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Are we on a mission to empower wellness; a union of physical, mental/emotional, & Spiritual health?

Come join us— let’s 'fast and feast' for the "health" of it.

That is what our blog is currently about - bringing unity to our physical, mental/emotional, & Spiritual health for you and me. For all of us.

Being mindful. Bridge One Another. Bringing Unity. Being Together.

Refrain From Abandoning One Another. Refrain From Causing Harm to Another. Be Present. And most of all focus to our "Self-Care"...

We all matter!

Here is a review of last week's test / labs and the impressions / findings (Still have $477 plus $254 worth paid of blood labs "pending", being read and I have not yet got the final report to those labs.)-

I will add more to this post in the next few weeks so come back again.

I just wanted to get an update that there has still been zero calls from the blog co-contributor(s) but rare/minimal sharing has been shown electronically.

We are both still on our healing path.

Awaiting a few areas to be confirmed and as well I am awaiting to be of better health before I make my final decision about the future of the blog.

I am not weighing heavier to either side. I can state there are some areas firmly needing to be addressed as well as contractual areas currently being breached. I have excused it as just the healing phase for us both.

Some of the results that came back for me.

"Head to Toe" Impressions / Findings From Radiologist:

[thank you C.C. and Reporting Physician K.A., MD] [received report 1-26-21] [below; emphasis added where needed] [after you read this, you will see why they call me their favorite 'train wreck'] [ the words below are from the report with emphasis for important areas and red areas to follow up on and blue text is my words. the rest is the report. ]

Anterior Head

Sinus infections could be related to fungal infection.

Pinched nerves of the posterior head or neck due to muscle spasm.

This may affect the nerves and muscles over the back of the head, which can radiate to the forehead and is consistent with the reported neck pain.

Further evaluation is recommended.

Bacteria in the blood stream can circulate to other areas of the body, including joints, the thyroid, other soft tissue and the cardiovascular system.

Recommend evaluation with a Biological Dentist familiar with cavitation, Electro-dermal Screening and Ozone Therapy.

An indication of cardiovascular stress or possibly thyroid disorder. Further evaluation is recommended.


Lateral Head and Vasculature

-dental conditions, teeth grinding or TMJ disorder.

lateral posterior neck bilaterally... This muscle extends from under the ear and jaw down to the collarbone. Muscular tension in the neck can cause neck tenderness and headaches. This finding is consistent with the reported neck pain.


Anterior Neck

-As observed in the anatomical region of the thyroid gland in the anterior neck- This could suggest a functional concern. Low thyroid function symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, mood or brain fog issues, constipation and/or cold hands and feet. Hyper-thyroid function symptoms include fatigue, tremors, anxiety, palpitations and/or diarrhea. If symptoms of thyroid imbalance are indicated, recommend further clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider


-A concern seen in the tonsillar, sub-mandibular and sub-mental lymphatic chains of the neck. A primary function of the lymphatic system is to assist in cleaning the cellular environment of bacteria and other toxins, possibly from the sinuses and teeth (grinding / tmj), to fight infection. Internal toxicity leads to inflammation. Long-term inflammation eventually weakens the immune system. Consider professionally guided protocols to support lymphatic drainage and inflammation.


Posterior Head

-A concern at the T-2 at the base of the neck - an indication of a generally under-active immune system, especially if there are recurring infections or colds.

Professionally guided nutritional protocols are recommended to include antioxidants to support and enhance the immune system, which is the body's first line of defense from internal and external invasions.



-relaxation ventricular function 50 - 55% and tricuspid regurgitation. Has costal chondritis [sic] with chest pain above and including both breasts. SOB worse at night, (no asthma).

Correction on their spelling above - it is Costochondritis (kos-toe-kon-DRY-tis)

-15mm mass lower left lobe of lung - showed cavitation in mass and Urgent Care shared that 1-16-21 and shows in this report as well. Need further testing for fungi and molds. So far due to finances, did test for one common type and awaiting the results and looking for a Pulmonologist that deals with specific areas.

Anterior Chest

concern in the axillary region left greater than right

[Even though it is my body- it may be diagnosed that way above but 'living' it- "right" feels much more debilitating than the "left" in armpit areas.]

This may be related to the reported lung nodule. Further evaluation is recommended.

