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Do Angels Exist? I saw it in 2021.Here are some snips of YHF13' testimonies I can share in person.

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As I have shared in prior posts, I am dealing with Sinus / Bilateral ear infection since July 25, 2022.

The swelling and pressure sucks.

I know one of my family members sits in a coma as I type this and someone we love dearly is dealing with Parkinson's and Lou Dementia in his 50's.

I am trying to figure why the person hit me and if they know it will cost me over five grand in a matter of weeks into months for the process to get well...

God is watching us all.

Fred assures me God is the one with the plan for everything even how I plan to get the medical bills handled this month to do procedures/testing. ???

I look at the people around me and their current paths and pray and to be thankful that the swelling I have has not broken the skin as I have seen in other locals.

It is painful though along with the July 20, 2022, assault injuries I am attending and back / spine / hip / neck concerns and my adv. bilateral neuropathy.

Quickly losing my dark tan <sigh> I built since Spring 2022 and zero walks from doing 4-8 am and 4-8 pm daily since late Winter/Spring 2022.

Here is the current swelling I have between my eyes:

Whenever my forehead or bridge between my eyes gets pain / pressure / swelling it is difficult to avoid thinking how that one person removed his tumor and his horrific few months process before he passed on...

Sorry, but it just naturally enters my thoughts.

When I find the note, this lady left on our (Sonny and Joy's hiking headquarters in Yarnell 2014) door after the YHF 2013, I will post it here...I just saw it when going through medical banker boxes.

I bring it up because she sent me a response today in the mail and I will heavily redact it but really wanted to post my reply I snail mailed her about it.

I want to thank the good Lord for finally showing me Pat Bernard's June 30, 2013, even though United Way - Crystal O. shared why Pat would not directly share it to me - which is quite unjust so long ago but ...

God provided it to me finally in His Way and in His Time.

Special thank you and shout out to God and Prescott almost 84-year-old beautiful woman who mailed me this package.

I get it what you are doing God but at times I need to be more patient and understanding. I just think almost ten years was patient enough for my liking. And calling cops 'high priority'- really Lord...on me???

I just wonder if that Kingman H.S. graduate kid (the year I was born from yesteryears) had anything to do with this Summer 2022 and all I saw...pondering...hmmm...

God is watching us all.

Have you all noted the recent Phos chek public statements on social media that you historically had not seen before my Summer 2022 posts...hmmm...interesting. I will keep my stance until you research and done and saw what I have for almost a decade folks. I am not going to buy into their public statements. I stand by my words and my testimonies.

Do you have a Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 Angel related testimony - please contact me at so I can send it to this lady in Prescott.

God Bless you and yours.


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