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Joy A. Collura's - Fall 2022 Recap - Part 6






No time for bullshit...





if I win the lottery or have funds--- first thing I am doing is finally doing my childhood dream and making me a treehouse.

this one is sooo true:


pausing Hida Scan to handle immediate heart concern --- clots.


There was a big rig that blew up in front of us and then there was this reckless car on 74 that almost hit us but also was reckless after almost hitting us as it sped passed us and was reckless-- dumb ass driver:




11-3-22 3:33pm- cleaning off cell:


Mr. Camblin (RiP) - Flagstaff was never interviewed but I will always have your testimony (Shrine to Sesame - Grotto area) --- praying feverishly that this Crew "Speak Up" about June 30, 2013. As you see, not yet almost ten years later...Sigh.


25 YOUTUBE Comments- Revising for 2022 Holiday Season Joy Collura 11 months ago first song We Wish You a Merry Christmas is ((20) seconds in). the song Angels We Have Heard on High is at marker: 2:40 seconds in. White Christmas song is at marker: 6:43 seconds in. The Christmas Waltz is 8:55 seconds in. Hark The Herald Angels Sing is 10:55seconds in. Holly Jolly Christmas was to be O' Holy Night but it is okay- changed were made Date: Friday, November 26th, 2021, at 9:21 PM is 14:09 seconds in. Frosty the Snowman is 16:15 seconds in. Joy to the World is 18:55 seconds in. Here Comes Santa Claus is 20:55 seconds in. I’ll Be Home for Christmas is 22:40 seconds in. Rudolph is 25:20 seconds in. Jingle Bells (28:08), Deck the Halls (from my extra sing list) (30:24), God Rest Thee (31:45), O Come All Ye Faithful (from my extra sing list) (33:26), We Three Kings (36:59), First Noel (40:45), Jolly Ol' St Nicholas (44:30), Up on the rooftop (45:51), Sleigh Bells (47:18), Caroling (49:16), Silver Bells (50:48), Happy New Year (53:06), Auld Lang Syne (55:10) After you watch the Special Dedication Holiday Concert 2021- please hit the LIKE button, subscribe and share ... Let this make it to homes all over the world. Extra songs they ended playing: Jingle Bells (28:08), Deck the Halls (from my extra sing list) (30:24), God Rest Thee (31:45), O Come All Ye Faithful (from my extra sing list) (33:26), We Three Kings (36:59), First Noel (40:45), Jolly Ol' St Nicholas (44:30), Up on the rooftop (45:51), Sleigh Bells (47:18), Caroling (49:16), Silver Bells (50:48), Happy New Year (53:06), Auld Lang Syne (55:10)Date:Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 at 5:17 PM was when I was notified the concert was completed- I sure hope it heals some this Holiday season. As Fred loves to say --- ' Stay the Course 'as far as Mr Feller and Jack and you all- the way I wrote it--it could come off like I was skipping the 'Have yourself a Merry Christmas' -- next time...sorry but I did think of you all too. Happy Holidays from my home to yours- please enjoy my Celebration of Life remembering my grandmother this Holiday--- as children and teens we were made to Christmas Carol every year, so this was my best way to remember Mary Ruth Spinelli and everyone near and dear to me. God Bless You All. Love, Joy The Christmas Waltz Dedicated to: Jacobs Family (have not spoken to them since 12-3-21 upon the fambam request so this is for Dan and kids only for 2022) and all we lost in our own families in 2021...and in our fire family and to the COVID 19 losses. Thank you to a special local business owner for her contribution to my health procedure in 2021. - before the song is at marker: 8:55 seconds in. Hark The Herald Angels Sing Dedicated to those still affected by the Yarnell Fire 2013 and to our tiny town of Congress Arizona and its surrounding towns. Special thank you to Ranch House Restaurant, Nichols West, Yarnell Diner. In loving memory to long time business owners, Wendy and Simon. - before the song is at marker: 10:55seconds in. We Wish You a Merry Christmas Dedicated to: Boise, Idaho for all your continuing hard work- The Wildland Firefighter Foundation folks with naming in addition Vicki, Burk, Dina, Joyce, Ashley, Betty, Logan and Layla, Stormie before the song is at marker: 20 seconds in. (and in 2022, I would omit Burk / Dina / Joyce / Vicki for how I was treated Summer 2022- high priority cop call done by Burk Minor but the rest I would wish the same...) Extra Songs if time: O Come All Ye Faithful, Deck the Halls, Silent Night, Mele Kali Kimaka, Winter Wonderland, O Holy Night, Jingle Bell Rock, and any German greetings and German song of choice. Credits at end will include 5-18 Boston Celtics GSM - that is no problem. Insert in credits: "John Marsh, we send our condolences for the loss of Jane recently. We are all here for you this Holiday and always. God Bless you." Read more White Christmas Special Dedication to Dr Ted Putnam and family, Idaho Dan, Scott Briggs (leave it here for 2022 but I am not having him in my space until he makes it right what took place in relations to WFF/Eric's ex), Grant, Jared, Jackson, Scarlett, Jake, Jessie, Lola, Jazz, Drummer, Jorian, Buckweet (OMIT), Emily, Sue, and all the film crew. - before the song is at marker: 6:43 seconds in. Joy to the World dedicated to Dozer Guy and Rich (SPEAK UP MAN), Bill Boyd and Jon Paladini and any person who ever had to work on my (Joy's) Public Records Requests and FOIAs - before the song is at marker: 18:55 seconds in. Holly Jolly Christmas was to be O' Holy Night but it is okay- changed were made Date: Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 9:21 PM Dedicated to all Fallen Firefighters all over the world and most dear to me- the ones who were on the Weaver Mountains with Tex and myself Joy A Collura- the Granite Mountain Hotshots on June 30, 2013 and their families and friends- Always Remembering! - before the song is at marker: 14:09 seconds in. Frosty the Snowman Dedicated to all the Fire Industry, Bill Gabbert, Hotshots, Air Attack, Dozer Folks, Prison Crews and Contractors out fighting fires - before the song is at marker: 16:15 seconds in. Here Comes Santa Claus Dedicated to all International Firefighters and Forensic Weather Experts, USHotshots, IAWF- before the song is at marker: 20:55 seconds in. so far, I did not see this one: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Dedicated to Jack & Lisa and son Emory, Lesa and Bruce and Mr. Feller which was on original request, so my mentor Mr Michael Feller and my high school folks were missed --- but do know you all were included--ok ;) They have a busy schedule, and I am very grateful of all the hard work they all did beautifully done. Read more Thank you for your unique specific names Dedications Singing Christmas Concert ... WOW Love their blended Acappella voices, cute upbeat Jingle Bells song & songs Tidings of Comfort & Joy ! & Oh Come Let Us Adore HIM (Jesus!) , We 3 Kings plus Star of Wonder, then NOEL - are each Beautifully Fantastic - speaking of AMAZING Our Precious BLESSED SAVIOR YESHUA/JESUS ! I TrulyTHANK YOU for your uniquely Precious Thoughtful Gift to us ALL !Both YOU JOY & JOHN C, ARE SUCH A TERRIFIC BLESSING TO ME !Nice 1 hour spent hearing a Personal Concert!I'm very Blessed to have met you in Jan 2012 & be on your Health Team as your Medical Massage Therapist ever since ... keep up Your Faith in God and in Truthful Outcomes - especially also on the Yarnell Hill Fire difficulties - Truth will win out... God's Blessings & Prayers for Recovery!!! Read more Best viewed in FULL SCREEN --- on a tv too - and in HD1080P --- you will be so pleased you changed the settings vs. AUTO setting. Small chance of Volunteer Santa. If not Santa, singers read that particular dedication. (With the rock.) ---- [if Santa can join in - somehow --- at the end closing line is Santa in his hands has any unique rock and open his hands and say "Remembering always, Ryder...always" and the background to that is a young boy June 30, 2013 lost his daddy- I went one way and I lived and his dad went another way--his daddy perished in the fire but it is very important to have Santa open his hands and say "Remembering always, Ryder, always...Happy Holidays...Ho,Ho,Ho,. and Happy New Year because Andrew always on each fire made sure to collect a rock for his son. All the Gmhs kids matter to me, and Ryder was older than most when this happened I want them all to know I am doing my best to get the truths out, but this is a very layered situation.] Read more Rudolph Dedicated to Tex Gilligan, Tom Story, Johnny G, Longknife, Kayiden & Shawna, Gordi, Barry Hicks, Robb, Gail and few others named Tom. before the song is at marker: 25:20 seconds in. I’ll Be Home for Christmas Dedicated to in closing to all my family, loving husband and our dog Mae West, Dirty Harry, Cole and Yo-Yo and friends and people on social media and My Wellness and Health Crew especially Christian University- Madeline, Carol Conti, Elissa M, Carley Klein and Crew, Dr Hakim, Lilli An, Dee, April and Deb who keep me alive---this one dedication is last---too lazy to move it to number 13 but close with this dedication. I would be dead if it was not for these folks above. before the song is at marker: 22:40 seconds in. Feedback I have received is Christmas Carols are not their thing and it requires the time to make for it. Please make the time. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and watch it on your tv in High Definition. This is my only final Celebration of Life moment for my grandmother MARY RUTH SPINELLI - it was something important to my grandmother ever Holiday as we were growing up. Angels We Have Heard on High Dedicated to: Fred Schoeffler, Project 10 and 18 International, Project 10 and 18 United, Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations, InvestigativeMEDIA folks especially Wants to Know The Truth, John Dougherty, Bob Powers, RTS, Gary Olson, Diane Lomas, Rocksteady, Marti Reed, Sitta, TheTruthWillAlwaysRemainElusive, Colby Drake, Otis, Norb, WOODSMAN and everyone who has ever contributed to the TRUTH- before the song is at marker: 2:40 seconds in.