[ true- I was thinking armpit to clavicle areas but yes left in lung area front and back is very bad. ]


Scattered mottled patterns...concerns are detected over the chest. These patterns may be caused by a number of conditions including hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, toxicities...and emotional stress.

Professional follow-up assessment is advised.


Upper Back

Concern in the scapular area consistent with the reported upper back pain


Scattered mottled patterns...concerns are detected over the upper back. These patterns may be caused by a number of conditions including hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, toxicities...and emotional stress.

Professional follow-up assessment is advised.



significant intensity seen in both breasts. Concern...seen in the chest/breast area. See comments below.

Right Breast: (significant with a moderate level of concern) There are branching patterns seen over all four quadrants of the breast. There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern in the upper out quadrant. There is an intense branching horizontal pattern in the inner breast. There is an intense hazy fragment in the inferior breast. There is a relatively small area of hypothermia in all four quadrants of the breast. General hyperthermia is seen in the axillary region under the arm and lateral to the breast.

Significant Findings

These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings.

  1. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern in the inner regions of the breast greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 2-3 o'clock.

  2. There is a significant inferior vascular pattern with a greater temperature difference as compared to the opposite breast at 6-7 o'clock. There is a specifically reported finding (lump 12-1 o'clock) without increased heat, so there are no specific thermal indications for this finding at this time. However, this reported finding raises the level of concern in this breast. There are no significant changes compared to the previous study except a slight improvement in temperatures. Recommend breast ultrasound to further evaluate this area due to the reported scar tissue.

Left Breast: These are notable concerns seen in this breast...A diffuse thermal pattern is observed over the breast. There are branching patterns seen over the upper regions of the breast.

There is an intense branching thermovascular pattern originating in the upper breast and curving beneath the nipple. There are intense fragments across the upper breast. Fragmented or scattered thermal patterns are seen over the lower regions of the breast. There is a relatively small area of hypothermia in the lower regions of the breast. General hyperthermia is seen in the axillary region under the arm and lateral to the breast.

Significant Findings

These findings should be addressed. Impression and recommendations will be based on the number of these findings.

  1. There is a well-defined thermal-vascular pattern in the outer regions of the breast greater than 1.5°C as compared with the opposite breast at 12-6 o'clock.

Further evaluation is advised.


Note: Specifically reported breast lumps, with or without thermal findings are often associated with fibrocystic changes and estrogen dominance and warrants clinical correlation and evaluation as well as close follow-up.

Further evaluation of a specifically reported breast lump is recommended for additional testing as recommended by her attending, referring or primary care physician.

Note on reported fibrocystic breasts: Fibrocystic changes are often associated with localized discomfort. It may be helpful to take supplemental iodine, selenium and vitamin D3 and to discontinue all caffeine.

In addition, Fibrocystic changes likely represent excess estrogen relative to progesterone (estrogen dominance). Supplementation with a bio-identical progesterone cream may be beneficial.

Recommend possible hormonal evaluation and assessment.

Thermal patterns in the axillary region are an indication of poor lymphatic drainage and congestion. Consider Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, dry brushing, mild massage or physical activity that moves the lymph, such as swimming or moderate jumping.

[Consider? I do all those above and then some for decades...Lisa? Laura? Dee? Gaia? Michelle? Michael? April? Deb? This sucks. I do those areas. What gives??? Please help me. They suggested Holly A. Hunt, LMT (603- 772- 6162) but she lives so far away from us. She was out of town when we were in her area. UGH!] -----------------

Evaluation of vitamin D 25 OH total level to determine optimal levels (some consider 60-70 ng/ml) may be beneficial.

[Mine is currently 19.6. It has been as low as 5-10 range in the past 2 years even taking 50,000 units weekly. It went up from 10 in 2019 to 19.6 probably because of my renewed walks and hikes outdoors.

I began walking in Pine,Arizona mid August 2020 and did that when my co-blog partner was in Oregon and when he returned we both faded off the walks. I got back to my walks when home in Congress Sept/Oct then we did walk a lot in Indiana /Kentucky and when I got back from there and was in Congress I walked a lot- but Nov 12th thru December 24th, I barely walked. I was very ill. I am better than I was at that point in time but still have a long way to go.]

August 31, 2020 14.9 (Low)

Vitamin D, 25­OH, Total:

<10 ng/mL Severe Deficiency

10 ­ 19 ng/mL Mild/Moderate Deficiency

December 21, 2020 15 (Low)

LABCORP/other Lab are the ones who had the lower numbers.


1. ... significant with elevated index of concern for ... irregularities based on three or more findings including asymmetry, intensity, distribution and history, as listed above. Recommend prompt clinical investigation with her primary care physician or breast specialist before continuing with...follow-up in 6 months. These patterns and or reported findings should be closely monitored for change. Request an account of action taken (if any) and results to be reported at follow-up visit. 2. In addition to thermal imaging, continue with routine follow-up breast examinations with her physician as indicated or at least annually.



Abdomen: concern...observed in the anterior abdominal view. Findings...consistent with hormone imbalances, myofascial dysfunction, various autoimmune conditions, food allergies, toxic conditions related to digestive disorders, and emotional stress.

Advise follow-up assessment to investigate these possible conditions.

A diffuse area of increased...concern... is observed in the upper central epigastric region of the abdomen. This can be associated with the visceral-cutaneous reflex area of the esophagus and stomach and/or duodenum. These patterns may be associated with digestive issues occurring soon after eating. This finding correlates with the reported H. pylori and upper digestive tract issues.

[I was a negative for H. pylori when tested 1-22-21 but in 2019 had three positives so we wanted to rule that area out as the focal point has been 'mold and fungal infection' thus far and C.C. said to take the H. pylori again to make sure that was not a causal factor. Came back "not detected"]

Concern...horizontal orientation is observed in the pelvic region. These patterns may be associated with uterus/bladder issues for women and patterns located in the lateral lower abdominal region can be associated with the visceral-cutaneous reflex area of the colon. observed on the right and left side of the lower abdomen greater on the left. This finding may be associated with the visceral-cutaneous reflex area of the colon, often associated with discomfort of constipation, diarrhea and gas. This finding is consistent with the reported abdominal issues.

Recommend colonoscopy and further clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider. [ I was to have a colonoscopy to do gastric cancer biopsy / h. pylori December 2019 but we lost our health insurance and the rest has been either barder / trade to get areas done 'home remedy' and blood labs style and medical massages and chiropractic manipulation. I have not been able to make enough funds to get the colonoscopy and get the proper treatment for my concerns. I have no health insurance. I am a pre-existing type gal. I am doing the best I can for what I have. We do not own a credit card. I have been paying for years $1192 a month on an old hospital debt. I am limited with our one income. I am limited in job opportunities living in a ghost town. I stopped driving due to old seizure moments; avoid-ability reasons. Whenever I have helped a local elder it went right to getting blood labs or chiropractic manipulation / medical massage to help the lymphatic. Now my lungs are a concern and other areas. Sucks. I love life. I just never thought I would be an ongoing medical 'train wreck' yet I am doing my best. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. Every day I do something pertaining to gather or place out about the YHF. When I came back to Congress to heal, I make $40 a week helping two people I adore two days a week and when I finally made $100, I went immediately to Prescott Sprouts and bought lots of fresh garlic, fresh ginger and turmeric, organic cabbage and broccoli, PH10 Essence Water times 4, GoldThread Tonics ( ),

Matcha, Yellow Curry, Lily of the Desert Aloe Herbal Detox, Green Superfood Detox, Jakemens Anise Lozenges and it came to $100.22 and the lady behind me gave me the quarter- so huge thank you to the Prescott Sprouts customer that just paid it without even thinking about that .22 cents. Tex Harold Eldon (Sonny) Gilligan and Julius Vargas taught me about the above healing items long ago. The point is I am doing my best to be happy and productive and do my part for this blog even still; and alone. However, it is a huge factor in the end results on my final decision for the blog because in contractual areas that are not being met right now, I may have to close the blog down and if I do I will fully itemized 'break it down' as to why from August 2017 to present. For all I have been through, I never deserved what I saw in recent years for placing myself in a foreign area. None of the contributors did that- take themselves and put them in my personal living space (foreign area to them) but I did even when I was told 'stay the course' and 'I am supporting you until the end of time' even though I saw unnecessary 'hate' layers from internal external spots - I stayed for the blog and it's serious mission. Yet nowadays, I see others bailing yet here I am. Still doing the best I can. Within a couple of weeks this blog will shift to either on the mends and it will grow from this health event we all had or it will end. Soon we will all know. ]


Abdomen, Lateral Right: seen in the upper right region of the abdomen. Patterns in the right upper abdomen can be related to emotional stress and/or functional stress in the liver. Liver stress can cause symptoms such as bloating, constipation, skin changes, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, brain fog and elevated cholesterol.

Blood labs last was 15 out of range in August 2020 and this below is 12/21/20 and awaiting new ones...


C.C., I will order and rule in or out the Lyme's Disease for you-

I will share the Lipid Panel here when it comes in.


This can be the result of toxicity, inflammation or lymphatic congestion and can impact digestion. If there are symptoms of discomfort or unresolved digestive issues, consider dietary changes and detoxification with a healthcare provider. These findings correlate with the reported acid reflux and/or other digestive tract issues.


Abdomen, Lateral Left: seen in the upper left region of the abdomen. the left upper abdomen can be related to functional stress in the stomach/pancreas and can affect digestion and or sugar metabolism issues.

If there are symptoms of discomfort or unresolved digestive issues, recommend further clinical evaluation with a healthcare provider.

This is consistent with the reported pain in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.

...In the presence of symptoms or clinical concerns may justify further evaluation with a healthcare provider trained in functional medicine. Consider that abnormalities in digestive organs are often directly related to stress.


Lower Back: in the posterior midline of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine suggests a chronic or systemic degenerative inflammatory response which over time can result in disc degeneration. These patterns in the presence of sciatica, which causes burning back pain that travels through the buttocks and into the leg, can indicate the source of nerve root compression. This is consistent with the reported lower back pain. There is a concern...radiating from the spine into related soft tissue. This pattern suggests inflammation of the overlaying soft tissue (ligament, muscle, fascia and facet joint capsule) in the thoracic and lumbar region, which is significant in the presence of either acute or chronic lower back pain; but may also exist in the absence of pain. This is consistent with the reported lower back pain. seen in the sacral region, just above the coccyx at the lower end of the spine. This section of the spine can be affected by sports or long periods of sitting. The symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction can resemble sciatica. Chronic or degenerative conditions will present with pain, which would justify further clinical evaluation with an orthopedic specialist. This finding is consistent with the reported low back pain.


Immune Summary

Immune system health is critical to quality of life and may be reflected especially in the lymphatic system. There are...indications in multiple regions of your body suggests signs of extensive inflammation justifying evaluation to preserve and strengthen your immune system, lymphatic system and over-all functional health. Lymph nodes can become inflamed and accumulate toxins, debris and infectious organisms. While exercise, deep breathing and hydration are helpful, it is recommended to have professionally guided protocols to support gum and dental health, digestion, lymphatic drainage, detoxification and reduce inflammation.

[Seek out a healthcare provider]

and my reply would be which kind of healthcare provider- looks like I need a variety of them.



Hands, Dorsal: Bilateral...concerns are seen in the joints and/or muscles of the thumbs which may be an indication of overuse or possible inflammatory joint disease if accompanied by tenderness, stiffness and/or swelling. Further evaluation is recommended if these symptoms exist. This finding is consistent with the reported hand pain, it does justify recommendation for further testing. Further evaluation is suggested.


Hands, Palmar: as seen on the palmar side of the hands, extending into the inner forearms may be incidental, or in the presence of pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist may be an indication of carpal tunnel syndrome. If these symptoms exist, further evaluation recommended by a specialist.


Lateral Arms: There is increased bilateral...concerns...seen in the upper arm/deltoid region, which can be consistent with injury or over-use syndrome. This correlates with reported pain and inflammation of the soft tissue structures of the shoulder. The biceps, deltoids and other stabilizers of the shoulder may be stressed, suffer overuse syndrome or impingement.

Further clinical investigation is indicated in case of pain and/or decreased range of motion of the shoulders. Further clinical investigation and treatment by a chiropractor, acupuncturist, orthopaedic doctor or physical therapist is highly recommended. This finding is consistent with the reported shoulder pain.



Legs, Anterior: There are scattered vascular-type patterns observed in both legs which are consistent with varicose veins, and may or may not be visible on the surface. Varicose veins are not uncommon and most likely caused by extended walking or sitting over a long period of time. Self-care can include exercise, elevating your legs or wearing compression socks or stockings. Aching and discomfort in the legs may be a signal for circulatory problems and may justify professional evaluation and treatment.

Patterns of scattered.concerns are observed in the legs. This may be consistent with various autoimmune conditions or emotional stress. However, if visual skin mottling is observed, this may be an indication of a circulation issue and should be assessed by a medical professional.

