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February 2024 Journal

I am taking photos off my cell so this is from January pics: what is that in my ear?:

Thursday Feb 1: Fenbendazole. Doctor day...Respiratory Specialist--- not well but still plugging away...

scale is less at home- 249 at home...Walmart is...but much better than 270-286 range...I am doing the work to get it off but that blow to my ab and liver July 2022 did a number on me:

thank you Mom...the camping moo moo arrived:


2: Fenbendazole.


made RR some jello and Chile Mac n Cheese for his weekend fun:

Spending time listening to music for senior cats (2001 for stray cat Harry- this cat was a stray when we moved into our home... he would play with our cat that was dying from that China tainted food back in the day...he was just a visiting cat--once the owner moved away and abandoned him, he adopted our backyard and in his senior years with dementia, he just walks the yard when I do, and we listen to soothing music for senior cats.)

3: Fenbendazole.

This week I peeked to see if our blog has been compromised with all the security and shadow banning I figured I better look and I have a "different" browser so these three are not me...and I really do not have the energy, proper health and etc. to go to each page/post and figure what has been edited or added in so to me this blog may possibly have been altered by an external area and always come to me if you are reading something and it does not sound like me or our contributing authors. What a shame if the posts have been touched. Just shows you people cannot allow me MY SPACE to share my testimony and others.

I also will refrain from falling from these SPAM Wix Alert emails...give it up...

People were reaching me on what is happening here-- Appx a year ago Wyatt and Lacey B got the old Rome Glover WME property and they recently grubbed it- there is no permits, planning or water at this time filed just grubbed land. Right across from the Fire Dept is the DOLLAR GENERAL market store location soon to be in the works to be built.

I also found this to be enlightening:

So, Karel was one of the investigators assigned and I know the why and how comes back channel to the fire I almost died on...he now belongs to an industry Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) worked so hard to educate the world on-- still barely any progress there in over ten years and Yarnell would have been the "ideal" case studies but no one of authority touched it...I sometimes wonder how the world is more concerned on Taylor Swift then real areas that need a looking at...I mean think about Snowden in 2013--- it happened the same time my fire did but I did not get really aware of it until years later...that was because I had almost died on a fire and I was unaware of anything but helping the people then helping Sonny's health and my own then going to the Wildland Fire yeah looking back it is interesting to see KAREL tied to SLURRY DROP company as a liaison.

No ladies group for me today---how to explain why---just want to be near my current best bud- the throne...I also have to ice my inflammation areas at 9-9:30 today. Fenbendazole does have its side effects...

Some are gathering data to create a narrative on me again for the fire related area --- they have been doing it for over a decade+ --- always fishing and examining my comments, public areas, and even private areas to create a negative. They attempt to create false stories and create to attempt to set me up with wordsmithing and etc.--- it is really a waste of their time. I considered their agendas as they have tried to create legal actions on me..and tried to get me arrested...and the possible cyber bullying we all witnessed. It is their rubbish. They can talk sh#! all day long--- I am too busy --- they gotta dig dig dig...God is watching. I will keep moving forward doing my best to heal the mind, body, and soul. I refuse to be a part of any external areas that thrive on negativity and I will keep placing out the documents...

down by the lake--- just a neat wish...

Our little "Clint Eastwood" looking good:

4: right ear:

left ear:

RR. 41023 c arrived. I am really groggy today. Won't be online much due to bandwidth issues.


5: Ladies Time at TG's 10-3pm. Enjoyed the salmon and conversation.

facial break out:

6: Keep getting these fake emails.

Helping FJS on land stuff (7:40am) since he is focused on bigger projects- it is just $15.99mo.

7: Workout with ladies and art class day. Fenbendazole day one for this week. May pause after today because blood work is next week.

8: last public view of land images:

9: Spoke with ML/FS about AES.

10: RR> tire cereal bowl and cup and wrench spoon and fork. Prayer for CA-S. RR shared to me images he took of the snow:


Sound Bath 6pm. Karen, Reed, TG, Claudia, Patti, Kas and Margaret. Spoke with ML/FS about AES.

11: RR> Water filled. Taco Bell day. blocked KL after a text that her words did not match me and I am fighting off this infection--- you want to spew out information then get the facts right. Amen.

12: solid growth on top of head:

worked on surveillance cameras...then went to Toni's

All day at Toni's with Martie and Karen...good day...ear issues with very high temps...we all detoxed.

13: still ear pain--- high temps too...

Any person who digs up "fake" dirt--- they be sickos but they are out there, folks. Remember, there is a GRAND FINALE with God...stop the better to save face right now...All those who betted on all this...God is in control. It is the Grand Finale--- the turning point...Beautiful for those who did not trash talk and create and orchestrate enemies towards me...but feel bad for you all who did or had ill intent or did the works for the Devil. Whomever was a part of it ... I am praying for you to see God's plan...there is no playing dumb especially when you all were big hitters in this all. I was to place out what God face, no case. If you cannot pinpoint with true pure documented facts...go away---let it go and let God.

Looking at me the past few years and Carol and Dr A is right---much deterioration...let's look back:

text to KL..



KL/MM/TG and me having discussions...I do not want to go to FL with things still pending that others need to handle---if it is not, I will go to Florida but stay in another area near airport- I will not go for this fun trip to turn it into an intervention towards another...handle it before..please.


One of my favorite spots in Arizona besides Healthy Habits store:

since I was young, I always felt I would one day own this home in Phnx off Northern:

According to the recent experimental research, uranium can enter the brain after exposure and cause neurobehavioral problems such as elevated motion related activity, disruption of the sleep-wake cycle.

let us look at abnormal areas:

15: I have hemochromatosis so not a shock but MD can peak at results soon...

16: Sonny stopped by for 10 minutes...

look forward to my hair being longer so I can do this:

skin issues still happening:

praying this remains in healing not Dr Leroy or Chief Anderson's paths-- I rebuke it in the name of the Lord these growths and markings...I need your healing Yeshua/Jesus's name.

I enjoy this candy- got it for my trip for the ladies :)

soon, Johnny G...soon

yeah, haircut soon :)

17: RR.

Ladies Group 8:30am

then to Karen's until appx 5pm