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Happy Retirement, Sgt. D. Ashby- I feel much safer knowing you retired from Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, May 22, 2024.

Minding my own business

[playing Scrabble]

and I could easily disregard

the email

that I received today

since I have such "head pain"...

yet relieved

to know

you are retired Ashby

from Yavapai County Sheriff's Office as of today.



yet I think it is important

in case someday

a higher authority

takes a deeper look

at Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 [YHF13'],


Last Minute of her life- that video ...

or the Yarnell land / bogus treatment I was shown by you.


always in my prayers

that YCSO

is looked deeper into

for any actions the


had for the YHF 13' and thereafter,

the Yarnell land neighboring the

Boulder Springs Ranch,


that has yet to come to the Public at Large

and it needs to be there, in my humble opinion.

Let me go back and think how my memories were with you and why I felt you were possibly biased---

some likely public evidence???

let's look:

I won't snippet the whole message from FB just areas I want to remember from the message---

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

In the Facebook notice:

YCSO messaged out on Facebook

that Ashby had

23 years of excellent service...

I will allow God to be the judge of that statement

since He can see all the "back channel" that went on ...

but from my view

and my humble opinion

I find her to be most likely biased...

and failed to be unbiased on a civil matter (2021-2022).

Statements made from FB:

In the YouTube video, Ashby states

... would be nice to know

That is quite interesting...I asked for public records on ASHBY so was her own mother in control of my records request or did Morgan Hayter handle all my records requests...???...interesting...because that would be nice to know.

I strongly disagree-

with Sheriff David Rhodes


she showed my platform

which my path entailed legal gathering

of documents and testimonies

as the eyewitness

-where 19 men died

and I almost did -

I did that gathering

to lead documents

to a paper trailed conclusion

vs. glazed narratives

and confusion that was shown...

a much different journey she showed my way...

and remember world,

they, YCSO,

took into safe keeping

for the YHF13' investigation

logging in officially possible human remains

and why even place the names of two Granite Mountain Hotshots on that paper- with the GPS coordinates...


Why not allow me that interview

I had appointed with the two YCSO deputies

and set up- why cancel it, YCSO?

Why state to me, get a summons in a court for that area? [recorded event with PRR Supervisor]

I remember being there for those "End of Watch" moments with my own family [law enforcement] ...

so hopefully you have a very emotional "send off"

that now that you are retired

you can now focus on a path

to true happiness

and peace.

Maybe someday in your retirement years

you may write a tell all book

on the political and societal pressures you faced...

if any...

another topic to write on...

how deep the camaraderie was

when you served...

The community and family feel that

you felt when you came to Tex's truck

and firmly pounded on his window

gesturing to roll the window down

December 2014

as I was on my way

to get my Cancer blood marker labs done

to just hear you speaking likely 'biased'

and repeating misinformation my way

which I told you to apologize

or that recording would go to your Supervisor

and you called me by the time I gave you

and you did indeed apologized and explained the sensitivity of the matter-

all recorded too.

Seems like you possibly took a side

and rolled with it the past decade plus

when it came to my name JOY A COLLURA.

I always wondered how come when the Helm family knew

I was going to be on the land since April 2021 as we handed

all the contact information that YCSO even attended a

meeting at this property because I know people who was

present and yet why was I detained June 2021 and why did

it take you "how long" to transfer damaged expensive No

Trespassing signs and they stole/damaged the hardware and it was never given to me on a civil matter.


[I was just alerted my dear friend passed on so let me get this posted and go over there and see what is going on...moving slow but I may come back and reread the above paragraph just want to make sure this got out published of me sending my Congrats today too.

Some Memories:

When this YCSO body cam was made ...

Lee Helm was given documents who was the new owners and who would be on the land which included me so to be detained was a bogus moment and YCSO owes me an apology...


As I got the good news today of Ashby retiring---

I also got the sad news that someone my father knew and I got to know since October 10, 2022


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