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Is Joy A. Collura treated in a fair, impartial, bias-free, & objective manner, in accordance to law?


This will be my EVIDENCE page for my lawyer(s) / YCSO's lawyer (County Attorney) - let's name it an ongoing-fluid "DISCOVERY" page as I am being 100% transparent - here to document factually my accounts.

Showing all, you hear and see on YOUTUBE of Ms. Ashby's / Helm / HELMS / Basden / Sandifur and countering it with documented facts to prove their lies and defamations.

There are so much horrific things happening in the world and all this footage over some moment I placed a customized No Trespassing sign on the left side of the new landowner's easement and it was never with willful or knowingly intent nor would I put our customized signs on the Helms. Makes zero sense these bogus allegations. Rubbish content on YCSO Body Cams filled with lies and defamation over and over.

The YCSO body cam also shows 20-year resident to that parcel, Lee Helm, stated even he was confused where the property line markers were and there is no true boundary except a bunch of scattered bushes on the left there and again that no trespassing sign was defined to me and the recording is established on this post that I asked about that sign and he never said it was his land---he said he placed it on the easement so right there that nullifies that specific sign to be used as their evidence which is the only sign they have for evidence because my recording shows he said "easement" and Lee never said his land plus the YCSO body cam also shows I said I would not go one way so that establishes at that visit not even the Helms or YCSO established on that visit 6-10-21 - that was the Helms land; not one of them addressed it was their land then either.

It was established 9-24-21 that I placed the sign on the Helms Summer 2021 when Fred and I walked with the surveyor. Fred also put signs up. They are targeting me.

So, there is no case to build. Zero willful or knowingly intent. Case closed. All I have done is "counter" the lies and defamation in the Public Records with documented facts to prove they are causing all this chaos not me- I am just bringing the dark to the light by providing the areas these people spoke and lied with the actual documents to prove their lies.

hidden in a bush next to my custom sign:

Lee Helm looks at his paperwork and states he is confused:

A tiny section to the left of the easement of the new land owners is the HELMS and at the time sign was put up it is not like YCSO Sgt Ashby continually kept saying that you can clearly see or I purposely went on the land??? Rubbish.

There was on the new landowners' easement corridor some No Trespassing signs that Lee Helm placed up and below I will break it down the actual proof even when I asked about those signs to Lee on 6-4-21.

Around 6:40 marker you hear BASDEN / LEE HELM talk about the signs-

this recording when it went to YOUTUBE seems to be glitchy at times...sorry for it seems to buffer or skip - one part that says 'that the facts' - it oddly repeats it ???

he says his sign is on the easement not his land:

Lee Helm stated he was allowed to place his signs on the easement- the very sign they are trying to cite me with a Trespassing charge with an addendum Sgt. Ashby followed up in the body cam stating that could lead to an injunction for harassment. ??? What are you doing, lady?

This is all garbage and I am going to chronologically prove this is just a waste of my time, the courts and anyone coming to this page.

Yes, you are wasting our time with this ongoing possible agenda of yours. I ask you why are you making such an effort even though the hearsay folks say they saw Fred putting signs up? Why target just me? You have a blurry image they said on camera for me? I already told your Superior where I was. So why even take the time to make a report at all and get this even on the County Attorney's table?

You should be ashamed of yourself, ma'am.


My blog partner wanted me to clarify that this page is what I am referring to- this post - not the blog itself when I say in the negative "I am going to chronologically prove this is just a waste of my time, the courts and anyone coming to this page".

We encourage interested publics, readers, viewers, etc. to come to our YHFR website, and my specific intentions to address this 'radical locals' issue done by Dj Helm. Yet. in my above statement I tell you that it's a waste of time for "anyone coming to this page." The bottom line any air spent this way versus trying to heal, to me, is a waste of energy yet I have zero clue the status of this Summons and who are what was told what to what degree to do what--- all I know it is bogus.

Law enforcement officers in today’s society - it's for sure challenging and complex. I know when I talk to current and retired YCSO and Maricopa Sheriff Officers- we see this recent YCSO Public Records Requests as there must be accountability for what we all watched of Ms. Ashby's manners.

