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God, You Here? You Well Understand Betrayals & Defamations Better Than I- Help Me Through This...

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This is currently my announcement on Social Media:

Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”


Updated 5-19-21 by Joy A. Collura:

Here is the original lies and defamation made about JOY A COLLURA by DJ Helm [ Diane J Helm - Yarnell, Arizona ], see:

Here is my proof that DJ Helm placed out Lies and Defamation on JOY A COLLURA:

I called Yavapai College to search by date DJ Helm's book signing event for my external hard drive [EHD] search event so I called and if you noted in this audio recording below, it shows the same date the book was signed-

it matches what I placed on YHFR Facebook but let me continue to stack the evidence that I, JOY A COLLURA, speak / types Truths and DJ Helm is a "watch-out situation" to my life as you all can now see for yourselves.

My health and hikes come first before all this rubbish and external bullshit of another - I will try after my medical massage and appointments this weekend to get the recordings and video here as well- when I locate it, it will be placed here as a "full proof" to show DJ Helm stated lies and defamation about JOY A COLLURA.

She owes me an apology for using high up political officials wasting tax paying dollars for her supposed urgent meeting in this endeavor / agenda(s) of hers. and why, one must question it. Right? I am. Are you?

I have zero issue to post this public because I gave her way over a week or more to apologize to me privately. She has the issues not me. I cancelled my subscription to others issues a long time ago.

I have done, so far, my due diligence- anyone DJ Helm emailed and or texted that I received back in my FOIAs / PRRs - got this email:

I was not joking above in that email- here is my "reminder" post it note:

and then "no apologies" yet from DJ Helm for DJ's lies and defamation made to me by DJ Helm so I went digging the next week and here was the new email the high up Officials got:


This was me JOY A COLLURA at DJ Helm's Book Signing event:

Oh my- the photo has METADATA ??? Wow, DJ Helm...look it that...Nov. 29, 2018 11:51AM- what time was your event???

Did you see my two sound recorders in both my coat pockets above? They are there... Go look DJ-

Oh this YOU (below) ... DJ Helm ??? at your book signing event ???...hmmm...

also is that my camera that I took videos of you as well sitting on the paperwork showing I signed up to be there ... never thinking later you would do this to me and WHY ???? I will show the world all our communications (tired tonight but will load them soon on this post)- it does not add up.

PLUS both Mr. Schoeffler and I helped and brought your equipment to your vehicle after the event and helped you...hmm....sound like the same lady you named "crazy" in that email and I twist things for my favor? ...hmmm

You never met a MORE documented lady in your life.

Think about that ... next time you lie and defame a person.

Will ya, please.

It is not kind to do to a person ill and have disabilities / limitations like me...I will show what I looked like while all this was going on by DJ Helm and I was at the ER for an infection that was screwing with my brain tumor - show pics down below-

so really DJ- do you think you are a decent woman after I just proved you to be the one who lies not me...

I tell the world all the time ... leave me alone when I am ill or tired ... I can get snarky... but one thing I am not ... I am not a liar... nor do I do 'tour-guided' seances like I saw in the PRRs and the other horseshit I am seeing in the PRRs but you lie(d) and you defame(d) me, DJ Helm.

I just publicly called you out since you never privately apologized to me. Maybe this will help some locals to see you for what you really are... vs. the locals having to live your spoken / typed lies and defamation about me - maybe they can see I am truth now tired of the bullshit especially when I am ill. Right?!

Here is DJ Helm at her book event:

catch my camera there ... I know, the evidence is stacking up here.

DJ, do you love METADATA like me - still waiting for some of your June 30, 2013 metadata I asked for from the security cameras ... you willing to share that to the world now --- hmmm.. just wondering ... it would be a beautiful way to apologize to me; that June 30, 2013 security camera raw metadata vs. what I got in FOIAs and PRRs so I can compare yours to theirs ... right?!

Wow, 12:50pm...there you are...same date and time I put on the YHFR FB- am I right? So do I sound like a person who twists for my favor or is it sounding now like you are such person???


Was this at your book event as well:

and again ... the METADATA:

Here is the look I had when I thought about the content of June 30, 2013 to what the book showed to what your book signing event showed and then I emailed you and I will attach it in this post soon --- but remember I am not the disingenuous one when the rest comes out ... okay .. that is a fact.

My look of disbelief based on all your Interviews, Security Cameras, your book and your presentation and how their was a "Swiss Cheese" effect in it all---see my look:

Yeah, that does not look like a girl that is happy about all the data she is learning... no...not at all.

Yet, never have I treated you poorly- I have always shown you respect. We now know you have not to me, who IS one of the last people to be with the GMHS on June 30, 2013 and the eyewitness to Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 / 2016. Hmmm. Interesting. Right?!

In due time, I will place the rest of the recordings and videos here but this is enough for now to publicly show the world what I face behind the scenes .... it is uncalled for ... don't ya think???

No wonder my health suffers because of people like this - right?!

By the way here are some pics what I looked like three days after the ER all doped up and ill in the worst pain doing antibiotics and 2 Percocet every 12 hours when "that specific guy" did his thing to me that he said I wrote about the ADA and other stuff in Maria Luisa's email that I snail mailed her - untrue, see me in photo down below then the email to Maria Luisa that I will only redact the private phone numbers but the rest will show and it never mentioned ADA stuff- nope (can show the email to anyone in person unredacted) - so yeah, "that specific guy" hurt me bad telling me that Maria Luisa's snail mail was also in the hands of high up officials- what is all this about ??? why tell me when I am so ill when I have a special heart for Maria Luisa - who else would tell me? It was very odd. What I have seen in the PRRs on "that specific guy"- I am sad to see all this bullshit of others when I am ill--- see:

the ear infection got worse...and the pain I could not share how immeasurable and immense it was but this is what I looked like when DJ was sharing her lies and defamations about sad...disappointed I am in the way DJ has treated me...terrible actions from DJ Helm...terrible.


As for trespassing concerns, Helms...I already explained that to Lee Helm 4-11-21 in person that Kevin Rausch the Yarnell Realtor told the owners it went further - the land ( by electric box ) and I brought the documents to show that 4-11-21 so what your wife did to me, Lee, and the others was down right uncalled for, sir. You know it too. This debacle of hers- so disappointed that she wasted our tax paying dollars and as well disingenuously got locals involved and high up officials to the level the legislature knew- come on- so sad. Treat this man with respect- he is a new land owner:

This area in photo (above) gives you a clean shot view of the DZ less than a half a mile- no one is allowed out there until its fully fenced and secure the area with the proper signage. Please remain out. Please refrain from getting caught on camera- thanks- it is not worth it- right ---

This was the day I had to go to ER on April 20th, 2021- the pain I could not explain it --- but yeah this was me while DJ was doing all this chaos and why ??? right? Me on ER day:

Thanks DJ- real swell lady you are-- I will think twice before extending my help to move equipment to your vehicle again on your next book event...but knowing me, I would still help you because I have respect and I am so impressed by your age and your passions for history---we actually could have been a good pair on that topic (local history) because I actually knew the old timers to the areas and the novelty characters as well...what a shame...your age impresses me. You look great! I would have never thought it. You have excellent genes but poor manners.

World, come back here in a few weeks as I will load more documents here---I am just tired and I have a long hike tomorrow.

When I last spoke to "that specific guy" on his stance on ADA- this is what I looked like:

Does that look like a person up for listening or hearing others external bullshits---thanks man---thought you were a friend...really I did--so disappointing...especially when you went ahead with the meeting without Fred---weird. I sent him a "cc" -

A lot of things just do not add up...especially no apology for that Maria Luisa have to tell you right now like it could not wait like ya did...that really hurt to see Maria Luisa's letter ended up twisted in all this in a messed up way because it was never my intent...

Good night.

At least the world can see I am truths ... sorry DJ but you did this to me and you did this why???

As WTKTT said it- Joy takes the "Irish" approach at times...I am not mad at anyone just tired of the bullshit--call me and rectify stuff---I am just unwell and sick of the unnecessary crap.

wtktt said about me 1-8-15:


Come back soon- Future Spot for more emails that were in PRRs about DJ and her involvement and its content:


Watch the above email content and date and when I find Tom Allen's voicemail to me- "listen" to it and then watch and see the metadata then go back and look at this email and its date- Mr. Allen's voicemail than becomes a fabrication and why lie to me?

then watch and read as they have Fred as "Ken":

I have my in person meeting in process, see:

I also learned this June 30, 2021- the focus is Yarnell not so much Prescott---see:


Some wanted to pull the same records I got- I can tell you who not to ask records for- City of Prescott - see:

But I really do not owe anyone to share who I request Public Records from since I have a set amount of harmful folks, naysayers, death threats and etc. ... you want to know then you go pull them. I can show what I want to show from the public records ... Did I ever think I would be showing my own records to "prove" I was at some silly book event? No, but glad I document my life so well because of harmful individuals as we all see DJ Helm do to me in recent times.

Oh and I have eyewitness saying Yarnell Chief was present at that meeting but this was their PRR reply:



When I think back to this month November 2018 with DJ Helm's book presentation / book signing event, Fred J. Schoeffler was doing his best to purchase the Sesame to Shrine Corridor areas that month and I find it ironic he did not get that area but he did get this property next to the Boulder Springs Ranch (BSR) / Helms and now we have these "poor" manners done by DJ Helm... very sad. Why are you behaving such way, DJ?

Refrain From Scrolling Any Further Just Misc. Memories or Reminders for me- plus loads on Pfingston and proving that lies and defamation areas.

