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Fred J Schoeffler's 2019-FS-WO-04116-FOIA - September 26, 2019-Pt8




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exactly what I told Dickman's legal team...but again I am no one but Dickman never had permission to use my photo or info. for his [possibly made for profit?] book:


I am going past the entire SAIT- SAIR that was attached to this FOIA-

This is again egos at work (image below) applauding job well done yet right now at the AZ State Archival Library crucial records are missing- crucial files were for some reason never shown or discussed in their investigation report ...

so NO APPLAUDING FROM ME - JOY A COLLURA - the eyewitness who almost died on that fire but 19 did and many funerals I attended after as well---

Was the report to go over why 19 men died --- what about the homeowners --- I really am curious what are investigation reports made for if you fail to follow the filing system I provided here on this blog and posts-

CRUCIAL RECORDS ARE MISSING - an audit should be done on your investigation report until now-

have them follow the paper trails.

this is disappointing:

I can help you here - the one who requested this- reach me---

what about gathering information like YCSO did June 30-July 7, 2013, for DFFM safe keeping- why not an ITEMIZED LOG you all could have done for all incoming photos and information- this is a joke--- and call yourselves experienced---bull honkie--- uhhhh did I get those ??? If you itemize what people gave you- then you would know---right...???

I know this answer but protecting some folks, but some know I know---but yes, the requester was correct to request:

637 pages done...the rest of the records will be published in the Fall 2024 --- 471 pages still to go...

I explained to Fred J Schoeffler I would spend a day helping him release the content of his FOIA since it is easier for me to snippet vs his technology-

but this has been taking my time up more than a day and I have private family matters that needs my attention more than this-

Soon, Fred will have his post out on the Dude Fire- I audio recorded that post with him so some of the areas become an audio Declaration pertaining to that fire.

This pauses publicly the FOIA content of Fred's and the remaining 471 pages will be released this Fall 2024; God-willing.

I, Joy A. Collura, am unavailable for fire related areas in 2024-2025 except to finish the content of this FOIA this Fall 2024.

I, Joy A. Collura, am disappointed in this FOIA process and it's content/return--- I am looking forward to Fred J Schoeffler adding his original request so we can match it up to what was returned to what he requested---

My file system is much better than theirs-

you have record retention boxes and perm. records boxes with a transfer form label on front-

it is all explained how to in one of these recent posts.

So, if Sally asked for Unit Logs- you state it is voluminous- can you be specific and there is a box with all the unit logs not the mess Dudley tried to state...uhhhhh....if you have an index log of all incoming data---then you state to recipient who gave you item that there number is blank on the index log- use that number to refer back to the item they gave you- Not what was done to that officer- that was so sickening. That was down right ugly. God is watching.

signing off 6-21-24 12:37am

if I get a chance to release it sooner- I will...


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