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"Dewey" Matter?

I have had a very unusual year. How about you? Yet in it all...We all matter!

Losing Dwayne "Dewey" Rebbe

(October 26, 1961 - August 26, 2020)

was very difficult for me. He was only 58 years old. One of the "old school" fellas-

It is known that the Crew was originally established in 1968 as an Inter-Regional (IR) Crew. The Gila Inter-Regional Crew was a seasonal crew based at Negrito Fire Base. The base is located on the Reserve Ranger District approximately 40 miles southeast of the town of Reserve, New Mexico. Dewey led the Negrito / Gila Hot Shot Crew from 1999-2016. (

I participated in Dewey's Virtual Memorial Service online. We wanted to honor him by taking a "pause" and go to the 'Answers in Genesis' Ark Encounter and Creation Museum as a way to "remember" him. These photos below are for the people who wish they could 'experience' the Museums but either lack the time, energy or finances. Or just staying put during the COVID-19 Phase or disabled or elderly. These photos are for all of us-

Enjoy the pictures and think of Dewey as you do---and how he is missed so much already.


Starting November 11. 2020 through the end of this year I will be participating again with the blog-

as we do on all pages, we identify who is writing the post and the disclaimers:

Author- Joy A. Collura

Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern" DISCLAIMER: Please fully read the front page of the website (link below) before reading any of the posts ( ) The authors and the blog are not responsible for misuse, reuse, recycled and cited and/or uncited copies of content within this blog by others. The content even though we are presenting it public if being reused must get written permission in doing so due to copyrighted material. Thank you. If you just came here with revenge and hate in your mind and heart, then click off to another site-

This blog is for people who want to learn not take the data to gossip and cause harm.

There may be images below watermarked with hidden trace so that I may know where the image was saved. All my posts must have written permission to use any content. Get your PRR or FOIA or ask permission by us. I gave the sources so you can ask for your own. Mine are non-commercial so remember that is for people not making a cent-

I do it for the Public at Large. No "made-for-profit" book like others.


Still with head pain and feeling like a brick hit me when Dewey died, I picked myself up and said I am going to go on this trip to honor him and take a respite from the blog. Do something different.

Some people who witnessed Wildland Fire Tragedies are so wrapped up in their 'career aspect' and its future that they tend to lean to the Bible and lay claims we are to move forward (refuse to reflect back) yet I feel we need to move forward with Truths not only in mind but actions and most definitely reflect back.

Those who keep saying 'conspiracy theory' to my eyewitness account and all I am showing in Public Records floors me after all I have provided above and beyond the SAIT - SAIR and ADOSH / Media / Books / Movies showed.

Contributing Author-

Conspiracy is when two or more people get together and discuss violating the Law, ( i.e., removing memory cards from GMHS GPS Units and others cellphones and cameras gallery of videos and photographs and failing to return them or including them as Evidence to the Investigation, germane documents, etc.)

Theory is the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another.

The Yarnell Hill Fire/GMHS Investigation debacle can unequivocally be considered a Conspiracy based on the numerous illegal actions of the SAIT.

Regarding a Conspiracy Theory, the Yarnell Hill Fire/GMHS Investigation debacle is no longer a theory with our analysis of the facts, evidences, countless images and videos, and Public Records.

Honor the men and women by sharing your Wildland Fire Fatality story and preserve it with the Arizona State Library Archives. My content here will eventually make it there, so you are more than welcome to tell your story as well here. And it will be told not only to the world, then later preserved for future generations as well.

Head throbbing but headed to the Museums:

Creation Museum Photos:

entering the museum:

Moments before seeing this cat, the Staff had a trap box to catch the Tom cat and they say they have it there but they never see the cat but the cat came right to me once then let me know he was good where he was - 'no need to put me in their trap for them'. He was happy. See:

The museum begins with a short film on disasters...


My DNA shows me at 98% Neanderthal genes over all - over the world on whomever did the test-

This part (below photos) of the museum put me into depths of tears because I fell down on the bench and wept and it was just then I realized when Sonny said June 30, 2013 -'hey kid, we got to get the hell outta here - those FFs have technology and copters, we don't ...those are probably body bags on those copters' ...

It was not until this moment looking at these images (below) that I realized this could have been me June 30, 2013, had I failed to listen to Sonny.

It also made me think who made this paintings for the museum and why because it brought me to how so many refuse to comprehend that we were on the Weavers the same as the GMHS yet we are alive today with health issues of course but we made it out.

...we have to do the difficult right thing.

I guess besides the continued seven plus years of education and training I have been doing at the Wildland Fire Academies / Safety Summit Conferences to do my part to help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities-

I listen back channel to so many FFs / WFs accounts and so yes I get frustrated when they say due to their career ambitions they are going to do the Biblical movement of just moving forward not looking back-

That is hard for me to swallow knowing the areas I know back channel.

Hurts bad. The decisions others made really could have taken my life. Yet Sonny advised me the dangers of me sitting which is near the Observation Deck of the GMHS Memorial State Park Trail on June 30, 2013, overlooking the box canyon and Boulder Springs Ranch / Helms and where all the Fire Vehicles were that day.

How about at least acknowledging us (Sonny and Joy) while honoring the GMHS by just speaking to the world your true accounts. Share those photos and videos. So much still lays quiet. You were sharing with me then clammed up . That hurts. What hurts more are the ones who were sharing with pure intent, then just drop me cold after the David Kelley YouTube concern. I never spoke your name ever to people. You just took the role on to "assume" and cut me out. That was sad too.

Here I am working hard to bridge all the information and you simply think to your career and switched verbiage from 'whoah thank you for doing this' to then saying you do not believe my account as you named it a conspiracy theory. I documented our times. I will never throw you under the bus but you for sure shifted because a professional voice spoke to you. That is not integrity. That is go along to get along. Very sad.

What hurts even more, the fact we have current and recently retired men and women in Fire who had leadership roles that were so embedded with their duties right before them that they never got to examine Yarnell Hill Fire and other fires for what they were-

And that it was investigated by its own set of folks. That was wrong.

So many are very curious what agency will I end up working for when I am fully credentialed in the area I desire-

We will have to just wait and see...

Here are the pics that made me weep deeply and think that could have been Sonny and me based on certain decisions of others on June 30, 2013, that remain quiet / hidden:

then to this image below - my tears vanished when I realized we all should be doing that difficult right thing so when we do have a true leader before us, we are not questioning it...we just know we got the leader we deserve without dirty corruption and man-made creations:

How many of us in our lifetime lost a baby /child /teen / adult /parent? It hurts. Yet telling the true story of how it happened versus a narrative is the difficult right thing to do. I am doing my part. Are you? I share you my journey. At times, I want to try something else and when I get to that point, I pause and do something else. Neat little section that shows you how you developed in the womb:

Neat place - the interactive screens where we can ask questions and the model speaks back the answers to you, see:

We stopped off at the Historic Fire Dept Shell of a Building:

Some Nice Scenic Views:

Ark Encounter Photos:

Nice Views when you approach the Ark, other Ark photos from that day:

from videos of how many show up there-

from video...the building process:

another view during the building process:

and some photos mixed from the Big Bone Lick State Historic Site and great time with the Bisons:

check the gas prices out:

We did attempt to view the GMHS items at the Hall of Flame before boarding the plane but they were closed:

headed out to Indiana / Ohio / Kentucky:

landing in Ohio:


When I get to better bandwidth and if I remember, I will add more photos to this post.


There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV / (emphasis added)

Contributing Author: This scripture pretty much sums up the YHF /GMHS debacle.


I am going to "archive" some front page information. Make some changes to the front page. We have some links that are being processed in different areas of Arizona so I want to formally introduce the front page to the owner of the site - SHEFF LLC - and my participation as the eyewitness using Non-Commercial records and much more. More will be archived when in better bandwidth location.

ARCHIVED 11-6-20 10:23PM:

March 26, 2020 thru December 27, 2020 this site is "under construction" to fix glitches.

If you came here to quickly scan to see if I give out the goods quick- no.

Stay awhile, read.

Learn. Pass it on.

I, Joy A. Collura, have IT and a co-author doing this area so please await the changes before documenting any data off this blog. I will place I reviewed the site here when that time arrives. Meanwhile, the blog is in their hands.



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