cancelled my upcoming kick ass moment with Johnny G because I owe so much on medical and I am treating Staph---long history on/off of MRSA/Staph so due to health and finances going to medical --- no hair time --- sigh:

Snapchat Fun: this one makes my nose thin and odd:




Sometimes, I like to shake things up so this specific section I am gonna watch the back channel to see HOW MANY OF YOU OUT THERE are wanting to know about WUI - Wildland Urban Interface....

and what about that woman who was instrumental in the training academy in Prescott --- why is it we never hear about her much even when I went to train there?

Who is she?

Why such the "omissions" and for some, recently "intentional omissions" when it comes to her ---

why are we not honoring her in a classier way then when you see the "lack of" in the GTS (Google that S*it)

the person who told me she is excited to meet the Desert Walker ---- kinda doubting it --- is what I saw when looking up Wildland Firefighter Courses-

Like I told Libby, 2023 Fire Training --- it is up in the air for me --- we will see but Nov 1st I did not sign up.

So far, we can gather by Media which I call them folks who omit but so far, we got these "media" dished out facts from above article:

  1. ONE INSERT on her name in Oct. 31, 2003 - Wildfire Academies Across the U.S.A.: Structural and Wildland Firefighters Training Together – Part 1 | Firehouse - Arizona Wildfire Academy - inaugural Arizona Wildfire Academy (AZWA) March 11-16, 2003 -Arizona Fire Chiefs Association is developing a statewide mutual aid plan - Support for implementing the AZWA came from the ASFTC, Arizona Department of Emergency Management, Arizona Fire Chiefs Association, Ponderosa Advisory Council, Arizona Fire Districts Association, Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission and the staff of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, to name but a few supporting agencies. Kori C. Kirkpatrick is the AZWA coordinator and Summit Fire District Fire Chief Don Howard is its incident commander. Direct support came from area fire departments, i.e., the Prescott Fire Department, Central Yavapai Fire District, Summit Fire Department and Prescott National Forest, part of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

I wish Howard / Steinbrink / Willis / YOU KNOW WHO IN CA / the PAUWIC dude and a few more like Lauber/first year Alumni folks and some of those from the 90's who resided in that "triangle" when this long discussed long before the birth of all this media fluff above in someone's backyard over beers picking the brains of fellow Hotshots...let us all get together and I can tell you where the failures originated ...


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