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Did you know the YHF June 30, 2013, AFUE recordings were heavily modified and redacted? I noticed.-2

Fred J. Schoeffler, I know you sued up to the Ninth Circuit so when I upload if there is any "smoking gun" information I will send it your way back channel and let you be the person to release it---for now I just want it out there that what I received was edited for sure---- uncool. I asked for all the records so that would mean raw data not the edited modified recordings I am reviewing. Also, if I have these records then wouldn't it mean you were lied to on your case? Just saying.

Fred's case:


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at 8 seconds it begins to "lock up"


same thing on this one---just locks up---tries to play but nope.


3:18 video it runs but just this image and no sound...waste of time.


Do any of you know how to convert this BUP file into a MP4?

I tried a few online and they all failed.

I did find a trial, but it only converts 15 minutes vs 41:17 so at least I can share that much here for you until I find a BUP converter

I paid $42 and got this message:

for $15 more- fixed glitch

see the above videos how it showed the LEFT area ---- in the next video the camera shifts to right no longer showing fire behavior to the left


is the watch blurred out -why?

possibly looks that way, see:


Channel 15 is mentioned in recording so if they are in the sky or on the ground or anywhere around this Yarnell / Peeples Valley areas---why are we not allowed to see the last hours of raw footage? Just saying--- ???

Must be an important time frame if all the vehicles now have their lights going: