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Joy A. Collura's - Fall 2022 Recap - Part 7


medically struggling with much fluid retention:

Blister the Desert Tortoise:






11-16-22 6am: Getting ready to crash--- today is gear up to go camping day. Thank you so much yesterday Sonny for the funds you left with Ronda and Crissy gave me. I wanted to use it for medical, but I enjoyed a pricey meal at Rambling Dan's --- the grilled onions were very delicious on my burger. 11-14-22, my heart thingamajigga went well and I had gingerbread cookies and coffee with RR and he played Keno as I organized --- last night, I walked towards the station to pick up funds then watched with RR Wild Bill and Jack called to catch up and so been just a peaceful Fall 2022 overall. I refuse to talk to anyone I learned who "trash talked" about me especially behind my back --- fading them out. The change in me is fated. I know some think I needed them and there really is nothing more they can do. It is finished as "unfinished"---

Archiving my cell data:

fluid retention is lessening:

no make-up- had to cancel my hair appt but look at what Johnny G wrote to me as I am gonna miss my "antique rose gold" hair dye moment 11-19-21 until Spring 2023:

Remember "justice" is happening and God assures me I am cloaked with His Love and so I am okay to address this is happening but I have removed myself from them all --- I am just saying "no" is gonna level this ....


I requested either they allow me a box canyon pass to walk it to finalize my research and if not--- this video did not have the proper permit as law requests so have it removed --- it cannot be selective like I have seen in almost ten years --- I deserve to walk that box canyon more than anyone else.





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