I am going through the records looking for DJ's documents- saw an old video of mine from June 30, 2013 on the Weavers---see the fire behavior when I was up there and at this point of the day it was Sonny and I up there and Eric Shane Marsh and "Mystery Man" in the short distance- soon after is when we pass the GMHS, fire was small, see the small fire- why was a Crew being sent to this tiny fire area:

and then I thought it was strange because when I was giving the PRR my video was tucked tight next to this one but this video happened later on as you see one of the GMHS in the video and it was with my videos but this belongs to my 2020 Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy --Wildland Fire Facilitator Instructor -- Instructor, Jake Guadiana, who is the Safety Officer nowadays for the Forest Service (DFFM) and he was on this YHFire and his video was tucked in the hikers file, see:


I saw this and placing it here as a reminder to figure out "why" some of these certified PRRs were never addressed:

I also found these videos and I want to later match it up to who it belongs to and the time from June 30, 2013-

I am at a loss at the allegations these certain specific folks are trying to direct towards me and others and their end goal(s) ... once you see more documents vs. these misc. add-ins that are my reminders for me ... you will be bewildered along with me. What is going on?


Hey Sonny, these pics you will like - brings back memories when we all had our first year with you out travelling and we had some Irish whiskey in your honor-

oh and that hike with Polo Rodriguez was great too. Good man. Hi Polo-

As I am going through the records looking for DJ Helm's stuff to put here I saw my tracfone June 30, 2013 that has metadata but did you all ever know the SAIT-SAIR and many FDs did not want that- they really did not even want my Kodak Easy-Share pics- facts. Sonny was witness to those times. Since I just passed the pics- thought I should add them here- wow, there is that metadata we all love to see:

then you never heard in any reports but Tex gave this bladder bag to Joanna Dodder Nellans soon after the fire on one of our hikes we found it- see;


still looking for DJ's documents but I found these snail mail written letter to the Judge for the case for the Yarnell people:

I enclosed Sonny's insert page on chemicals and slurry drops to the judges:

These new / newer locals who had nothing to do with YHF 2013 or 2016 have not a clue this has been others "orchestration" since YHF 2013 and why one must ask...I for sure never deserved what I have seen as the Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitness 2013 / 2016. I am showing it is not just local, it has a thread all the way up and you will see Karen Fann has been in this from the "get-go" and locals always felt it was "odd" she pretty much directly went to my hiking pal and the other Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitness, Sonny during evacuation at the Red Cross evacuation center until Sonny redirected the need to Don Alexander as well. Here was the business card she gave us hikers in the evacuation:

I want you to see the documentation and start to "get me" and my being snarky at times is because this gets old and I get disgusted by the lies and defamations and this page will show the documents...Why waste the court room and tax payer dollars when I have the blog I can just show the documents that I am truths. One local was always texting me since they had a tie to the YFD and let me know and you can see this whole Helm talk was happening way back then, see:

I have just recently had a State Park Trails PIO- Michelle Thompson - actually engage with me via email and I alerted her asking whatever happened to my Public Records Request (PRR) from Nov 2016 that was never fulfilled since I finally have their attention thanks to others- see when I mailed it:


I am also not just asking to look at the 19 men but in addition the firefighters...the locals...and even people who early on was up on the Weavers...WE ALL MATTER! - In loving memory, Zack Ashoor:

where Sonny wrote about Zack:

I want to keep looking in my records so let me just say "Google" Zack Ashoor - Investigative Media to get more writings on him and once on each chapter of InvestigativeMedia then on page push CTRL and F at same time and SEARCH within the page for ZACK ASHOOR.

In loving memory:


Local Yarnell Resident was a paralegal to Whittington at one point and she advised me to mail my documents to him and defend myself against the "alleged" then somehow it was "allowed" to stay 'injunction for harassments' based on barely any communications- and any person is free to view privately that hearing but I will not post it here and show you what I have as to "why":

Many people are not aware how close I was with the wildlife before, during, and after the fires.

One who was a first hand FF on the YHF- our email thread:

this was the given evidence to the courts that I was served and of course to challenge the served injunction for harassment from a GMHS loved one- and I thought easy fix until I saw the people in the courtroom- it was already set in action that I was getting this for me just the way you hear the proceeding- you are free to come to me and listen to it- I own the proceedings - I will not put it online.

see, served page 1:

served page 2:

served page 3:

served page 4:

weat above is sweat...if I lifted the redactions- it would not lay in a harassing category- they have used this case number any chance they can and even on the 5th Anniversary when I was at this CA Conference, Holly Neill spread to specific FFs as if this one year case in 2015 was still ongoing in 2018 (untrue) yet I have audio and text showing all was good from Holly about this matter and when I find it- I will place it here. It is on one of the posts I know it already. That was bad to learn because she was behaving like a friend to me. Actually, the PRRs and FOIAs show enough on Mrs. Neill to show she is on a different path in all this...a whole new research style as she called it to me.

the map I was given to show my boundaries where I could walk--- serious people---can you figure my walking boundaries in this map given to me and just so you know Genung Mountainis near Harper Canyon/ Shrine Rd so where is the Deployment Zone on this map- terrible map given to me so early on, see: