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During our current time of uncertainties, is it still proper to say "Happy Holidays"?

I would like you to know that I am still here ... getting better day by day ... slowly. I gave the same number of life-saving cells as I would during four whole blood donations and I am having a tough recovery.

Happy Holidays to all-

I have been on "pause" here but I am always behind the scenes doing my best to gather as much as I can on the Yarnell Hill Fire from so many areas so you kids that were kids seven years ago - when you get to the age of inquiring ... you know someone out there is not playing the Shepherd's role alone without sharing exactly all from June 30, you see here (below) where on this video where the Yarnell Hill Fire Survivor claims he is a Sheepherder with his flock:

Tori Townley - SERVE Day - Met Donut through the Dream Center Network -

How the Lone Surviving Hero of Yarnell Hills Fire is Helping People Overcome Addiction &Find Purpose - 20 views •Nov 23, 2020

When the host, Tori Townley, asks Lone Survivor Brendan McDonough (Donut) what is his coffee of choice and he replies "I think any cup to be honest"...

(Lukewarm, Stale, Extra Creamer "the go to" coffee for Donut)

Joy: "I feel that it can be a cautionary tool when the words 'to be honest' are one of the first words muttered out of one's mouth. I have seen much of the younger generation use it without much thought what they are even speaking...

God guides us, Donut - true - yet without you giving it all in a righteous way then how can you have a heart of servitude?

I would have to fact check and verify to people in his immediate areas to make a proper assessment on this 'Good Shepherd' topic. I did on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 4:09 PM try to reach someone to just get clarity because the sincerity seems genuine in the videos. Right?!

Well, maybe we will see more stale coffee lovers from watching this over hour video. I want to share in the excitement with Tori - just awaiting more information from folks who I know who know him."

Co-Author(s): "When someone prefaces their answer with 'to be honest' that should be a major "watch out" for lack of honesty. McDid-Not is a Millennial. However, he comfortably uses the phrase 'to be honest' within 1 minute 7 seconds and he says 'honestly', 11min 21 seconds into the video above."

That is the question. The phrase to be honest is meant to signify the fact that the speaker is talking frankly. But it’s an odd phrase because it implies that the speaker isn’t being honest the rest of the time.

... The use of the expression may even be a generational thing. It turns out that “to be honest” is a phrase that Millennials often use ..." (Janice Mars, Principal and Founder of SalesLatitude)

Donut says "When that tragedy had happened ... it all happened within the blink of an eye." ...

Co-Author(s): "At 43:30, McDid-Not says 'my brothers laid down their life (sic) for others...' On the contrary, their lives were taken from them as the result of poor leadership. No GMHS willingly laid down there lives that day."


Kids, there is someone who cares and someone who knows... More than just me too ... God indeed has the perfect plan ... yet I will keep on as one of the Truth Tellers along with all the co-authors here on this blog. I will keep sharing the documents. I will keep making sure you kids know I am sorry every Holiday your Dad is not with us here but we will remember them by getting as much as able to obtain or all the documents to the forefront, even the deep dark shadowed areas so the truths are told about the fire I eye-witnessed; the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and Tenderfoot Fire 2016.

Here are more videos from the self proclaimed Sheepherder in recent times:

Joy: 3:16/39:44,3:20/39:44,3:22/39:44,,3:24/39:44, where are the fire behavior sources contained within this video? I emailed Sunday, November 15, 2020 7:08 PM the Church and the YouTube Creator of the video and they never replied to my inquiries to the sources.

Again another sincere presentation. I just need to find someone who knows his immediate life to tell me 'this is for reals, Joy.'

Joy: I really wanted my co-authors to sit down with me and watch the videos. My hope was to soften their hearts towards Donut to stop labeling him McDid-Not and see him "today" for how God is working with him- yet without more information and knowing what some of us know it is difficult to have the complete faith in this transformation. 39:05 you mention vulnerability and conversations. I guess I am still waiting for ours vs. telling me 'it is your job now'-

Co-Author(s): 'Your friends are going to be there for you' Donut claims yet I say you can always count on Jesus and the Holy Spirit - a true friend.

