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Fred J Schoeffler's 2019-FS-WO-04116-FOIA - September 26, 2019-Pt5

We are on the fifth post and still no records showing what Fred originally requested ???

Why waste their time and ours putting this together like we are all seeing --- seems strange ---

They better refrain from being butt hurt for placing the records out because we are making a point- we asked for specific records and how long did we wait, and this is the voluminous stuff they wanted Fred to see --- makes zero sense.

He did not request what we are showing...they deemed it such was as public records, but nothing related to what was requested.

Maybe the court of public opinion can make sense of it all.





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JOY A COLLURA COMMENT: Interesting, this guy (down below) called Karels a true LEADER and he admires you, Karel. ???

Well, as the YHF13' eyewitness who was on the Weavers with the GMHS 6-30-13 and I am alive and they are not...

I was shocked that your investigation team never hiked with us- that was telling ...and I had to reach you all to get an interview even set up ???? That is pretty crazy.

so, please spare me how true a leader you are, since I almost died, but 19 did on June 30, 2013, and how many funerals and homeowners did I help after...

I will state I think your report failed me and the system is possibly projecting and scattering / distracting when folks like Craig Harris and Elizabeth Nowicki asked the hard public records requests then you folks say "caution" in these email threads about those two versus showing respect and possibly an award given to these folks for their tenacity and bravery to do that task.

I disagree about you being a true leader- I actually wonder how do you sleep at night with all the word smithing and omissions that laid in the report- I proved on my blog about the GPS topic and Unit logs- and the Incident Action Plans--- so where are they in your investigation report???

but always remember what records are deemed permanent on deemed historical fires, Public at Large-

It may take place in your neck of the woods some day in their possible Fiscal planning and budgeting and RX drafts / planning of each region ---

I mean more attorneys are reaching me as the years pass on and now, we are into decades of "active" claims and cases to help them learn the tools- so someone out there knows the "value" of truth and the eyewitness to one of the biggest tragedies in Wildland Fire history.

Here are some links---

this was the year how I learned how deep this was politics:

Remember folks, a leadership concern exists if over 50 people were a part of this team and I as a housewife have back channel organized this fire better than the product they showed the world. Truly rubbish--- this man below comes off as a possible brown nosing individual. 

Hey Mike, In below image- how does the lady asking for UNIT LOGS gonna drive her crazy ??? --- it just shows the inexperience of this investigation team--- UNIT LOGS would be one of the first things you gathered...I think your team was put together for a possibly specific purpose--- this is nothing crazy about asking for UNIT LOGS...I am sorry but I was told by a first-hand firefighter that they gave their unit log in Prescott, AZ-- so I refuse to buy what you told Karel 3-13-14 1:58pm that it was an oversight because I have heard differently. Maybe you were unaware, but Unit Log(s) were turned in---


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