My own father and all the people I hang out daily with are/were officers so this is blowing us all away- this is so stupid.

She must "REMEMBER" her position requires her to be free from bias and intolerance in order to perform her duties well. She has a leadership position so in my humble opinion Ms. Ashby should know better to do what we all seen in those YCSO body cams.

Did any of you get that feel when you watched the YCSO body cams?

I know I did not ... I felt she was partial and encouraging ill intent actions my way - why?

---as well as retired YCSO and current other sheriff entities and family and friends - we all felt she was encouraging on this matter that the world must understand --this chaos never began by the new landowners

---if anything, these neighboring people robbed these new land owners that new experience of buying a land- this is all the created rubbish of HELMS / HELM / SANDIFUR / BASDEN / SGT ASHBY.

All I do is provide publicly (for the public at large for educational purposes) my counter of truths.

At present, limited discussion has occurred around the issues of bias and intolerance among police and public safety personnel. I am pursuing legal counsel directed to fix these irresponsible actions we saw this 2021 and also to hopefully bring to the Public at Large- "bias awareness".

All I want from YCSO Sgt Ashby is the following:

  1. I request from YCSO a written reprimand to YCSO Sgt Ashby,

  2. a formal cease and desist with Ms. Ashby both on the clock time and her personal time - I do not want to see this unprofessional woman in my lifetime again,

  3. YCSO Sgt Ashby's written apology direct to me and the entity YCSO for her manners,

  4. and for her to behave in a much more professional unbiased manner when dealing with the Public and myself.

  5. To also recognize after I provide the evidence, YCSO formally in writing drop this bogus alleged attempt to get me cited to then later possibly guide it to an injunction for harassment as stated on one of the body cams. I should feel safe to go to that land to do our professional task(s). It is an important path too. It is to help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities. I for sure do not feel safe after seeing what YCSO has done on those YCSO body cams---

One offense was all I will accept because we were dealing with high emotion in 2014 (me; being one of the last people with the GMHS on the Weaver Mountains June 30, 2013 and Sonny/I lived while 19 died and one of the GMHS widow taking her own position / stance yet they all I need to understand I am free to do a Public at Large educational blog for my healing but also to help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities. You do not see me creating any agendas or gaining any financial gains - just placing the documented truths out why we almost died June 30, 2013 and those GMHS kids will grow up some day and I want them to know someone cared enough to do the difficult right thing never making a made-for-profit book or movies like others. If people only knew the many names who need to speak up--- it would break one's Spirit but I have God's Blessed Assurance that He will carry me through this all.) but I will not accept it nowadays another bogus action and or agendas and narratives when I can show the documented facts.

That 2014 moment was bogus and many in the world know it. I am zero harm to anyone's lives. In 2021, I have shared one of the best brain health physician's brain health assessments on JOY A COLLURA taking many of their tests and I have zero mental labels just stress and this could be a good reason to lead back as a "stress factor". Right?

However, if me speaking and sharing truths makes someone feel harmed because I am exposing the dark into the light - all I have to say is shame on you folks.

Paul once shared that Holly Neill was looking to find a certain person then she had to find out he died--- the odd timing is I was to meet that person she was looking to reach but he died in a fatal car accident. If you have not been in this from the start- there is many, many layers to this like an onion. It would take you ages to catch up. And confuse one if just coming in new.

What Ms. Ashby has done in 2021 reminds back to what happened to me in 2014/2015 (injunction for harassment) and one must question how much of it back then is possibly from Sgt. Ashby? I remember Dec 1, 2014 clear as day as if it just took place. I will locate that recording of you, Sgt Ashby. The one where you bullied me and the one where you apologized for bullying me.

That is my request to YCSO as my resolution currently to resolve this matter. I am even pausing my Semester at the University to make my full attention to go through a 'needle in a haystack' FOIA / PRR storage area looking for that specific Dec. 1, 2014 recordings of Ms. Ashby.

Plus, I have health issues and these folks admit they come to my blog so they can see all the medical updates and images and yet they still continue to harass me every chance they can find and I even paused going up there to the land so that is them 'building a bogus case'.

I do find it interesting as I hunt for the 2014 records of her bullying me - I saw June 30, 2013 Helms Security Video Cameras (image below) and I can easily get distracted when I see the word HELM / HELMS - but I thought I better take time and review these June 30, 2013 videos. Seems these are different June 30, 2013 Helms Security Video Cameras then I saw from other entities so if I digress - I will be either be doing my 29 medical appointments the next six weeks or I will be reviewing these videos or placing evidence here. The files on the Helm:

After we heard those YCSO body cams- it is suggested to start having a post just about YCSO Sgt. Ashby / BASDEN and this "bogus" Trespassing citation mentioned in her YCSO Body Cams because we need to 1. Raise Bias Awareness. 2. Retrain certain law enforcement officers that are in Leadership Position. 3. Implicit Association Testing. 4. Put policies in place to limit the impact of bias.

Let us all do our part to help create an environment where people are receptive to learning -- and the best learning environments are those that are not confrontational and just the documented facts to include 100% transparency. Not the garbage you see on the YCSO body cams.

I would like to emphasize I would like to see a change in this agency’s employee YCSO Sgt D. Ashby and her commitment to being fair and bias-free to all people including me. Fair and bias-free policing enhances legitimate law enforcement efforts and promotes trust within the community. I lack trust with YCSO currently and I fear what this Sgt. D Ashby is even doing in these body cams ... after I place all the evidence here- you may share that same fear with me. It is rubbish how she carried on with these people - who I have already proven to be folks who have lied and defamed me. ??? They also lied to YCSO.

Here is the YCSO body cam and recordings:

Joy Collura - YouTube

Sgt. Ashby, I would like to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect. It never fails to move me when I see the powerful results when people do just that.

Do you feel your actions and manners have been that way towards me in the entire history you have had JOY A COLLURA in your memory, Ms. Ashby? Who has been in that ear of yours and who was the first person to speak my name your way? How did you learn who I am?

Again, I want to remind everyone the very smallest act of kindness can make a difference. A simple smile is a gift. I want to encourage you to do more of that with a joyful heart today not this rubbish in the body cams.

YCSO has not seen any aggression from me to them so all these manners just do not add up.

I had lawyers look my case over. They say I can counter and I said please note I do not want to do anything to the HELMS / HELM because this is their issues / their "fueled fire" towards me for some unknown reasons but I know it began before I even started doing the Surveillance and No Trespassing areas because the Public Records prove that. This is their unknowns. I forgive them. God is watching them both. I will not at this point pursue any actions to the HELMS - even when I have a solid case. They have seen enough grief for one lifetime in my humble opinion and due to their age, I will not be the one adding any stress of charges or citations or forms filed if I can avoid such.

I will not be the one who counters towards the HELMS / HELM yet I will towards YCSO Sgt. Ashby's manners and as well I will contact the landowners about the camera situation and I will give my humble opinion to request to the new owners the fence and possibly gate to be removed legally since prior owner stated for the record, he did not give the HELMS permission to do fence / gate as they implied on the Summer 2021 YCSO body cams. That was untrue.

So, I will suggest those areas of my concerns to new landowners so there are zero entitlement concerns because they behaved poorly destroying my signs and stole my hardware and YCSO is still almost 6 monhs later has it in their evidence dept. Uncool.

In all reality, they do owe us for those areas they damaged and never returned expensive 'no theft' hardware but I figured he placed fencing up and did his own surveyor so let it ride.

They acted childish in regards to the cul-de-sac area and damaging my customized signs.

I have requested the new land owners to get a formal legal document so we can take down the Helms signs down on the new land owners land even if it is in easement areas and on the fence, they put up. I think the "shooting" sign is inappropriate sign for our Mission for the land and we do not need the dog signs up because there are no dogs on the land- just the law dog being possibly partial.

It floored us that YCSO even took the damaged items into their custody on a civil matter. Floored me more YCSO did not call landowners but weeks later called just me. Why not just be direct to the new landowners? You have everyone's contact information.

Why the games?

You all can relax for now. Enjoy your Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving.