Joy: 6:43 into the video, Donut is asked if he fought the YHF with 19 others. I am like what about all the hundreds of WFs / FFs / others that were there that day? Just saying.

Co-Author(s): Also, you fail to tell they were in a safe area and they were in the safest spot and had the best view of the fire (except for air attack) while sitting 'in the safe black.' What compelled them to leave the safe black?


Co-Author(s): The underwear model attempted joke was inappropriate and out of place and detracted from your message.

Joy: I really enjoyed their closing video to REDO on marriage - very organic and "genuine":


Some day maybe he will state the whole Yarnell Hill Fire stuff that City of Prescott Attorney, Jon Paladini, was to get wind of then ??? versus what he shared to WildfireToday - Bill Gabbert and that story he did on Donut.

Too many unanswered questions for me when it comes to June 30th, 2013 and I am one of the eyewitnesses that was up on the Weavers, so that has to account for something, right - being with the Granite Mountain Hotshots on the Weavers and yet I am still alive and I am the eye witness to that weekend? Hmmm.

I am really pleased he is sharing the Word and Jesus to many...yet sad not all has been spoken on specific much needed areas. Maybe a form of survival?

Remember, sir, not all the records I pulled are here on the blog yet and public to the World. There is a real piece of information that I choose another path to make it come public versus here. When that comes out, you may be seen in a new way, just saying. I gave many the time to be upfront and honest to us all. I told the ones to "Speak Up" ... so I hope you do the difficult right thing this Holiday Season and do just that speak what you know in purity for that June 30, 2013, horrific day.

Are you the same Donut who was "dunked" (baptized) in the Holy Spirit - if so, then share the rest to all of us.

I forgive you for all those areas that you fail to reveal about June 30, 2013.

Unforgiveness is a bad layer to have in your life. Right TJS. I could share for awhile certain folks who harshly mislabel me to this day yet met me just a few times or not at all. That is dangerous. I am not at all judging you, Donut.

However, like I said September 28, 2019, at the CARExpo - at some point you will have to do the difficult right thing and no it is not laid just upon me and others as you might think. True Christian Faith is sharing and in that it shows at times much humility.

That's ok. I been there. I one year had to try and explain why I do what I am doing to a woman's deaf ears. She was just locked that I am a married women; end of story. She was so locked into that she spread the fabrications hard core to try to orchestrate an end to our blog path. I even in 2020 "paused" many areas in hopes she would come around. Nope. She instead made someone choose. It was hard but God's path is the path we all should be focused on. Sure there will be people you clash with time to time or some seems all the time yet we are all here to do our part to help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities.

Have a safe and the 'best that you are able' Holiday Season-

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke 8:17 KJV

My CT Scan is coming up...I will know more soon.

I misplaced my paperwork and id - so my ct scan was cancelled. I have to redo that soon. It was scheduled for December 18th, 2020.



Remember what we all learned in 2020 here on the Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations ( YHFR ) blog -

the GMHS GPS Units -

Who had the knowledge of them? Who inventoried them? And why weren't the GPS Units reviewed during both Investigations thoroughly?

I was direct when I learned about the information, I called the Garmin GPS Tech and Manufacturer - ‎Thursday, ‎July ‎16, ‎2020, ‏‎11:23:00 AM - even during the delays due to COVID 19 Phase I kept at it and the replies I got was that they "still" can pull the data all these years later.

I alerted some of the GMHS loved ones in hopes they would follow through. I have not yet heard if they did just that or any new updates. I just want it noted I did such actions. Anyone who knows when calling Garmin GPS, it was a circling of many recorded messages taking forever to get a "live" person.

‎Thursday, ‎July ‎16, ‎2020, ‏‎11:43:04 AM, I was on the phone and I left my number for a call back. ‎

Thursday, ‎July ‎16, ‎2020, ‏‎12:19:56 PM, CJ from Garmin GPS called me back.

GARMIN GPS CJ: "Thank you for calling Garmin Outdoor Wearables. This is CJ. How can I help you out today?"