Dorsal Feet and Ankles: There is unexpected asymmetrical... concern...seen on the dorsal feet, left more than right. This may be an indication of a sprain (ligament injury) or related stress in the more hyperthermic side, especially if accompanied by pain and discomfort or swelling. These findings correlate with the reported feet or ankle problems; professional assessment and treatment is advised if this is not being currently addressed...could be an indication of fungal infection. noted in the ankles, left more than right. This may be an indication of a sprain (ligament injury) or related stress in the more hyperthermic left side, especially if accompanied by pain and discomfort or swelling. This could also be a sign of fracture, dislocation, tendonitis or other types of injuries that cause joint inflammation. These findings correlate with the reported feet or ankle problems; professional assessment and treatment is advised if this is not being currently addressed. Self-care would include getting plenty of rest and not putting weight on the ankle.

Feet, Plantar: There is unexpected...concern... seen in the plantar feet, left more than right. Plantar fasciitis [ I have advanced bilateral neuropathy with plantar fasciitis- I have a Doctor I see for this ] or possible heel spur, while hyperthermia towards the toes may be an indication of altered gait due to weight transfer to the front of the foot. If there is an asymmetry in the instep, this may be related to a medial ankle injury. This finding is consistent with the reported left foot pain. Note: Asymmetrical patterns in the ankles or feet may be an indication of weight transfer, or altered gait stressing the more hyperthermic areas. This may be related to misalignment in the lumbar spine. [ looks like Joy gets the professional label of misalignment - hmmm ]

RECOMMENDED FOLLOW-UP 1. Suggest clinical correlation of thermal findings with health care professional regarding patients history, symptoms and consideration of recommendations mentioned above. Follow-up imaging may be indicated to follow progress of treatment strategy. 2. Recommend ongoing consultation with her physician or qualified health professional regarding dietary, nutritional and lifestyle practices that support general good health.

End of Report.


If you noted above, the midline frontal lobe was not even addressed or the C1 in that I hope that is good. I also did not see any mention yet back on the left renal tumor and its status. Or the gallbladder and I should get a fresh E-fraction on that area. Or anything on my bilateral kidney stones. Maybe have to do another type of test for that. It did mention the throat / thyroid area and I have known that and been diagnosed before on that area. The chest wall looking at images all the way up to the shoulders looks pretty rough more so on the front then the back. I really am at a loss at what doctor do I need to see first? The Pulmonologist? The Thyroid? The Renal? The GI? Veins? What else was it up there...Freaking A'

Right.!?!? Shaking my head right now. I still have loads of results due in...


1-30-21 12:58AM - Values Outside of Reference Range

RDW(sd) = Low, Apolipoprotein A1 = Low, Apolipoprotein B = High, Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio = High, ADMA (Asymmetric dimethylarginine) High, OmegaCheck (Whole Blood: EPA+DPA+DHA) Low Cardio IQ Oxidized LDL High, Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate non African American (eGFR non-AA)= Low


Recently, I saw damage and destruction over at the Arrowhead Bar off Highway 89-

When we were out on our "Search and Rescue" mission yesterday 1/25/21 this is what we saw-

- Snow in Congress

- The Arrowhead Bar- Damage


my backyard had some snow- not much:

the GMHS Memorial Trail Deployment Area had some snow yesterday too:

Add more photos later but right now some are on this link:

I began to think how I could only focus to the good old memories at the Arrowhead-

(add more pics later but here are some)

Dan and Mona Jacobs who originally started the Arrowhead:

It made me think how some had to cope after June 30, 2013 all the while I gathered...I just want to refuse to look at the damage at the Arrowhead and I am locked on the beauty and the history only...maybe I need to re-look at the damage because in a way that damage matters. I have to find out why it happened to lessen the chance it would happen again. Yet I understand those who had to cope in their own ways for June 30th now...It took this Bar getting damaged to see that. is 1AM 1-27-21 now. I need to sleep. I am usually asleep by now. I took advantage of the late night bandwidth because it stinks at prime time hours.

January 31st marks the first incoming phone conversation on the blog so just so you know I tried to put one post at a time and fix it but I was asked to just put all the posts back then go back and fix them.

However, I am learning the posts that use to be "live" are now too large to put back up so there are quite a few still needing to go back but need to be broken down into new posts so bear with me for the months of February and March 2021. On the 12th, I go to do more labs and I will share you those results when I get them.

For now (Feb. 6, 2021 5:15PM) - they look like this for future labs and a recap where I am at now health-wise (4 out of the (18) "out of range" showed 'Sudden Cardiac Death' risk):

So I have been resting, exercising, and doing my best with horrible internet bandwidth and with all the glitches to get this site back up but my health comes before anything else. I paused January 31st to no with Pat and Dan to get the blog active again. We are in process on working it all out behind the scenes. Contributing author is working on the presentation while I do what I can to get the blog on and running. Please bear with me. There are many posts unable to be placed back "live" until I shorten them. The odd part those are the posts you want to see - just how life works out huh. So if you are new here please come back -

This is the stuff I am getting when I try to post:

Oh yeah, I may get to soon sit down with some law enforcement historians and that should be fun. I want them to have a copy of what I do for the history of YCSO.


3/3/21 8:40PM: I was working on a new post on PRRs and I thought I better update my labs too while I am online.

Here is some updates:



it was recently:

finish later...this was all I had time for ...

oh let me do the Covid 19 results:


3-9-21 10:40PM: I put a lot of time in helping locals the past month that this week I am in my storage unit looking for archival medical records. Today though, Dani / Grace, Pat, Stephanie and I went to Surprise for errands / manicure and pedicure / eat out...I want to post my 2019 Hair Toxicology Report so one can compare the older one with this years.


Update May 11, 2021- My ENT visit was a success today. Thank you to Fred J Schoeffler for making sure I got to appointment safely. We went to the Tussock Fire Incident Command Base off Hwy 74. Szymprush at 5:23pm drove us in when I got to see their "big box" concept and location. Let us hope they do not "big box" it up to the Wagoner area where they have the road block.

At the ENT, he reviewed my ER notes and he did a Nasopharyngoscopy ( a surgical procedure performed to examine the nose and throat. ) Doctor is going to do a ct scan on ear - deeper within and the throat / thyroid area and TMJ area- So far he diagnosed Oropharyngeal dysphagia, Head Pain and to see a neurologist for that (brain tumors), GERD, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Tinnitus / Otalgia and more to be done for the brain tumor soon. After all the stuff they did today, I closed with M. Maxwell and he put the oticon minirite with BrainHearing™ technology and with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) embedded on the chip in bilaterally in my ears. Direct streaming. Advance technology. Take back control and manage tinnitus symptoms with Tinnitus SoundSupport™. The entire visit was smooth. Some numbing stuff then went smooth--- over one hour then I was at a Mediterranean lunch then off to Grace's 4th Bday ( she was ill) - I am glad to be home. I spoke to Scott G (cell delivery still - Ronnie tomorrow afternoon)

Other updates on health and lab results:

RDW (sd) 37.8 L, Apolipoprotein A1 108L,Apolipoprotein B 135H, Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio 1.25H, ADMA (Asymmetric dimethylarginine) 107H, OmegaCheck (Whole Blood EPA+DPA+DHA) 3.6L, EPA.3, DPA 1.0, DHA 2.3, Arachidonic Acid 26.7, Cardio IQ Oxidized LDL 81H, Alk Phos Isoenzyme Bone Fraction 71H, Total Chol 219H, Trig 207H, HDL 35L, LDL 146H, Vitamin D 25.1L, MCHC 35.6H, #Mono .42 H, %Neut 75.4H, %Lymph 17.9L, %EOS .6L, Total Bilirubin 1.3H, CRP .58 H, Arterial Blood Gas pH 7.54H, pCO2 26.6L, pO2 105.5H, High troponin, RDW35.6H, Trace Ketones, Need to see neurologist for my rounded density - brain tumor - off the anterior frontal leptomeninges. Physiologic basal ganglier calcifications present. Basal ganglia calcification is a very rare condition that happens when calcium builds up in your brain, usually in the basal ganglia, the part of your brain that helps control movement. The "basal ganglia" is a group of nuclei interconnected with the cerebral cortex, thalamus, and brainstem, associated with a variety of functions: motor control, cognition, emotions, and learning


Updated May 23, 2021 5:33pm-

May 1, 2021 began the new insurance for my health.

- thank you to my husband and as well FJS. The two combined made it happen with the insurance but so did a Yarnell resident who wants to be anonymous for my procedure and meeting the deductible as well as another certain individual helped immensely. However, without all the extremely ongoing hard work of Scott Briggs helping me get from point A to point B not just to Costa Mesa, CA but here in was all those people who made this happen for me to get on the path of healing. I know me placing the documents about DJ and such may seem I am snarky with Scott lately yet I am the one who lived the week of April 19th, 2021 being the target and so many odd things happened that if I had some pro bono legal beagle out there reading wanting a case- I would probably take it right now based on too many people gossiping with lies and defamations and the same day the Aschcrafts said to us they were going to call Cindy Barks and do an article on the Foundation's Mission then the call happened and the meeting with the local - that crumbled that article to the point all of them but Fred and I wanted to wait for the 'dust to settle'.

I just wanted to place that special thank you-

Here were some recent results from Doctors:

Also, this week is my results for my brain scan from Costa Mesa, CA on the 26th-

I get imaging done on my head - and throat and chest and GI and my advanced bilateral neuropathy so getting closer to the answers...My vitamin D is now 30. So yeah to the endurance hikes and less stresses.

This is the lady who did my Women's Wellness and really helped me Superfast with an infection to the external areas on my face / neck- top notch and highly recommend her:


PC-PTSD-5: The PC-PTSD-5 is a tool to screen for the presence of probable PTSD and is based on DSM-5 criteria. This is intended as a screening tool for PTSD, with a positive result requiring further clinical assessment before a diagnosis can be made. A score of 3 or greater constitutes a positive screen that requires further assessment. I scored below a 3. Zero labels of PTSD for me.

Emotion -

Shaping and planning of our thinking and emotion over time to maximize our well being.

Non-Conscious Negativity Bias: The relative capacity to properly read and react to primary emotions, particularly negative ones, such as fear, anger, and sadness. Mine is low.

Emotional Flexibility: Adaptable.

Adaptable: Emotional brain networks are structured to have a non-conscious bias towards fear-inducing events, so as to respond rapidly at the time but then to not remain in fear-states the rest of the time. The Adaptable category reflects people who have a well-functioning and flexible non-conscious emotional brain network that is good at both responding to fear and then quickly relaxing back to normal. People who are adaptable have an overall profile of good cognition and emotional functioning compared to others.

Emotion Awareness: The capacity to accurately identify emotional cues in others and yourself (such as fear and happiness). Usefulness: Associated with effective decision making, contextually appropriate feelings, and social connections. Mine is neither high nor low. Medium.

Feeling -

Your conscious experience of emotions that relies on feedback from your body reactions.

Stress Control: An extreme magnification of negativity, a low mood, a loss of joy, and a sense of hopelessness. Usefulness: A warning sign to resolve the underlying frustration. Mine is neither high nor low. Medium.

Anxiety Control: Difficulty relaxing, nervousness, becoming easily upset, irritable, impatient and over reactive. Usefulness: It can help highlight real or perceived threats. My brain results were high. Well, this is obvious when you see InvestigativeMEDIA or my blog- this shows to be true.

D-Mood Control: The activation of the fight-flight reflex in response to physical, emotional, or social threats. Usefulness: Can highlight a negativity bias about oneself, relationships, work and the world. It also highlights a context distortion that should be corrected.

My brain results were high.

Cognition -

Selective awareness of information processing so we can know and remember

Memory: The capacity to use information to plan and organize behavior to meet a goal. Usefulness: Associated with high-functioning individuals who can multi-task, utilization of working memory, and the capacity to recall previous outcomes for optimal decision making.

My brain results were high.

Focus: The capacity to sustain attention without being distracted. Usefulness: Associated with the completion of any task. My brain results were Medium.

Planning: The capacity to use information to plan and organize behavior to meet a goal. Usefulness: Associated with functions where on-the-fly decision making is critical. Decisiveness. My brain results were Medium.

Processing Speed: The capacity for speed of sensori-motor function and information processing. Usefulness: measures variability of response time. My brain results were at a very high speed.

Flexibility: The capacity for information processing efficiency. Usefulness: measures completion time. My brain results were extremely low - almost non-existing.

Recall Memory: Short-term working memory capacity. Usefulness: measures total number of digits recalled. My brain results were very high.

Self Control -

Automatic and nonconscious processes that help us minimize danger and maximize reward.

Conscious Negativity Bias: The capacity for enhancing positivity and not magnifying negative threats. Usefulness: Associated with choosing the best response to negative threats. My brain results were very high. Scored 91 out of 100.

Resilience: The capacity for forming and sustaining authentic social networks. Usefulness: Building successful stress-recovery strategies. My brain results were very high. Scored 100 out of 100.

Social Connectivity: The capacity for forming and sustaining authentic social networks. Usefulness: Associated with appropriate, warm, and open bonding with people and social circles. My brain results were high.


Updates May 27, 2021 10pm:

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 9:49 PM

Executive Summary of my 5-26-21 3:30pm Doctor Visit (Brain Health)-

[World / People: Never follow my path- always use the direction of your own doctor- this is my path made for me by my doctors-]

Hi, Joy,

Good to meet with you today. Thanks for your patience with the technology issues.


Summary from today:

Results summary from the labs we ordered:

Suboptimal folate [ GTS (Google that sh*t) Suboptimal folate are also negatively associated with the development of various types of cancer including colorectal and breast cancer.], suboptimal testosterone [DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, the idea is that if someone takes DHEA, they could increase the amount of testosterone in their body. Speak with your doctor before starting a DHEA supplement as treatment for low testosterone.

Having too much testosterone in your body can also cause side effects. Side effects of excess testosterone use in women include:

  • Acne

  • Facial hair

  • Fluid retention

  • Masculine physical characteristics, including male-pattern balding and deepened voice

  • Did you know that muscles actually help to burn calories and keep fat at bay? Since low testosterone is an essential part of building, maintaining and strengthening muscle, many women lose muscle mass and gain fat as a result of low testosterone. In fact, it is now widely accepted among many researchers that low testosterone is the most common reason why women gain weight in midlife. Unfortunately, many women chalk up the added body fat as a normal part of the aging process, when in fact, it could be a result of low testosterone, and a treatment option may be available. Testosterone plays a key role in mental focus and mood stabilization, and when testosterone levels are low, it can leave women feeling unfocused and increased weight gain.

  • Stress

  • Thyroid Concerns ] , high cholesterol, low HDL (good cholesterol), low Vit D [ improved to 30 as of today ] , DHEA suboptimal [ Dehydroepiandrosterone -adrenal fatigue, or adrenal function that’s suboptimal-If you are deficient in DHEA, you might have problems with weight loss. So adding DHEA could help in getting that little spread around the middle off.

It’s also very supportive for the adrenal glands themselves. It’s one of the hormones that the adrenals make. So, giving your body a little bit of DHEA love may help you fight the stress response.

It’s also been shown to enhance male and female libido. And it also enhances just general overall energy.

DHEA can also support skin health by improving the elasticity of the skin. It’s been known to help the immune function by supporting immune cells. ], homocysteine 12.0, Neut: lymph ratio (indicates... infection), creat high, GFR low (consistent...low renal function).

From outside labs:

Heavy metals looked WNL, low potassium, Lyme neg, mold makers negative. Positive sensitivity: almond, cranberry, mushroom, papaya, pepper red, pepper black, peanut, safflower, yellow squash, tea, yeast.

Genetic testing was not scientifically sound.

To run:

Additional bloodwork: TGF b1, ASO and DNAse...

...primary care provider, request that they [.primary care provider] do a sinus culture for staphylococcus aureus. [ I have had staph enterococci faecalis in 2006 and really tough journey with MRSA after that so I can see testing me for this area.]



- this will increase testosterone, which can help increase metabolism, and may help with weight loss.

Supporting glutathione and detoxification:

Glutathione - one application daily.

Zinc picolinate - 30mg with food daily.

Selenium - 100mcg daily, or just eat 1-2 Brazil nuts.

Molybdenum - 500 mcg daily.

NAC - 600mg twice a day.

I think that supporting your detoxification pathway will support many of health concerns. [Doctor approved my current regimen]

I included a handout about ways to support detoxification.

Joy, unfortunately I was unable to review all of the outside labs provided during our visit today due to time limitations and communication issues, as well as formatting issues. The ones I did review all were normal with the exceptions I noted above.

If there are any lab results you wanted to discuss specifically, or felt they got missed, please re-email them directly to me and we can review them during our next visit.

We have two more 25 minute visits left. Please contact our office to schedule.

Thursday, May 27, 2021 5:02 PM lab script sent to me - in process with my insurance for approval.


This is me on day one to better healing---I know I look rough but I am on the path to better days-