sorry to RR for this was my second sad mood since 10-3-22... I just want nice fun happy times but all these folks who lied and omitted stating it is in the best interest of the GMIHC families and such but the entities fail to remember it is much more than just that and also they fail to even tell the family members what I know and own...Sad, very sad...


back to desert walking:

nice to see the water in the first cattle pond:

silly snapchaat fun:

my eye lids are swollen from crying

snapchat eyebrow fun:

my upper lip and teeth hurt:

loads of tears --- betrayals and so much other crap --- I was lied about and done very dirty ---- the betrayal damaged the connections.

They did what they wanted to do and said what they want --- bad lies --- they brought down the connection due to the lies and I want zip to do with it.

out hanging with my ol' pop's pal on my good hours --- RiP Dad 12-21-15.

the stuff sprinkled changed the flame colors:

getting back to my roots:

my new desert pal:

Thank you Begins Within:

Thank you Clint Rusing....I highly recommend others to continue to donate to your campaign. DONATE | Trek for Teens

and I will continue to support your campaign. Keep bringing others out exploring...


sending off 11-25-22 to my fav. peeps - Happy Holidays - thinking of y'all:


Merry Christmas / Happy December / Hope you all make this a December to remember. Happy Holidays! / Season's Greetings! / Happy Hanukkah! / Happy Kwanzaa! / Happy New Year! /

Happy Festivus! /