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Grandpa (Maternal) - Long history in America (great grandpa's side)-Part 2

7-8-24 12:26pm- everything I did from 7am until now- vanished so it is not just on the Ancestor paid subscription but here too...sigh...

Post 1 kept erasing data I spent time typing out and kept getting this:


I was looking at the Newspaper clippings for my grandpa until 2nd great grandpa and saw this:

I no longer have a sailor mouth but the old me ...I would have been fined with breaching the Section 7 of the Vagrancy Act in a public place.

This was not my relative up above--- she was never in that location but same name.


Back to my 2nd great grandpa-

I think to get through all this data-

I am going to have to do my great grandma in her own post for her side and just focus to my grandpa and his father and so on...

and then do the women later so I am going to do these ladies in my family in another post so I can keep moving along to attempt to get to the 1777 data on my maternal grandpa's side.

However, after the frustrating of all I did and typed vanishing--- Scrabble time for me.

7-7-24 3:21pm: Mom, I have an eye strain type head pain with pain also in back of head so I may not get to this today-

-- going to eat with the guys then attempt again here in a little bit.

May swim first. I was on a long time yesterday and then today and today's content "vanished" so I am in no hurry due to eye strain and groin pains.


On post 1- I was delving into:

but I need to go back to my Grandpa and Great Grandpa; that area from post one-

I started to do my grandpa's siblings and moved along...

Again, I will do Myrtle Gertrude E. in a post of her own ---

otherwise, I get overwhelmed.

My hubby's was easy---

they came over on the boat and not much further --- but my roots is massive in America and a long time going back.

I will put a template here and then fill in the blank as I go:

Okay, I am going to start now with oldest relative reported for my grandpa and come back to him in this template-

I will do grandpa's side of males first then females because that is where the generational wealth and the possible ownership of Manhattan / Central Park was reported to be on his side of the men.

So, let's go see:

I am really happy to share the rich history of my family's life story...

My brother's kids and cousin's kids are the last of the lineage right now. I was unable to bear children, so I was zero help to carry on the bloodline due to poor genes/health.




5. The Manhattan / Central Park would be this timeline, Mom: this is Robert's brother:

Thomas is my 6th Great Grandpa.





10. / 11.

7-8-24 6:51pm: Okay, Mom, I got the template up so let me get the documents, and fill them in but for today I am going to exercise, walk, swim...but now we know it took place around 1777 as it shows above---


Divorce was contrary to the tenets of the Catholic church. So Henry asked the church for an annulment instead, on the grounds that the marriage was incestual. Catherine had previously been married to Henry’s brother, and Henry had obtained a papal dispensation in order to marry his brother’s widow. This was a politically tricky annulment request for Pope Clement VII, in part because Catherine’s nephew, Charles V, was the Holy Roman emperor, so for years he delayed issuing a ruling. Unwilling to wait any longer, Henry married Anne in secret in January 1533 and had the archbishop of Canterbury proclaim his previous marriage void in May. Meanwhile, he was pressing the British Parliament to break the Church of England from the Roman Catholic hierarchy. Parliament complied with his demands and passed such measures, including an act naming the English monarch as the supreme head of the Church of England. Henry’s union with Anne lasted only three years before he accused her of infidelity, and she was beheaded. Henry would marry four more times. After Henry’s death, the nature of the church shifted under the rule of new monarchs. Although the Catholic Queen Mary I reunited the English church with Rome in 1553, the independent Church of England was reestablished under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I six years later. As it entered modern times, the Church of England made efforts to balance its traditional practices with adaptations to modern life. Women were first ordained as deacons in 1987 and as priests in 1994 and were first consecrated as bishops in 2015. Since same-sex civil unions became legal in the U.K. in 2005, the church has allowed priests to enter into same-sex civil unions so long as they are celibate, and in 2013 it was announced that these priests could become bishops. In 2023 the church’s assembly voted to allow priests to bless same-sex marriages. Today the Church of England maintains its active role in British religious life, its roughly 16,000 churches serving more than a million worshippers yearly. Its supreme governor, still, is the British monarch.


