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Do You Know Your Father's Voice? How Well Do You Know It?

Today, January 14th, 2021, I received an email from a dear friend as she explained that so many since the past few Holidays have been suppressed or filled with grief / sickness and or attacked by the dark side to the depth of uncertainties.

I am extremely excited to share one of the greatest men alive -

This man is a fantastic father to three kids who his kids have spent many hours trying to grasp this project of all of ours because they love dearly their father and two grandkids, a brother to three great men, some great cousins and and a dear friend to so many of us in the Fire Community.

If you are new to the blog, maybe you never heard of Fred J. Schoeffler. That is the man I am introducing above and below.

I am thrilled to introduce one of the greatest 'Men of God' I know - a beautiful soul who I seen up close face some serious 'Spiritual Warfare' for being a Truth Teller. I guess I never had an understanding of 'Evil' and 'Spiritual Warfare' until I stepped into this project path - this blog.

Same thing when I was on the trails with Tex Harold Eldon (Sonny) Gilligan and I saw foreign scientific matters or unidentified unknowns when we both pioneered 2011-2016. I was bewildered. We both were. I remember there was a phase even his kids were trying to grasp 'who is this Desert Walker' with my father. You truly have to remove snap judgments in trying to learn that topic - me. Or the aftermath of the Yarnell Hill Fire.

I am focused to Ephesians as I work through the next week-

Learning is fun for some folks and challenging for others. What do I need to learn from this "pause"?

I got my answer today on what I needed to learn from AHFE Support - see:


In that moment, it clicked for me. I have since the Yarnell Hill Fire been living a life of recording and records - documenting and gathering documents. I really never took the true time to "pause" fully as Criminal Investigator, Gary L. Olson begged me to do years ago and as well embrace the "pause(s)" - I was always ready for the next trail path moving forward.

Then I had all these videos I wanted to make on the Weavers about InvestigativeMEDIA folks and how truly important they all are to the Fire Community. I made the videos each time to go home and have errors when I uploaded. I was like what do I need to learn from this? I bought $20 worth of the 'brand new' Energizer Ultimate Lithium and both times I go to set the 'time and date' to see brand new batteries say change batteries - too low???

How can that happen? Is it the camera? Is it the batteries? I did not fool with it and I grabbed another camera.

How many people just try to 'read' people real quick but never take the time to learn about them? I do. That is how I know some of the finest folks out there. We take the time to know another.

...I seen it a lot where people read too fast towards me and me to others since the Yarnell Hill Fire. It is human nature. I was once in good tidings with a Fire Chief until I pulled a bunch of records. What did he learn from that moment? Besides we both come from a place of heart and love - he learned he needed to restructure and train up his Crew and they all now have red cards. We all have our roles in this. We are back in good tidings too. Life does not have to stay the way it was...`

I know I just saw April from Payson Arizona last weekend yet I am excited to see my other medical massager soon, Dee Sickles. I always feel taller and my ribs are fixed with her. The rotation of the ladies also helps all of us since we live so far away from another. I hung up with locals picking up some chore type jobs to get the funds.

I wanted to bring that topic up to help the kids understand that area. If I am home, I earn my own massages but if I am in zip code 85544 I also do the same style stuff as I do at home to earn my massages. I support this path 100% of you kids right now (health matters) (I, too, am in recovering phase) yet I hope you allow the blog to continue professionally because I learned this month on the trail hikes this blog matters to people. I have heard excellent remarks about us as an investigation team yet individually as well. Please do what you all need to do to bridge it all personally to be a balance for us professionally. I just will not be putting myself in 2021 in any area that would be away from God's Love for us all. Many of us know when one is not fully forthcoming, one can open a door we are at right now.

Fred is a good dude. Remember that. To me, he is a legend. Both Bob Powers and him taught me the '10 and 18'.

He approached me years ago to assist in this endeavor. I am 'staying the course' and just getting healed up. I am being upfront that others have received communication and I have not yet here. I am just stating facts. I am okay. I am not okay with people wanting to share lies. What purpose is in that?

This is a year of laughter and joy. Grab a fishing pole ( a license too ) or go grab a fish sandwich and cut to the chase and enjoy food and fine company. I love deep laughter. I am seeing that happening for me since coming home. I needed that very much so.

Yesterday, the joy / laughter Chuck Tidey, Bob Brandon and Granite Mountain Hotshot Zuppinger's grandfather,Lew Theokas showed was so good for solid. Those men continue to be there for the locals and the GMHS loved ones and they are so humble. I know some are like isn't that the man you have on the blog you challenge on records? Sure. I have not one person I hold a grudge-

We all should be thinking of the Amazing Grace of our Lord. With God, all things are possible. Here was my friend's email:


I will upload my hike photos from this week and place them here:

Please Keep The Faith. We all have our uncertainties but we have God. It is going to be a good year...God be with us all.


Updated: 1-16-2021 my unexpected Urgent Care Visit Today was 2:20-4:02PM - a Special and Sincere Thank You to "JIAR-MD" for what you did for me today- I appreciate you. I never in my lifetime seen that type of professionalism and kindness. I need to find me a Pulmonologist who specializes in mold and fungal infections.

I had renal fluid coming out of my pores in this week and learned more details what I need to do next and immediate. I am hurting T1 to T5 / Flank area and my steep slope hikes are on pause until further notice yet good week for it to happen (the pause) because it is gonna rain most of this week. I need to get this on the healing path not go downhill as I just saw happen on and off this week. I did push the miles in my hikes and will try and create a better regimen for my current health.

Thank you Dan Jacobs for your assistance today. Also Columbia Outlet Store is having great deals, get in and shop for the deals! I got myself an anti-stress sinus pillow to help with the fluid draining. I did hear from a few in the Hot Shot Community- actually few means three so then, many in regards to the primary co-author and he too has very similar health concerns and healing path. Thank you all for reaching out to me direct. I still have not heard from him yet. If I did, I would say if we are both facing similar health areas - one might want to "look" at that for reals what I said in person in December - an event that took place May 2020.


Updated: 1-17-21 8:56PM- I am so sorry for the loss of Jim (sending condolences to Kari, Zoe and Michael), Ray (sending condolences to Shelly), and Sandi Taylor (sending condolences to Bill) and prior Mayor Marlin Kuykendall (sending condolences to Tana) this week.

How many losses does our communities have to have to take notice and do a true Case Study on the slurry drops?

When I got to Pat's today she looked at me like "Jooooyyyy, you look like you should be in bed resting. Who beat you up?" I said to her 'I do agree'. Been a rough week on and off health-wise. I learned I have an area of my lung that needs immediate attention as it is affecting other areas. I had bright yellow renal fluid seeping out of my pores and I was at Urgent Care for that and other concerns. Pat and I spent 11:22-4:38PM watching Reign. Relaxing time.

Are you waiting on someone?

This week I know Randy- you are - and in this turmoil ... the uncertainties ... you are in my prayers. When you are use to hearing her voice all the time day in and out. It is rough. I now know for myself. I have a person I am waiting to hear from for almost one month and many areas on pause based on this person not me; I have tried to reach out.

Even the future of the blog and other areas are in an uncertain phase.

My grandfathers instilled in me that I should always be ladylike and that nice young ladies didn't lower themselves to fight / disagree yet my grandfathers never met Spiritual Warfare head on like all of us on the blog have seen.

Jesus tells me in John 16:33 that life is gonna have its problems-

we may be perplexed as you Randy are and me right now. People betray us by their lack of being forthcoming, Randy. There will be issues we just do not get right now. People will disappoint us. Others will set traps up...some lie about us...prey on us vs. pray...

But Randy, 2021 is the of good cheer through it all-

I know, right. How can we be in a good mood when the above happens or you are ill being trash talked about in such a demeaning manner?

Remember, Jesus overcame the world.

Struggle successfully against a difficult or disadvantaged event?

Yes, giving it to God - He promises to defeat everything and everyone brought against us-

2021 is about eliminating the pains and scars of our hearts.

God's logic is not our logic.

and what is logic anyways---right?

All I know you can trust God.

Psalms 20


Fred did not want it on above post but this was a crucial FB thread so archiving in this area and praying it all goes to the Public at Large Summer 2022 ---


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