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Joy A. Collura's - Fall 2022 Recap - Part 5



10-29-22 9pm: what are your updates Donna?

here it is:


I know some of you thought I forgot WFF moment / July 20, 2022, and the time I asked for the Public Records Form and was told to 'have my lawyer contact his lawyer' at WFF --- he also stated they were in Fire Season, so I patiently waited.

I learned recently Fred J Schoeffler and myself are considered two people to avoid because it could ruin one's reputation ... when this all comes to the light ... maybe that person will see he was fed lies, omissions and was very much deceived... and his perception is "off" on us ...

I can with confidence state I only document to lead to conclusions vs. glazed narratives on a fire I almost died on.

There is a fallen mother who recently grouped me in with someone she had a "moment" with and that was uncalled for, but God will handle that area. I did zero wrong there 10-15-22.

If it was said anything differently than that is on them, but I can state that I had a good talk with _____ and then he called ____ and then she said call ____ and again I am thrown into this situation when all I did was state facts.

Shame on those people. I am one of the most quality persons you will ever meet. For sure.

I follow the documents to lead to conclusions -

not glaze the world with what I think they should know -

like we saw in the SAIT-SAIR and how sad ADOSH was never given the proper tools to make their true assessments.


10-29-22 9:20pm: Clearing pics of my cell:

Unknown person(s) placed "Brad" the Dead Head Dummy up for Helm/Basden - wave to their camera aimed at the land without proper signs. I filed charges 10-29-22 11pm so we will see how YCSO and County handle it.

let us look at this on the Google Earth as well--- because it appears someone(s) illegally cut a section out on the land near that squirrely part of the Helm folks and FJS/SB's land.

YCSO SUV came near car parked and just sat there then left--- I am back to documenting every single time YCSO ends up in my space --- seems frequently:

went camping in Aguila with RR:

met/saw Linda when getting coffee before camping at Congress Gas Station:

shared tacos and beans/rice---I paid for mine ...FJS

see my official whistle during whistle blowing phase:

So, Dave Basden for a few minutes gets footage then his wife comes out and gets hers:

they (SDB/PS) are out recording again:

Any YHF 2013 FFs missing a glove? Possibly Found it:

see, not all the neighboring land create chaos and just want "peace"--- good visit with Tom:

Fred's "patching things up" with driver phase- "finally" ... what a dork he was ...

another filming moment for them:

that is one hell of a chicken coop- soft giggles:

His right to film but there are times it is not his right and let's see what YCSO / County does with that because he was turned in 10-29-22.

the photo to the left had the person wearing a WFF hoodie sweatshirt so I said "not on this blog"... true ...that was an unresolved area I hope stays that way with how broken my trust is for the WFF....

alerted Scott of the glove I found:

413 days after Burk Minor said he was gonna take me out for wings, I finally ate some...yeah!!! About time but Burk was not present --- I just ordered it --- and said to Scott let Burk know I finally ate those chicken wings...soft smiles...

I had these in a shoe box given to me by Glen and Fred---termites---my neighbor had termites and they made their way to my home in these books in a sealed container---ugh:

the termites were in the YHF 2013 Investigation ADOSH walk hiking stick Sonny made and Fred's Water Vaper Book he gave me:


Is there a law for filing FALSE complaints --- Some real ignorant folks out there --- USFS watchout tower being put up ???--- ???please .... ignorant folks.

it loaded out of order- not fixing it:



10-28-22 6:14am:

10-30-22 12:46am: still emptying and archiving cell photos:

the good ol' days when I worked:

Maternal grandparents:

my mom:

we look like we are in a B film scary but really it was our wedding day :)---

maternal grandma and brothers and me:

my pops and me (above) grandma always cut heads off when taking pics.

Me and my kitty:

my brothers and me:


Frank gave me away at my wedding:

brother, mother and me:

8th grade dance, Papa and me:

great grandpa and my pops: