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Fred J Schoeffler's 2019-FS-WO-04116-FOIA - September 26, 2019-Pt4




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6-19-24 11pm- soon to go to bed but this is where I am at on part one of the FOIA:

redundancy email threads---passing by it---

redundancy email threads---passing by it---

it is 11:44pm 6-19-24 and my eyelids are heavy, but I pray this man in below image is not referring to BEAVER CREEK FIRE Aug 13'--- oh my--- if he is---in God's time... also GOD IS WATCHING...also fresh reminder- CAPLES RX Burn---where is my FOIAs, folks??? Good night.

Witch hunt??? what a joke...

Are you watching this Dave L (RiP) ---- sigh...

logged off 6-20-24 12:07am

6-20-24 12:12pm: I am back with head pain and cancelled by email and text my visit with DHx2 and SG for 3:30pm today so I will load records until I fall asleep. The pain stinks.

I, Joy A Collura, placed yellow highlight below and added "so doubt it" in above image and I have to research this area out because I think I did get the unit logs so that would make this interesting to make a point / post based off this email in the future.

I know who this lady possibly is, and I doubt Carrie is correct on her claim that Dr Ted is affiliated to this lady.

If anything, this lady was affiliating herself to many tied to YHF 13' and I applaud her for her tenacity to do that-

Plus, Carrie Dennett---last I knew "Ted Putnam" earned the right to be addressed Dr. Ted Putnam...just in case you did not know...

Really, I remember our conversations as if they just took place even today - you said you did not get the data but here it showed you saw information from ___ and ____ cellphones so my gut was right on keeping you shelved as a possible person who was a possible slice of untrue with me...Interesting.

In Joy A. Collura's humble DOCUMENTED opinion- there are two Yavapai County Sheriff Office deputies with full names where when Googled it showed "affiliation" to a GMHS parents for one so why did he place 'possibly' and the names of two GMHS which that also labelled bones and then where did it go once you handled them ????--- that information could help John MacLean and Holly Neill in their article and gathering to dig over at YCSO and get a court order to Summon these deputies to help in your article and its findings. When requesting- look in the perm. record for YHF13' under their files of kept into safekeeping labelled Criminal Investigation. I do remember Fire 20+ of InvestigativeMEDIA [Deanna Thompson] turned her head to me and asked me on a hike June 30, 2014, are you coming back with us to the Helm's after the hike and I said why would I go to the Helm home and Deanna stated that is where they were staying so if that happened then Holly Neill had access to information most of us could never get near- so to me, more data is needed...but I think we could explore YCSO deputies named on 'safe-keeping' report may carry some possible answers.

When I read the following below, I am thinking how Sonny/I almost died but 19 did and how many funerals I attended on the aftermath of the YHF13' and ALL the homes and people of the communities we helped and were there for them plus burying my special bond I had with my local wildlife to spare locals of that extreme death smell --- it was hard to make effort to bury animals I actually had a hiking bond tears me up how fiscal budgets and acreage burns and lives lost and homes destroyed for why ????? oh...that ploy for possible climate crap and make the forest healthier bits I heard over time...

just curious the fire grew naturally or fire being placed on the ground?

my photo used outside the investigation without its proper legal courtesy credit to my name Joy A Collura:

We witnessed Donut much more in danger that day:

look how near the flaming front was to Donut:

The weather, as I am the eyewitness who was on the Weaver Mountains 6-30-13, will state you saw the best view of it on top of the Weavers so how come mention the update was 50 minutes old ???? Really??!!! You could see the WEATHER..???

I must admit, some of the aftermath of the YHF13', had some of the best word smithers in all this but come on, kid....I saw the weather and I was near the GMHS on top of the Weavers that day...get real...



"So, this shows FEB 9, 2014, he did this project around about... sooooo once Brad supposedly gave back all YHF13' - one must wonder ...was any of the documents used in any Presentations, Books, etc. after 3-31-14 when Brad stated he did not have any YHF13' records as Beth requested for all YHF13' to be returned." - Joy A. Collura - Arizona State Forester Scott Hunt File (

this shows BRAD MAYHEW signed off he gave everything back pertaining to YHF13' March 31, 2014 1:23pm, so maybe I should go see what photos were used in his books and presentations...



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