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Has almost 19% of time gone by already of our annual year since we last really worked on the blog?

The primary blog co-author has refrained to keep most of us in the loop but we know through family that he is out resting hopefully doing his ODB and we just pray for his path. I know two people that have spoken direct with him walking away puzzled this week left with uncertainties. My mother sent me a Christmas gift that sits at 85544 unopened by me because I had to do the "difficult" right thing December 24, 2020 versus enjoying the Holiday opening her gift. Maybe they can get my items to me as I did get theirs to them asap. ???

I am still recovering and keeping updates here:

The future of the blog is still in "pause" mode.

We will have to come to a final decision in person to see if the blog will remain "as is", removal of areas or if we plan to keep placing the documents out to the World after we both heal up.

If I continue to see zero communication from my co-authors - I may just close this blog out (delete the pages) and let my co-author make his own page - his own way. That is fair. It is way wrong to have a blog placed on "pause" with areas being ignored professionally. We have a Manhattan, NY presentation that the abstract was done but uncertain on the actual presentation / publication. It is just fine when health is the matter yet behind the scenes we are being alerted of other matters not health- very unsettling to listen to it.

I have for my own health had to just let go and let God because it is not right what I am seeing - I refuse to participate in 2021 in any other peoples' issues to cause harm or ill will or the lies- that is on them.

My focus is my family and friends and being there for Pat and Dan in 2021.

PDS is not for my 2021 - PDS is Post Dramatic Syndrome --- We all should be focused to healthier ways. I know in recent times a GMHS loved one took a Aug/Sept 2017 text moment I had with one of their family and locked in on that is who I am. Please, if you ever go out and pioneer for six years and you let me know how you adapt and re-adjust to normal society after the mental break down of living the vintage pioneer ways like a cave woman. It was a "moment" not who I am. Learn to look at the work I have done all these years versus a few texts and that six weeks moment. Please. I also think you are ready to bridge to my life in 2021. I am open to see and share with you as well. I am open to see you and your entire family.

I may just save the pages here as PDFs and archive it offline for my own records.

I put a lot of time and energy into making the blog more than anyone else involved. Scanning documents after documents...etc...listening to countless hours of audio recordings and 911 tapes. I have that right to remove my involvement / my sections if I see others are just going to ignore our project as 2021 unfolds. I am all for healing up. I am not for the bullshit I just heard this week. Nope. I deserve better!

If I close this blog then...

At that point, I would be off all Social Media as well. I will stop going to any Social Media platforms clicking the "like / care" buttons. It is not really me to be online anyways. I took IT Cody 2019 suggestions and trying to get more involved with online socializing platforms. I am just too old school but at least attempting the action of interacting-

Wow, no social media...just be the "Desert Walker" again. I did today

( 1-10-21 ) pull a five foot snake out of Pat's pool which the pics are on Keith's FB page. It is who I am. So many have tried to conform me to be who they want me to be. Yes, it is facts even though there is a lady in recent times lying that she says I, Joy, don't handle snakes but all you have to do is go to Sonny's post where you not only see me handling them but skinning it for dinner time during my pioneering phase-

I came into this project never expecting to have contracts and more and more addendum contracts. It became a very controlled platform on both areas. I feel at all times "clear instructions" were unclear to all folks especially external people who have shown a deep concern as they stated for the past year and a half yet stayed away laying the blame my way. ??? Really? I will always feel that could have been avoided had one been more forthcoming-

If the blog continues on in 2021, it will require a contract defining roles and so there is no future confusion from external outlets ever again because the contract will define it. I refuse to place myself in an area not welcoming to my spending three weeks to go to a place that has workable bandwidth because mine is horrible in Congress, Arizona. I deserve better treatment. Or a contract defining the roles fully. I followed the names I was told to state then I am told it's creepy. That's on that person who gave me the names to call people not me. I just followed and heeded that I was an extension to the family. Except only that person felt such way - the rest, far from it.

I am busy all of January 2021 and I plan to travel in February 2021 far away from Arizona. ( Soft Smiles - Looking forward to it ). So there will be no posts on the blog this month. If able, I will update on the Facebook - FB area.

Get out and enjoy the good weather.

If you want to see me in the next few weeks- I will be on the trails...get out and come see me there. Aiming to walk out there 3 to 5 times a week.

Until next time...

I just wanted to give you all a chance to save the pages to PDF because the blog's future has been on "pause" and may close down in 2021 if it does not reach a professional meeting successfully. I deserve that at least that.

The primary co-author will be having a tabletop ad in Payson Arizona due out this Spring 2021 so I hope he wants to keep this building versus allowing external others to destroy it. I know he feels I am the one closing it so I would be the one destroying it yet he did not hear what I know behind the scenes in recent weeks. If he had, he would agree with me. He would understand my position. He too would be floored one person could be so ugly. I am still trying to think if I should just toss it out there what has been said since we are all in this together and maybe you should know the behind the scenes from August 2017 until now-

Keep the faith in this uncertain times...

God be with you!

Thank you April for coming all the way to Congress from Payson, Arizona for my medical massage this weekend. She was so excellent I paid for my other medical massager (Dee Sickles) to get a massage from April too.

Right on! I will rotate between the two of you in 2021. I love how I feel "taller" when Dee works on me and Dee knows how to fix my ribs.

I also look forward to seeing you Carol Conti for my thermogram soon. I was going to do my labs again in January but I plan to do them March 2021 because I am detoxing off heavy metals and the Contrast from the CT Scan. Thank you sooooo much to my local community for allowing me to do chores / outdoor stuff in exchange to get all the above done. We make a great team.

Go out and feel the Sun-


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.- Numbers 6:24-26


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