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Joy A. Collura's - Fall 2022 Recap - Part 4

so 5 of my comments removed as you see below--- it can be removed there but over here forever to show how narratives are made...I spoke truths from day one and what I say about the man is facts...he told someone a statement that made no sense if one is trying to bridge me to them- that would be the wrong way to go about it.


lost my toenail just now---ouch---throbbing:


Vicki hard for me to say Congrats based on all the back channel chatter --- if you were asking how I am --- why not reach me direct --- ??? --- all this Summer 2022 was rubbish "big time"


I survived---barely---they had to stop the contest to count --- in a little over 2 days I will know if I can continue on---


emptying my cell off --- here are some from the files:

so ill here:

me and the boys in the 90's on my break from work hanging by the pool:

Nick, Nick, Steven, Uncle Augie, me, Nick, John

anyone wants one of Burk Minor's Wildland Firefighter Sweatshirt he gave me July 2021 ... I have zero use for it --- that whole area was so odd my way July 2021- July 2022... you know it when his mom said what she did when I was at his home then I go on patio and he spews a line ... no different than the bullshit Scott pulled a month ago ... rubbish ... I will only accept people who stop thinking I am controversial and learn who really is ... I am truth. and if Scott was being factual ... Willis has much explaining to do ...shame on you - God is watching.

giving my Wildland Firefighter Foundation stuff away if anyone wants it---see:

sorry if they are out of order of the timestamp:


I was in 6th earlier:

now in second place thanks to my community.

thought I was taking a video --- of YCSO and it was a image taken but YCSO took a right from left hand land and swerved in front of our car and we had to brake --- foolish move from YCSO 10-15-22L


lost a toenail this week:




had the comment legally removed by:


This lady was notified to do the difficult right thing for "Donna Gordon" and correct when she died and etc....


Thank you Fred and Dozer Guy ---- Get Well RB ... 10-23-22 6PM:

Yes, I focus to other historically significant Wildfires.



10-23-22 7:05pm: Archiving Cell pics here:

clearing up a round of staph infection:

Gar the Horny Toad: