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Friends who listen in time of need and give the wisdom and compassion of their hearts...Thank You!

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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4-3-22 5:55pm:

man look at the swelling---

just a few years ago I was not having all these edema fluid retention issues- UGH!!! see:

April 11th is my procedure so hope that helps with the swelling finally---

just a pure time we all had sharing and showing love for appx. 24 hours-

Roger---we had to get "rolling, rolling, rolling...until we meet again...keep sharing the love...that was a memorable 24 hours for us. Thank you.


nice photos, Scott--- I never really paid it much mind---nice.

Working on my presentation even though I am unwell, and I am working on my "Public Notification" Speech:


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