I do have all intentions to be a part of the '10 and 18' project possibly at some point but until I gain strength and better health and see more fluid control of lawful abiding citizens happening up there - there is zero need for me to be there. I will also carry the stance firmly I will not be bullied to stay away.

What is your beef with me? I just do not get all this rubbish manners.

Do you understand when BASDEN stated he records and photographs the '10& 18' land and us especially me from a variety of methods and angles and does he get the A.R.S. 12-1809 and other laws / other AZ Stats and I can use it towards him.

He has zero on me for such but I have plenty now on him except his twisted lies he fed authorities is all he got and I have countered it with the documented truths here on the blog. He has been told more than once I have legal right to be there. It is none of his business my actions there.

I do not keep tabs on my neighbors here and who visits them professionally or privately. Why are they doing that to me over there on a professional task- it is weird.

He must comprehend this could turn on him all this snarky cackling he did --- like he said he hopes I miss the court date so that there is a warrant out for my arrest. Oh Lord. Or the other one ... let's raise our hands who wants Joy cited and summoned and Lee and Dave raise their hands up--- so childish. Or Lee saying 'Joy witched it'. Dumb.

He (Dave and Lee) has zero legal Arizona Stat signage stating he is even recording or photographing and I did not hear you talk about the laws on that topic, Ms. Ashby, yet you did say you hoped he had infrared on those cameras. We have these signs up on the 14.1 acres yet for what BASDEN states on YCSO body cam, yet he needs these signs up where he is recording us- I have not seen those signs yet up anywhere I have seen the cameras where he aims it to the 14.1 acres.

At some point, I can get BASDEN for nuisance, stalking or harassment if he keeps it up on me. It is on record I am legally allowed on the land so if he keeps it up- I may pursue that area. His manners are so poor towards me. It is sad. Childish, really.

Some online reading:

'The law of intangible (not physical) trespass is less developed law, and really is squeezed into the law of privacy. So, you need to ask yourself if the view that is photographed can be seen from a public place, and how so. That is, assessing whether what you are doing is actually "private."

Then, you need to determine if the photographed view can be taken without the aid of artificial devices. (What someone can see with their natural eyes from a curb is different than using a high-power scope.)

Once you assess the basic context of the act and acquisition of the view and photography, then you need to consider the purpose of the act.'

---so, I will document too as Basden thinks he is trying to catch something- he won't because all of us are law abiding citizens that go on that land. I was told I have grounds to file an injunction or temporary restraining order and the only one I see being a continued thorn at this point because it is all caught on body cam is YCSO Sgt Ashby / Basden.

Remember, one of the likes of your field of first responders who was on the YHF 2013- they think this about all this:

"Yep, that's because they have shit to hide. Unfortunately, it's nothing that really helps your cause, it's more just what they do day to day and how amazing unprofessional and unethical they are. Unfortunately, nobody outside the walls of the Dept can see in to catch them and internal people are too scared to fight them."

I know by the Public Records you, Ashby, were a part of the YHF 2013 and I know you apologized to me in 2014; calling it a sensitive matter because of your tie to a certain YHF Granite Mountain Hotshots (GMHS) widow on a personal note. Yet, I need you to have professional situational awareness that you may have friendships that came from the YHF Tragedy --- wonderful - all I ask you to comprehend I was also there June 30, 2013 with the GMHS on the Weaver Mountains and we almost died that day and I have every right to learn why and hows in a Public at Large blog style because it matters to not just to me but to the world.

I am explaining all your carrying on in a leadership position on these YCSO body cams is truly unnecessary (wasting tax paying dollars) and I am in chronological order going to break it down to you. Here we go:

  1. I requested a Public Records for this meeting that many were at in April 2021 including YCSO - I never saw that section come back to me from YCSO yet plenty of locals who read my blog because this blog is for the Public at Large for Educational Purposes- they were present and saw YCSO there.

  2. I was on the land to put signs up in June 2021- BASDEN lied on body cam - it was not 60 signs. I know and track the land so you may assume I put signs in odd spots but to me, they are not odd. I am the one doing the Surveillance. Plus, it is none of your business. Also, we have official signs up and even you need a warrant to step on their land period. Also, your engaging flow on my intent is unprofessional and truly I will break it down below with documents in more depth.

  3. Being you all created this disgusting platform against me for some unknown reasons and your continued efforts using tax paying dollars to go get signs on a civil matter then go back and take a report on an alleged trespassing, then take pics of signs then go back over a month later and guesstimate the locations to use some cell app. Wasted time, don't you think? You kept saying the word "clearly" so let me reverse it back to you - you clearly do not have a case- it is rubbish and bogus.

  4. Let me screenshot the YOUTUBE videos in case YCSO is able to have them disabled then at least for EVIDENCE we have the screenshots to areas I need to have here if it does go to court.

Joy Collura - YouTube

this was the only call from Ms. Ashby that I received on my TracFone 8-17-21 message and I rerouted it to the landowner because I felt we needed the surveyor in person to address this matter.

I feel unsafe and lack of trust with YCSO. However, pay attention to the YCSO Body Cam and Incident Report. They did all these taking photos of signs on 8-3-21 so why such the delay to call me that our No trespassing signs are locked in the Evidence storage area?

this was me trying to record a cell recording so I apologize for the glitches and it jumps and it acts weird at moments but it still is a solid document that on 6-4-21 Lee Helm admits the sign was on the easement- this would be his time to state to me he placed a sign to define his land not that he placed the sign on the easement which is the sign in question that Ms. Ashby states you can clearly see this is not the new landowner's land based on this sign that is near a wooden stake that has pink ribbon stating "easement corridor"- ??? yeah that really tells us that is the Helms land ??? Not.

Also, on 6-10-21 the Helms pass right by me on their golf cart when I am up on this piece which has now been clarified (9-24-21) that this section is the Helms corner not the new landowners. However, the Helms pass me and never said a word to me or YCSO that I was on their land here in image:

then you hear me here say I will go this way because that side is the Helms so it is clear on this YCSO body cam I think I am on new land owners land not the Helms. See:


this is the spot I speak to YCSO saying I have to go this way vs other way because I in this section felt one side was Helms and one side was not so it is apparent, Ms. Ashby, I did not purposely (using your word) know I was on the Helms, nor did the Helms who passed me on the golf cart or you all at YCSO failed to make it known- see:

I am detained temporarily in YCSO SUV:

then watch the first words out of Dj Helm to YCSO:

"You get arrested and she walks free" ---

What???? She said this to YCSO Deputy???

That is appx 14 minutes into the video where she does this.

Then they say 'they own the easement' on the new land owners land which is a part of that new owner's land and that to me is a civil matter??? YCSO clarifies in question form if they own it and people, this has to stop ... there is an easement on the 14.1 acres --- the land owners need a legal public document showing all the definitions to that area. No more grey area. Get a document showing the definition of it all. Play the video at the marker on the following images:

and what YCSO did here was unprofessional:

I requested in the Public Records a copy of this packet- never yet got the copies-

I hope they all comprehend they may be having unprofessional encouragement from an entity in 2021 yet you may think document, document, document but in the end if you recall the beginning email threads of Dj Helm (April 2021)- this may at some point be reversed because I now had to document, document, document to prove they lied and defamed me so at some point I could file a case on any of them at this point with solid evidence they are harassing me and they are being a nuisance when I went to the land to a professional task(s).

Civil Matter here- they damaged a No trespassing sign and also never gave back the 'no theft' hardware that they grinded off on a very pricey sign and YCSO took it into evidence on a civil matter and the Helms removed that post and it was never handled in court if they could even remove it legally. see:

watch it from here to the end of the video yet some key areas I don't want to be lost in the weeds are here-

Dj calls Lee "wishy-washy"

Ms. Ashby says:

Another good point is where this document, document, document is discussed but interesting to see that 6-20-21 Ms. Ashby states the 'injunction for harassment' was not issued so now we got a general idea that sometime in June 2021 is when this attempt was made and it was denied. I paid $28 to get a copy of this public record and even all the lawyers state I am legally allowed to see this petition Dj Helm presented to the courts yet I have not yet received a copy and they keep telling me they will mention it to the judge there at the court location - I just have to scratch my head if this judge is just backlogged? or? I should have seen it by now one would think.