Joy A. Collura: "Hey CJ. This is Joy A. Collura. I have a question. If a Garmin Unit is kinda damaged ... Can it still be traced on the online if you had an online account? ... So say the SD Card is removed ... it was damaged ... if I had an account online ... wouldn't it still be traceable "that" way? ... and how far back?" [emphasize added in bold]

GARMIN GPS CJ: "What kind of Garmin are you talking about? If you don't mind me asking."

Joy A. Collura: I don't exactly know but mine was stolen on the aftermath of the fire but I am more referring to the Units recovered and stored that belonged to the GMHS that were on the Weavers that day with me June 30, 2013. Either of ours.

GARMIN GPS CJ: "Ok ( a second pause )... um ... I mean, so we don't have like a way to track a least to my knowledge...depends on what department you might want to ...but like...a wa.. or something... we don't have a way like to track lost or stolen devices or anything like that.

Joy A. Collura: Yes, but what if you have an online account and you track your stuff there? Like mine, I use to connect mine to my hiking adventures to my hiking page. I use to keep my trips online. And so if it is online, how far back can you track your data? Can I go back now and retrieve my stuff from 2013?

GARMIN GPS CJ: "Yeah, I mean, if you just log into your account, you should be able to recover that data."

Joy A. Collura: Okay. That's what I thought. Someone told me if it was destroyed or stolen- it's gone...and I added in to their talk that I don't want anyone to pay attention to that "destroyed" or "stolen" lingo- I want them to realize if the person has a log in account than the information still exists...

GARMIN GPS CJ: "Right. Yeah, it's just your old data. You can go back and look at your old data. Alright, are you sure you don't have any more questions while you have me?"

Joy A. Collura: No. You answered a big question. I feel if a GPS Garmin Unit is damaged or the SD card was removed, stolen and or missing, there is still a paper trail if the person had an online Garmin account. I feel the fact that the Prescott FD inventoried and these items along with others sat in the YCSO evidence storage unit appx almost one year and two Investigations were done without these items and I believe at least one person mentioned the GMHS had GPS units in some media or investigation interview but it seem to never be seriously addressed that I can see now that it still has "hope" to be addressed if a person can simply log in to an account to retrieve old data if they had an online account... I will always be disappointed in the person who claims he reviewed the Units in 2014 and never went as far as I just did to see then getting it public then maybe a family member / Power of Attorney person could log in or something to ensure every rock was turned. I also will forever be disappointed a specific widow and mother are in email threads and knew about these GPS Units and did not do their very best to publicly to make sure all the data was pulled when nineteen men died and we saw the kind of loss on the aftermath of the YHF. [emphasize added in bold]

GARMIN GPS CJ: "Alright, thank you for being a Garmin Customer. You take care."

Call Ended.


Yes, you had the sole survivor of the GMHS, Brendan McDonough, and as well, there are certain GMHS loved ones who have /have had very powerful Political people as their advocates and I will strongly state those people disappoint me for not trying to push this to the Public even stronger versus some glorified Hollywood film we got as I read that email thread and I plan to ensure that information is made public in a very special way.


God indeed has the Perfect Plan.


Also REMEMBER, InvestigativeMEDIA wrote about this years ago, I just pointed the specifics out more and email threads on the blog in 2020 yet let me always give credit where it is due:

WTKTT writing below was in reply to Holly Neill's IM Comment:


... the comment link to read the entire comment.


Social Media post from The Eric Marsh Foundation (EMF) for Wildland Firefighters - dated December 8, 2020 8:47AM:

I think the calls to me, the text messages and email messages I got on the above EMF Facebook post are that there are those of us who feel horrible that a person could pretend to be a "loved one" yet without more information on this allegation of someone being fraudulent - we cannot make our own proper assessment. Too vague. Name the person. If someone is truly fraudulently claiming to be a family member and doing this, then name them publicly or give me the name and I will right here for you. Report them to the authorities and to Facebook.

I want for the public record that I know some of you thought in some way the EMF posts were hidden messages made for me. I have not even worked on my blog. I have been ill. Away from computer. EMF has to be referring to a whole separate area.

Plus, in 2020, the documents provided for sure takes me fully out of any 'Conspiracy Theorist' category. I am the one who keeps sharing along with my co-authors; when I am able, the documents so you can make your own assessment(s).

Now for this next post (below), let me break it down simple. No one has any legal right to "control" the Wildland Fire Fatalities Education or our experiences on the Yarnell Hill Fire (2013) and where/when/how it can be discussed.

Many homeowners made a book telling their stories. They have that right to share their weekend losses.

Some will be in a forthcoming Yarnell Hill Fire documentary. They all have that right to have their voices heard.

We, the people, who have had our health taxed after the Yarnell Hill Fire who have been to "how many" (countless) funerals since then - way past nineteen deaths - we have that right to tell the people our stories.

Then there are the Yarnell Hikers (yep, me and Tex) from early on who participated in the ongoing InvestigativeMedia blog comment wall,

And then afterwards there are those who were the "Shadows" of the Yarnell Hill Fire and these very connected Wildland Firefighting Leaders came to me - one of the Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitnesses - and stated that all I gathered and documented was a "goldmine" of Yarnell Hill Fire information.

I am never doing a made for profit book or movie but I will do my best always and in all ways to share my eyewitness account right here on the blog getting out the documents so the World can make their own assessments.

I refuse to control you the people in what to feel or think.

I will give you the information on this blog.

I will refrain from pointing fingers and say you are prohibited/forbidden to speak because it must be in a classroom; and this only belongs in a class setting as you will read below.

We all should be free to "speak up" and "speak out" and that will always be where I stand as a Truth Teller.

Look at the encased EMF comment (below) then I will share:

My replies are in "red bold" below and my co-author(s) are in "green bold" below ... I took the Facebook comment (above) and I am going to give our feedback (below) next to Eric Marsh Foundation's (EMF) Facebook Post.

I do this because I want every person to hold "zero" fear to express your experiences, no matter if you were directly tied to the Yarnell Hill Fire (YHF) (weekend of June 28-30, 2013, and ESPECIALLY the fateful day of June 30th, 2013 YHF) and you were there like me - the Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitness - or at a Colorado Wildfire first learning about it by Twitter tweets.

We all Matter! We all should feel "okay" to share our experiences...

EMF: I love talking about the boys.

Joy: I never "knew" the GMHS until that fateful day, June 30, 2013.

I did have Eric Shane Marsh open a door for me when I was employed in Chino Valley, Arizona because I had two disabled Adults clung to my side and arms long before Yarnell Hill Fire and he saw the struggle that happened and he said it took a special kind of person to do what I was doing and he thanked me. That was my only time with the men before Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

Yet, I was on the Weaver Mountains before the Granite Mountain Hotshots (GMHS) even made it up that two track ridge on June 30, 2013 to alert prospectors.

I watched the GMHS on the mountain on June 30, 2013, as I was right there up on the ridge too. I am one of two of the Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitness. I have photos. I have videos. I have my own account along with the other eyewitness, Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny). I am qualified as the eyewitness to share freely. I also am qualified to speak in a class setting yet I prefer to speak anywhere at anytime. I refuse to be gagged from being a Truth Teller.

This is the only tragic Wildland Fire of this magnitude where the eyewitnesses are alive to tell about it. However, our eyewitness accounts does not match the SAIT - SAIR accounts. Therein lies the rub.

EMF: I love honoring them and keeping them forefront in the minds and hearts of our fire family and the public.

Joy: Agreed. Yet it has to be done in truth. I have noted too many email threads that show who knows much more about the Yarnell Hill Fire long before any family settlements were done June 2015 and what they knew and never mentioned it in their public platforms. I want it on public record for others to view and make their own assessments and I placed it here on the blog.

EMF: I appreciate that Yarnell is discussed in educational settings because Eric would want that. He would want Yarnell to be used to keep future firefighters safer.

Joy: Yarnell Hill Fire or Yarnell may be discussed in all facets not just educational settings. All areas. There are no legal restrictions to say it stays in the classroom.

EMF: He would want firefighters and other first responders participating in staff rides at the site.

Joy: As the Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitness, to this very day I sent my form to be selected to go on the Staff Ride - doesn't that make one scratch their head why I am unable over seven years later refused such as the eyewitness of THAT fire yet others are allowed? I remember when I first asked. No, Joy - it's for Wildland Firefighters only. So I took the Wildland Firefighter Course at the Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy and I sent that Certification and then learned it transitioned to a Nomination Process- ???

Here I wait in limbo to be notified one way or another.

EMF: I know that’s true because Eric studied fatalities, because Eric took the boys to fatality sites like Storm King to pay respects and to learn. He told me all about it, he planned these excursions from our living room over coffee.

Joy: Then freely allow people to speak their own experiences from Yarnell versus stating it belongs with Instructors in a classroom. I personally have seen an unfortunate side when I tried to be kind at the Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy when I thought we were okay based on Holly Neill's text she showed me from your number stating just that. I never expected the reaction I saw March 2019 then the Social Media unneeded aftermath.

If people reach out to me and let me know or if I see vague general concepts being put out there, I also will use my voice and show I refuse to be quieted based on another's opinions. No legal basis just perception about where / when / who can talk about Yarnell / Yarnell Hill Fire.

It's called the First Amendment.

I know there are loved ones. I have been in contact with many of them. I know the difficulties. The tender spots. Yet, I am going to 'stay the course' and do what I need to do and that is get the documents to the front.

Co-Author(s): 'I know that’s true because Eric studied fatalities, because Eric took the boys to fatality sites like Storm King to pay respects and to learn.'

Accompanied by PFD Wildland Fire BC they also commented “THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO US”

But it did.

19 GMHS died.

And we all know the fatal outcome where fourteen WFs and SMJs and Helitak were killed.

We can NEVER prevent fatalities in any work group. We can only do our best to reduce them based on compete Lessons Learned.

EMF: He taught about fatalities as a teacher at academy and in their station.

Co-Author(s): There is nothing unique about that. That is in their job description as a Supervisor.

EMF: What Eric never did was use fire fatalities to emotionally hurt anyone. What Eric never did was use social media as his platform to discuss fatalities.

Joy: Put it in the positive and share what he did do versus what he never did, please.

EMF: What Eric never did was throw conspiracy theories on social media and disparage people.

Joy: Give FULL NAMES of who you perceive to be "throwing conspiracy theories on social media and disparage people" - I would like to know who they are- Name them publicly or email me the names. Be more forthcoming with full names versus pronouns or 'this bad guy' - you are too vague.

EMF: What Eric never did was lie about who he was to try to gain credibility on social media so he could say whatever he wanted, what Eric never did was go after families of the fallen. Because Eric was a good man.

Joy: I realize the statement above was in regards to Eric Shane Marsh would never lie to gain credibility on social media so he could say whatever he wanted. However, Eric Shane Marsh in his job applications did place untruths (lies) and this link shows just that:

(screenshot because link is only for people added to view)

Any private photos in this album will remain private. Only people I share this link with will be able to view them. Please reach me to view.

Only you will be able to download these photos. I will screenshot what I wrote in profile:

EMF: Firefighters who have seen my posts of late are asking what they can do. Here is what I have come up with so far:

1. Stay away from anyone spouting Yarnell conspiracies, they are damaging to families, to the factual record, and to the legacy of GMIHC.

Co-Author(s): Conspiracies are by definition when two individuals come together to discuss doing something ILLEGAL. This was done almost daily by the SAIT and many of the SMES and others at the highest levels of the AZ State Forestry and USDA, Forest Service. There are no alleged "Conspiracy Theorists" here on this Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations blog website. We place out the information. We are Truth Tellers.

A theory is something in the future. The Yarnell Hill Fire and GMHS Fatalities is a fact and actually occurred removing it from the theory category. The topic of 'Conspiracy Theories' is a smoke and mirror / distraction.

EMF: 2. Do not use social media as your platform to discuss Yarnell. Allow fire educators in a classroom setting to present the tragedy in a non-biased, non-agenda driven way. Keep to the facts only.

Co-Author(s): We have this website titled Yarnell Hill Fire ( fire venue to this wildland fire tragic event and others. It is clearly an acceptable, appropriate, ethical, and legal under the First Amendment to do so. We also have tied in Social Media (Facebook)

Allowing so-call fire educators in a classroom as the ONLY setting to present the tragedy in a non-biased, non-agenda driven way takes away many opportunities from those, with and without wildland fire experience and knowledge, to teach about and speak of the YH Fire and GMHS debacle.


Keep to the facts only. Always do. It is the SAIT, SAIR, SMEs, and others at the highest levels that do not and will not.

EMF: 3. Remember that GMIHC families are everywhere, including on fires, including on social media. And we see and hear everything and its painful as hell and will remain that way for decades.

Co-Author(s): Your point is well taken, however, there are opposing viewpoints.

Joy: There always will be opposing viewpoints. I am the eyewitness who was never properly treated as one and then there is the sensitivities of the people who knew the men and have much need to keep it quiet.

EMF: 4. Have integrity. If I was your widow, your mom, your sister, your daughter, and folks were discussing your tragedy, how would you want that to go down?

Joy: I have integrity. I am doing the difficult right thing. How is this your tragedy and yours alone? This event has been compared to John F Kennedy shooting as well as 9 / 11. This affected millions of people.

Co-Author(s): I absolutely do have integrity Ma’am. ABSOLUTELY!

I definitely would feel comfortable discussing all this and the FACTS. It’s the human factors of one’s own decisions and behaviors that keep people alive or vault them headlong into tragedy.

EMF: We are human and we make mistakes. As Eric used to say, F*ck sorry, just change.

Co-Author(s): I agree only in part here, Change for the sake of change has little values without knowing the reasons for the tragedy, (i.e. Cause and effect). Thank you for your steadfast time Ma'am on all this. I wish you well in your endeavors. We are moving forward as Truth Tellers. You can refrain from posts like this:

What bad stuff has he done? All this alleged "bad guy" is doing is telling the truth about the Yarnell Hill Fire and GMHS debacle. How does that hurt the 'legacy of the GMIHC'?

The autopsy records are public knowledge and were exposed on InvestigativeMEDIA. ( "After years of delay, the Granite Mountain Hotshot autopsy records are released"

DECEMBER 9, 2015 )

The person you write about as a bad man has actually posted for years as Robert the Second (RTS) on InvestigativeMEDIA as an avatar exposing the truth about Yarnell Hill Fire and the GMHS Debacle.

None of what she wrote above holds any factual merit or value.


"Charlie" From InvestigativeMEDIA sent me this email:

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 5:28 AM

I posted this but it is moderated--see that even JD is afraid of free speech

Your comment is awaiting moderation. Have your [sic] noticed that a crony system is hard to break once it becomes entrenched? Once the honchos are allowed to control, their words are final and set up so that their spewing must never be challenged. And the higher the authority, the more the control no matter the corruption. It is no wonder the Yarnell story could be presented as a lie—who would dare taint the reputations of such a pack of erudites. To do so is a real danger most especially should they be on the ladder rung above you. And in this contaminated political system is there any possibility to not be corrupted. Small one I must say, but a few do espouse the truth and stand out from the crowd.

Classroom grooming so that people become robots --very little taught in schools and classrooms is true. The idea is to teach people to believe and obey authority. Keep people in line and disciplined to the system and any thinking out of the hive perceptions is punished. People such as you (Joy) or those supporting the truth instead of the desired perceptions are labeled as troublemakers-- This is what education is designed to do to keep the system looking good. The rot is worse the more the authority figure.

This country is now a terrorist oligarchy run by the media and owned and directed by the filthy rich and the reptiles that run things excuse anything among those in their cabal. That is because they are all guilty and in the game--follow the money. Look at the Biden clan and what they are getting away with and you understand the system--they that are in on the plan are above the law for themselves. Rats that feed among themselves and sometimes even bite at each other. You have little chance these days to buck the lies and the system--even free speech is frowned upon. But then speak your mind because they have none of their own--it belongs to the system--a yoke that few will break.

Yes I have been quite physically depleted too--not doing too well. Am going to order some freeze dried blue berries to see if they will improve things--did not hike for couple days maybe will pick up though. Sounds like you are having a hard time with health too. Dealing with the shit heads of the system is a drag on the peace of mind--but then we are both strong enough to handle it mentally yet I take a reprieve from the crap now and again--maybe it is a good thing to jab the suckers now and again-a few of them want the truth but the majority would crush you like a tin can if they could.



Charlie feels his "freedom of speech" was moderated yet I do know I have been unsuccessful for months to post on InvestigativeMEDIA along with others. That may be we are restricted or now moderated and once was not and was free to post immediately. I also believe that unless a first hand firefighter comes forward that maybe John Dougherty wants the comments to slow down but could be as simple as Sonny typed something in wrong maybe and was sent to moderation. Who knows.


In closing, we are doing our best just to get the documents to the forefront.

We want to do our part to share with you our "gained knowledge" outside what was shown in two formal Yarnell Hill Fire (2013) investigations. They were on a deadline. We are free of deadlines and will remain 'staying the course.' I will pray for the naysayers and anyone who feel 'telling the truth' is a bad thing. One should refrain from labeling someone as "bad" just because he has made it his life focus to do his best lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities as a Truth Teller. Having a different point of view is what free speech is all about and the First Amendment. One should be confident to speak up.


The Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome.


I am always amazed how savvy / intelligent the children are of today. I truly am blessed to have Danielle, Annie and Grace in my life. Almost all of us have been having a hard time in 2020 in some way.

Yet, I really owe much to Jesus for having young minds of today helping me comprehend foreign areas. For so many decades I had spent my life with the "Golden Generation" and now I am left with the Silent Generation which they just soldier on ...they are the ones who have a disinterest in rocking the boat or upsetting the status quo.

The "Golden Generation" adored my ability to 'upset the apple cart' in a way I made waves but in the end I did it for balance not just to shake things up.

During this phase of COVID 19 and Presidential transitioning, I think about my mother a lot. My brothers and I will agree fully that our Mother worked her ass off all her life. We just hope she can continue to enjoy her well-deserved retirement, the unusually rough path of her youth has returned, book-ending their lives with unexpected trials. I wear the mask for my mother. She asked me in the Spring 2020. I do it.

Otherwise, I feel I would wear a head fan and blow the air back away from me. I feel the mask has kept me disciplined in "situational awareness" to current events. I think back how my grandparents went to war so what is being asked of me - be a couch potato for a little bit. Okay. Sure. I want to be resilient and steadfast for my mom and those who are retired.

One thing is for sure, Wildfires and I say "natural" ones have no mind to "politics", social, economic and ecological consequences. The Wildfire is not thinking about how the Wildland Firefighters have to be safe through this COVID 19 phase with Masks and such and now some foreign new vaccine. I thought it was simple...avoid touching your face. CDC site has all kinds of good data updated for the Wildland Firefighter, see:


John N Maclean's Facebook friend and Retired Wildland Firefighter (WF), Larry Young, posted a comment to my re-share of Maclean's Facebook comment (below encased) on attempting to squash some rumor that is out that he was not going to release a book on Yarnell Hill:


12-19-20 9:47 pm Update where John N MacLean was notified Saturday, December 19, 2020 8:59 PM if he removes his posts than I will remove these on blog and FB.

Until then, YES, Douglas Fir on Facebook stands by his comment no matter what new posts either one of them place out and to what degree of comments they receive- the moment took place about that comment and so if it is a rumor from 2018 and clarified by John now today that it was a rumor then great but the moment happened and no other rumor has been circulating so it would be nice if they would refrain from the pronouns and announce their source of where they heard they have rumors out on them so we can narrow it down an squash it fully, right-

I mean enough with we is his latest post:

and screenshots of the comment wall where some seem to vanish:

and it appears "free speech" does not belong on Maclean's FB page because Bee Scott's comments vanished-see:

Update for 12-20-20 8:40PM- As I noted by some of your recent messages that some people were erased off John MacLean's FB since yesterday. Why? Especially someone as important as Bee? Wow. If the world only knew who that was posting. They would not like the comments vanished. Serious. I hope he comes back. He matters! I truly hope in their waking up with coffee moments making their made for profit book recently that reality kicks in before their coffee does. They are in for an awakening alright.

One's page lays out quiet while the other one has comments like this and even Charles Lockwood was removed- odd:

Are the publishing people giving you both deadlines? While we are all carving out our Holiday Ham or Bird or ???- will you be busy 'crafting' up the book's final draft? Will it be ready by Spring 2021? Stop using any of my material. Sonny too. We read your stuff in Public Records and we want zero involvement in your area. You realize that though. We spoke in person Summer 2019 in Washington DC, John. You broke that. I tried to get you to comprehend the bigger concerns. You said you took a different path.

I privately emailed John N MacLean not just this post and Facebook-

I know some of us at InvestigativeMEDIA "hope" John N MacLean will do the right thing. There is still that time to do just that. We will 'cross a few toes and fingers and we will see.'

As for Holly Neill and the texts and email threads and so on- Holly Neil has her own agenda... go pull the 'exchange with ADOSH investigators' for yourself or read the blog and see for yourselves.

Look on our blog for the emails showing 'her correspondence with Darrell Willis and others just prove that even more.'

I am left with...will they be aiming for creating a balanced book? Checkbook maybe? I would be all for this project if they really understood the magnitude of that weekend and how many people were affected. Make a book but donate every cent to those kids who do not have a Dad anymore.

We are awaiting patiently to see if more "Kool-Aid" - 'take the bait, hook..line and sinker' information is gonna surface in the book. I know along with many others that weekend - will you both be serious enough to write the book and go there.

John N MacLean, be that guy we all root for - be all in, sir. I skimmed many of the books but yours is the book I plan to truly challenge and read fully.

One of the top reasons I have not placed certain areas out yet is because I first of all I refuse to keep making your job easy feeding you the data but also to see can you come up with your own stuff besides what many saw at the Smokejumper Conferences and other areas- If only your Facebook fans knew the terrible disrespectful behavior and actions you did to the Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitness Hikers- they can go to InvestigativeMEDIA for that stuff is archived there.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!


2020 is at its closing weeks and I am sharing right now that 2021 will not be the same as 2020-

Those external areas who are trying to do a steep decline in our reputations in society to the people here at the blog...I am really unconcerned by any of you may it be towards me or the co-authors. I have lived my life on good principles from the very beginning. Those who lied and have been disingenuous and dishonest for your own agendas- guess what- you have to face God, not me on that.

Even if you fantasized it was all in some protection glaze, why you did it. You will have to learn that you never had all the data to make a proper assessment yet I do. For your few minute recording - I have 9.5 hours that lead up to the entrap moment. I am the most documented person you will meet.

For your one piece of 'public trail' paperwork, I have loads to back it up to prove your fraudulence and orchestrated acts. For one of the co-authors over-involvement of partial-telling - I have the records to show it all.

Just remember that. So make 2021 about joy and peace in your heart. Let go of that yuk you keep holding on to - what was it called that you named it - oh yes, the arrogant poisonous cancer. Just let it go and be happy. Life is way too short.

I know I am going into 2021 with love and mutual respect. I will maintain a mutual understanding as well to the ones who just dislike me for carrying on and staying the course with the blog. I will keep my faith in the blog and all who participate in it. I gave you 2020 to have freedom in North Arizona. You never went at all. Remember, you choose to not reach out to the people who matter. I gave you the freedom and space.

I already spoke to my family and friends. Because so much was "paused" in 2020 from me not going to Northern Arizona too much to show it was not me but another's ill perception and lies. Than this year 2021, it is a lot of hard work we plan to do to make up for the time lost in 2020. I will be doing as much done as I can.

My 2021 will be a happy one. I hope yours is too.

An remember, share your experiences on the Yarnell Hill Fire. Avoid anyone bullying you from sharing. Be confident. Be YOU!

“When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you. Deuteronomy 20:1


Refuse to walk in anyone's shadow. Be YOU. I believe in the children. I will always teach them well so they can later lead us all. Only the true fun happens when children gather. Remember that. Thank you Oliver for your amazing videos as always.


Thinking of our Jackson Times, Mom and Brothers -

Those Fun Holiday Times With Those Tall Christmas Trees -

Merry Christmas to My Mom and Brothers and Family and Friends-

I love you-

remember this day:



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