7-9-24 10AM: My eye pain still there so zero direct focusing to "Names and Researching" them today-

I will continue to build the templates that was on the Family Tree paid subscription, and later go back to the template and fill it in.


 It meant "rich or prosperous guardian"

The majority of E_____ that immigrated to the United States, came from Wales. E____ was part of the original 15 Tribes of Wales and have been found in Wales, England, and Scotland.

The E____ branch originally migrated from Wales to the USA, some settling in New England

and some in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

Isle of Wight County (I of W) VA was originally

named Warrisquoyacke, one of Virginia's original shires.

A number of early I of W Families

migrated up to Lancaster and Old Rappahannock Counties, Virginia during the 1750s and


and some moving further south to South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Bear in mind that the Welsh are sticklers for ancestry accountability.

Welsh tradition tells that to be considered a true man of heritage, one must be able to go back and recall seven (7) generations of family.

I began this post with William - my 10th great grandpa -but I went back to fact check and verify to see if I even had a 13th Great Grandma named Agnes that was supposedly with King Henry VIII, and I can go back further so this is my 11th great grandpa/ma:

12th and 13th Great Grandpa/ma:

So, if you know history from school on King Henry time my 13th great grandmother had a moment with King Henry ...

NOTE: William Thomas E_____ ( husband of Agnes Blewet) line is traced through to its early sources in Wales, it descends on a direct line through generations of Welsh kings to Coel Hen, the last Dux Brittorium, or King of All Britian, b. ca 406 and stated to have been born at Denbigh, Wales.


-The property comprising the estate is generally claimed to consist of some 77 acres of prime Manhattan real estate. Situated on the property are such New York City landmarks as Trinity Church, the Woolworth Building, the World Trade Center, New York University, and Washington Square Park. The supposed lease, which would have expired in 1877, provided that the property was to be divided among heirs, this division never having taken place because Trinity Church allegedly stole the land from us legitimate heirs, so the story goes-

Robert E was a captain in the army, an officer in the navy, a shipbuilder, a buccaneer who was granted the land for services to the British Crown, and the the Saviour of an Indian Princess whose father, the Chief of the local tribe, awarded him the land for saving his daughter's life! That there was a Robert E serving as an officer in the British navy at the relevant period can be verified by navy records.

So, will we ever know who rightfully owns portions of the Manhattan land/ Central Park land, and if us descendants can make a successful claim?

I will provide what I own in documentation after I do the template.

How certain of my lineage do I have to be (or want to be) before I add someone to my tree?

I myself like to have some pretty convincing proof.

Right now, all I am doing is building the Family Tree template and come back later and fill in the blanks with documents.

Genealogy stops being fun when I start making assumptions and are less and less certain that the people I am researching has anything to do with my bloodline.

I am a stickler to details.

Both Agnes Blewett and Henry VIII are descendants of King Edward I of England. Agnes is King Edward I's ninth great-granddaughter and Henry VIII is King Edward I's sixth great-grandson. Agnes Blewett and Henry VIII are seventh cousins thrice removed to each other.


7-9-24 11:46am: Mom, John got your gift just now--- we will use it soon--- I am doing the templates now and Scrabble is this week's easy area to do vs. CHESS...



7-9-24 12:50pm:

7-9-24 1:50pm:

This is the same story I heard growing up- that Bible...

if I had the funds, I know where I could look in Mississippi ....

if I had the right people and resources to help me do this ...

and if my other part of my family who were married in would allow me to dissect a portion of the homes' walls:


Time for Scrabble--- BREAK TIME FROM PC...7-9-24 1:54pm.


2017 article:

David established that Robert Edwards emigrated from Pontygwaith to New York and produced documentation that the land leased to the Crugers had originally been given to Edwards “for aid in fighting France at sea”.- Wales Online.

There are some articles I just read now and not post but look for data---sorry I am not placing all the articles, but it is overwhelming...and many repetitive type ones...


7-9-24 5:30pm- Scrabble Time Part 2:

---actually after the news---

Scrabble game 3 due to weather at 6:51pm.

APS OUTAGE- 8:02pm-11:22pm

swam until electric came back on under tiny solar light:

microburst damage happened on property at this time:



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