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Did you know the YHF June 30, 2013, AFUE recordings were heavily modified and redacted? I noticed.

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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I will add the snippets below but please notice that this video began playing on its own accord when I was in another room, and I was sending a screenshot to S.B. and F.J.S.---

Also, note below it says 1:59:58 video and I can tell you it was sliced and edited at 28:12. The footage after 28:12 is running quiet time with solid image. So, you would be wasting your time watching 28:12 - 1:59:58 because it is a filler.

Let me just record the stuff on it and attach here:

Then the snippets from video versus you having to waste your time on the video:

retardant dropped:

within 10 minutes this vehicle came back out:

the next scene is where it was spliced and then locked on this image with it still running in time 28:12 until - 1:59:58 with no further sounds ??? what ??? why? see:

28:12 - 1:59:58 is not worth wasting YOUR time because it is just the image above and no further sound but makes you think it is 1:59:58 long because it still runs...

let me stop it at 1hr then at 1:59:58 and you will see it is same image:

Explain why it is like that ...


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