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Have a Safe and Peaceful Summer 2022

Have a safe and peaceful Summer 2022. I am going to be away from technology. I will do next post recapping my Summer 2022 when Fall arrives....Farewell for now...


archiving FB post -20-22 11am:

I refreshed the page on FB---found more comments so if it seems redundant I am putting it on:

this is the wash we saw Eric come out of :

I approved this reshare of my post with the copyrighted images to Chamberlin --- one of the best --- She made my CA visit this year while ill nice.

still there---thought it would be gone---I am unwilling at this point to unlock/unblock and I am very much in quiet mode but just been a weird whistleblowing week and GLAD it is Sunday----me on IMDB is funny as heck:

good night.

5-22-22 3:15pm- right before my eyes I saw this post when I did not post it:

and it said it was posted at this time:

and I saw my post vanish but here was the blueprint link to it: Facebook

then it came back on when I started placing the information to WIX-- weird folks.



see- even FB notified someone logged on--- why play games and screw me up on my email though...ugh...see:

I just changed my password --- now I just have to figure how to do the proton account

pics off my cell:


I am so looking forward to seeing these three this Summer 2022:



Have a beautiful blessed day.


side view of tumor/lipoma 5-26-22:

Snapchat fun on my walking break:

kinda creepy these 2 apps here:

Thank you, Mom, for my 50th birthday gift --- I will wear it on my birthday July 1st ;) and ALL Summer


I guess that means Summer 2022, I am getting Chicken Wings in Idaho :) if I am getting big dreams to finally come true - soft smiles. hee hee.

I did not like the colors below and then I liked them all in their own setting but blue is always my go to color and greys and white. Yet I like orange and green too.