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Grandpa (Maternal) - Long history in America (great grandpa's side)

The time that I make, and I take away from doing fire documents to assist a family member in her endeavors into going into the judicial system and knowing that her roots really do matter.

Some parts to doing the fire research and its aftermath are like, beef jerky--- hard to chew on :)

aka...need to "pause" ... it sickens me how many of you know more and yet choose to lay quiet... ???

Mostly/Mainly, I do right by God and my roots of where I come from ...

...yet, I feel way too many need to break the chains on information being withheld on the fire I almost died, but 19 did, as it possibly appears to be a generational thing as some first-hand firefighter shared to me in regard to YHF13'.

so, let's head to the "yellow brick" road ... aka- my roots ;) and check in to what went down when our family possibly once owned parts of the Manhattan, NY - Central Park in 1777....

I want to break down the "Family Tree" from my eyes to yours ... with documents.

Since some that are currently "LIVING" requested I erase areas with our last name - I will do my best to remove that.

It is a tedious task I am embarking on ...

so, if I error on leaving a name- it was when I was 'sick or tied' and I refuse to be held responsible or liable based on my current long time chronic health condition(s).

I can only offer my best for what is happening at hand in my health arena. It for sure ain't good.

I must state I had a very special loving bond with my grandpas. They are both greatly missed.

Both sides --

both their history intrigues me...

I am beginning with LAWRENCE JEFFERSON E______ basically because he has the longest history in America so far in my bloodline.

Also, it intrigued me that our family was one of the first Americans to have possible "ownership" to parts of Manhattan, NY and Central Park and we need to delve into the documents where it went from since 1777 when our family possibly owned it until now.

I want to build that profile here with the actual documents.

You see, it was told to us there was a 300-million-dollar settlement claim done, and I want to narrow what took place there because I am "heir/heiress" to that.


Our family- the Sea Captain's 'will and the lease' states such and the person who is heir was originally my sixth great grandpa, maternal side, it was supposed to go to him along with his siblings.

It looks there is Heir ownership attempts in the 1920's.

I want to build a profile here online for the youth in my family bloodline -

because I have been watching what kids spend their time doing and that's all-empty non-sense; in my humble opinion.

Plus, I tried to build on Family Research sites to work many many hours to have it vanish so bringing it over here to my space.

It is tedious to do this to then have my work vanish on paid subscription area, with my PC 'beep beep beep' then locks up... something shady happening.

Easier to backup data here than the other areas.

This information I provide will hopefully carry on for generations to come. Maybe they can figure out what happened to our inheritance(s). ????

Either way, still nice to know in our bloodline that we were likely the original or earliest owners to a significant area of US history like Manhattan and Central Park and other areas.

I will share this in a LIVE journaling moment now but had planned to do it by September 2024 - Fall 2024 but right now it is July 6th, 2024, 11:37am and I will keep it DRAFT format until we decide what works best- my health may dictate me to place it out "LIVE" now versus later.

I chose September to put it in LIVE journaling mode because it was both my grandpas' birthdays...

yet it was decided to do it today, July 6th, 2024, 6:33pm and make it a fun family Summer 2024 project.

Before I begin...for all you "flying monkeys"

[people who are recruited to carry out others work of wrongs] ...

God is watching this post ---

fully prayed over ---

...protected from others' projections.

I am not showing the world a bright shiny object for you to put a scratch on it just because your mind, body and soul are diseased.

[side note: take the dis out of diseased--- "eased" :) ...get Jesus is my suggestion. I am sorry if you choose to make me your life goal to cause ill ways, but God has my back. ]

Even if you just "think" it ...

God is watching.

This is my life story.

It is showing my life history with legal documents to show because it was rumored back to me so many ugly things that was told about me over the past decade and who my family is/was ---

[Side note: some very wicked sick people --- praying for you --- Bible is there for you is my only suggestion for you, and I could care less how high up in the church you made it- the Word is what you possibly need. Sick, the projections you do/did. I am not a "W----" and all you do is offend and God will protect me. I can only pray for you all. ]

no matter how much ways you tell it --- does not make it a reality, just your insidious thick-sick twists.

Let the journey begin...


My Maternal Grandfather

My mother's father

Due to LIVING family members, I will leave here, his work history, blank, and discuss back channel because we still have two living, son and daughter. If they both email me that they are okay with it, then I will post it here.

Married Feb. 5, 1940, to my grandmother Catherine Mae R__ until the 80's.

I will fill in the Census' below 7-7-24 when I get to the PC-

Life Event kept back channel to his life that was done to him-

much later in grandpa's teen years friend that he played ball with - Fred - he was dying and he asked my grandpa to be his wife's companion when he passed on (my gramps played ball with Nettie and Fred in his teen years) and so he married her, and she is one of the few women who I was very close with until she passed on: I miss Nettie dearly. Huge loss for me. I just weep putting your photo up- it is you, Lois Weaver and Lois Porowski who changed my life.

Lois Weaver:

Lois taught me how to speak to God. In church, she prayed over my cellulitis one year and as soon as the prayer was over- the heated inflamed area- vanished. when she said, Healed, in Jesus Name. Immediately. It was still there until she said "in Jesus name." Vanished, whoah. She sat week after week doing intense serious Bible studies one on one with me. She gave me so many tools for Bodily Healings and the Atonement. In my relationship with her was when I was to learn how to accept God given gifts because I had explained I could see things other cannot- she said go to God and read His words all through the day and night in a feverishly way. God will guide you. Make my life about Him. It has been except July 2021- that was after a serious brain detox diet and thinking "if your Bible is dusty- your life is rusty-" and also some paths after this fire. Before the fire...very few moments...I have a sailor mouth that was the hardest to leave behind.

and Lois Porowski: Lois lived without her husband for decades [widow]- I helped her get the widow benefits at the VA and for County taxes- her ending was unfair to me and her family. God is watching that all--- We (her family and me) should have never been blocked but local authorities did zip- that was wrong. The local water co. did all they could to help in this area. It was wrong- yet glad they finally got Lois away from what was unfolding...she died last year. She would have been 99 this year.

These three women (Nettie, Lois Weaver and Lois Porowski) taught me so much to life and about God. Thank you. I am blessed to have known you three. Indeed. I love and miss you three.

It was these women that I learned it is not about bringing down leaders yet pray for them so they can awaken to the grace of God.

Scriptures with these women come alive.

I will speak His Love.

God's Love is the better way.

We all make mistakes every day, leader or not.

You have a right to believe what you want - free will-

but what does it mean to be a Christian to you?

Jesus is everything once you surrender to have that relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is everything- you need to be open to the Scriptures....

Jesus was not concerned to dying- when He said it was was and then He was raised.

Jesus is alive today because he already died for all our sins.

Eternal God- He is the God of the Trinity; the God, Jesus ...Holy Spirit. Ask for His Love today.

Become a new person today. Ask Him into your life right now if you never have...through the Atonement and Resurrection we are saved --- yet to live ... under His guidance is so mysterious and the good news is.. it is Everlasting.

It is nothing you can do but everything He has done.

"Father in Heaven, I pray for all those who have not spoken yet to why I almost died but 19 did- let them know You if they are unable to "Speak Up"- Be with those who feel 'technology is much like women' ...'you cannot live with it but harder to live without it'--- let them know You...let them see You as I see You. God, you see me as your child, and you washed my sins away. I need you, Lord. I am here because of you. Life still has trials and tribulations and things are falling -- my health is poor, and I do the work - I may not understand things, but I know my last day I will be raised and purified/Glorified in Your Name ... YOUR work, not mine. In His Holy Name...Jesus Christ."

Good works does not save you...just get back to the Word. If you want me to read with you or listen as you read it- reach me. My door is open. Find the true Jesus and go back to the Bible.

my grandmother; by marriage, and in my heart always, Nettie:

Oh, I know I said THREE WOMEN above, and there is more -especially you, Sue S.:

My grandpa was always caring, educational and had the best sense of humor...quality grandpa.

and my mother too... on being part of the women I am thankful to have had to my life.

I took my grandfather and Nettie to their last Presidential election they would be a part to- huge discussions on the importance of converting me into a Democrat--- and I kindly replied that our system is broken and that you may nostalgia keep doing what you do--- I will vote who the headship votes for my home - I have a brain about the current politics - what a mess, all sides.

Born 1914.

1920 Census: age 5, my Grandpa:

1930 Census: age 15, my Grandpa:

1940 Census: age 25, my Grandpa was a soldier:

I can share some of his Soldier phase:

Before it closed in July 1976 because of rising production costs and a shrinking profit margin brought on by a slump in the housing construction industry, U.S. Gypsum had been one of Staten Island’s largest employers, with a payroll carrying as many as 400 workers.

1950 Census: age 35, my Grandpa...Mechanic - Chemical Company:


[I loved his gardens, our fishing and crabbing times and being near water with him. My grandpas are my favorite memories. A huge piece of me died when they did... I carry them on here in life in all I do.

Grandpa- Died at age 87.


I have somewhere on my junk journaling his life story in photos.

For this post, it will be most likely lineage and whatever comes to mind to share so I apologize if some comes off repetitive.

I want to remember always his special annual Family Reunions / Family Stews / Band Playing and loads of food that were so very important to him until he died.

Family was so important to him. Living life with integrity was also important.

He told me life stories where very high officials took credit for his work.

He humbly stated they were what I call 'clout chasers' while he just kept moving forward

...knowing how certain people come to this here life- not all folks are honest, and many thieve one's work.

I also have seen that same treatment yet do my best to show those folks to the Public at Large.

We covered my grandpa for now-

...may add more later to up above as I come across it...

so let us move next to Willie Lonnie and Myrtle Gertrude, my great grandparents.


My grandpa's parents:

JOY A COLLURA's great grandparents:

Willie Lonnie E_____

b. January 22, 1889. D. March 1964.

1900 Census: WILLIE LONNIE E____ was 11 y.o. and labelled living away from his parents living with the "Uncle" part of the year doing Farm Labor.

Showed Charley D___ and my mom is named after Willie's "Aunt Nancy"- Nancy D____.

They had a son, Wilson (24). Charley was a farmer in Beat 2 District 0062. They all could read, write and speak English. They rented-farm.

Shows Charlie was a Veteran---gunshot wound right shoulder-- so maybe due to his age my great grandpa helped him on his land with his brother.

Charlie Doan Private Company I? 35 Penn Infantry June 3 1863 Oct 15 1865

let's look at my Great Great Grand Uncle/Aunt who my mom was named after- Charley's/Nancy's son- Wilson. [ July 6 2024 - 6:22pm- this is area I am at when I post it "Live" / publish 7-6-24 6:33pm] -

1910 Census: My great grandpa was 21 and my great grandma was 19.

He married when he was 19 and she was 17.

Feb 6, 1920, Census: age 31

Farm Operator- Willie Lonnie

Feb 6, 1930, Census: age 41

General Farmer - Willie Lonnie

Catherine (20 ), Irene(18), Lawrence (15), Fred Lee (12)

1940 Census: age 51

General Farmer - Willie Lonnie worked 60hrs a week

1950 Census: age 61

General Farmer - Willie Lonnie worked 20hrs a week

Willie Lonnie died in 1964 --- 14 years later- they only go to 1950's Census -

Shows my Grand Uncle Fred Lee did the 48 hours of farming and my Great Grandpa reduced from 60 hours to 20 hours a week at age 61.

My grandpa always felt grateful he went to serve his country for same reason Charles Bronson talks about -

-he got three square meals in the Army- got to travel- kept him in shape ... got to see the big city ...

and he gave all his wages to my great grandpa Willie Lonnie to help the family until my grandpa established himself after the Army in New York then he gave portions to his MS family of his wages.

My grandpa was a very good provider. All his children were taking care of- it was important to was his everything and his moments at the VW - dancing.

He loved his garden and going out crabbing. He loved eating crabs and sweet corn.

Myrtle Gertrude K______(E______)

after my great grandpa passed on- shows my great grandma lived here as a widow:


My Grandpa's Siblings: My Grand Aunts and Uncle:

1.Catherine (d: @ age 86)(married Rufe Walker "Billy" T___; b17 Apr 1915, d.30 Oct 2002 (aged 87) ) (Billy's father: Maud) Maud Fuller T___(d-@ age 76)(image below) / Lula May Ross (1866-1924):

Billy's Siblings:

Gladys (d: @ 81) / Maud (d: @ 81)

Grand Aunt Catherine's and Grand Uncle Billy's Children: )

2. Irene

3. Lawrence ( grandpa) just noting he is third child

4. Freddie Lee

  1. Catherine:


2. Irene:


3. My grandpa.

4. Fred Lee:


[7-6-24 6:33pm left off here:]


Side Of The Family-

Hey Mom, I am gonna do some digging and

"fact check and verify" " the following data below - my gut is like whattt, 16 kids? So even though this will go in PUBLISH mode... I need to make sure to spend more time here 7-8-24. My eyes need a break from the screen so I am gonna go head out to swim at 5:30pm 7-7-24.

My grandpa's great grand parents:

JOY A COLLURA's great great grandparents

(Willie Lonnie's side):

Joseph E E___ (1858-1924): died at age 66.

this is what the home looks currently:

Joseph Elisha's Parents:

John Charles (1801-1876)

Jane Ellen Rotchell Rochelle (1828-1897)

Married "Mattie in 1885

but this is where it gets very interesting ... SIXTEEN kids...My great grandpa was one of them.













Mattie dies ate age 50 after having 12 kids within an 18-year span.

1900 Census:

Great Great Grandpa Joe was a Painter in 1900 and Rented and had 5 kids out of the 16 that he ends up having total. My Great Grandpa, Willie Lonnie, attended school for 3 months at age 11. Scroll up, he also spent time with his Aunt and Uncle doing farm labor.

So, it looks like GG- Grandpa- Joe became a widow at age 52 and learning another female in my blood line dying young at age 50...whoahhh...two years later GG-Gpa Joe remarries at age 52 but he dies at age 66.

My second great grandma- mother to Willie Lonnie- Martha Sarah White "Mattie (March 11, 1860- April 10, 1910):

2nd Great Grandma:

Her Siblings:

  1. Mary Ann White (1841-1936) 95.

  2. John James White Sr (1843-1925)

  3. James Knox Polk White (1845-1930

  4. Eliza White (1847-1923)

  5. Margaret White (1849-1910)

  6. Green Berry White (1850-19 40)

  7. Elizabeth Frances White (1855-1856)

  8. Olive Rebecaa White (1857-1922) 65. it shows she lived when I dug deeper- so this area I need to look into more---this is what I found: Olive Rebecca White Brown (1857-1922) - Find a Grave Memorial It showed she had a full life - married with kids, see:

1900 Census: Mark was a Farmer who rented in the 1900 Census at age 48. Ollie is 41.

1910 Census:

------------------------------------------------------Ollie's Siblings match up:

Interesting: 40 folks to the area --- no foreigners or colored? More women (23) than men (17).

July 20, 1860 Census:

Daleville - Lauderdale

Real Estate: $1100. Personal Property: $6,000.