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Archiving YHFR Front Page From 2021 - Health Updates for 2022.


Changes made 1-15-2022 10am to front page:

In 2022, for the over 100 Unique "New" Individuals that came here the past few weeks to Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations (YHFR) who never been here before - this site was made when Mr. Fred J Schoeffler asked the Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitness my intentions with my Non-Commercial Purpose Public Records and FOIAs in 2018 - the blog was born that year for educational purposes.

We never really had the "down time" to organize it the way we would want it to be because of all the time spent going to Academies, Conferences, and Presentations and you really do not want to know how many hours it takes to get through files to find one document- "needle in a haystack"- hopefully this year we can take YHFR blog and create the "Project 10&18 International" website.

I, Joy A, Collura, from 2018 to present have been offered a barter / trade with Mr. Fred J. Schoeffler that if I ________ in a slow timely fashion for the Public at Large for educational purposes then areas were ___ him. For an example, furthering my education by ____ Wildland Fire Courses and Wildland Conferences. He is huge on one knowing those "10 & 18"-

The year 2013, June to Fall was mainly attending the homeowners needs and helping there. Then it transitioned that Fall into Winter to help authors and reporters and Investigators.

Keep in mind, 19 men died and the SAIT-SAIR Investigators only used portions of my photos and videos and never hiked our trail or what we eye-witnessed. ADOSH did hike what we saw for their investigation. CBS Investigative Reporter Morgan Loew with videographer Patrick took the hikers June 30, 2013, path along with GMHS and what we saw which is now today called the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park.

Joy A Collura was up on the Weaver Mountains June 30, 2013, in the areas near or with the Granite Mountain Hotshots with Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) and the intent was to alert prospectors they had met in June 2013 and see the fire up close to assess it properly if it was on the Yarnell side or Congress or both to share to elders and disabled folks in the Community because Yarnell Fire District stated 6-29-13 2pm that they had it all "under control" yet we witnessed chaos that weekend.

Never did we think the actions of others and the omissions of others that our own lives were at stake that day. We grieve for the loss of the 19 men and the many losses in our communities and the loss of homes. We hope by sharing our eyewitness account that you will learn the facts of the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 - 2016 and other fires and help lessen Wildland Fire Fatalities.

It is hard to see people I have met or know sign off on areas pertaining to the Yarnell Hill Fire and have seen the YHF aftermath abuse and bullying as we have seen and the crucial omissions and they do not speak up-- ??? why are you laying silent watching me get bullied and it is not okay especially what I know and own and now others do too.

I also find it odd that some on the aftermath feel they are protecting the loved ones of the GMIHC from me and Fred - when in reality all we are just trying to place data out to do our part to help lessen Wildland Firefighter Fatalities.

Omissions are very dangerous in that industry; Fire & Aviation- just look at the facts historically when one decides to lock on "sound bites" of heroism - all Fallen are heroes yet it is crucial to share it in pure form.

Fred J. Schoeffler prefers you to start with the very first article, so he asks you to work from last article to most recently posted.

Joy A. Collura still has not had the proper sit-down time to organize areas. Her time spent on the blog has been more of a "live" journaling just to look through documents and place her current events. Any area stating "City of Prescott" is just a "live" journaling of me reviewing the Records and placing for the Public at Large plus current events with me and my life.

Since the site is in a sense a "live" look at what we are working on over time - we decided to create another website to be more the Academics side of it so "Project 10 & 18 United" - "Project 10 & 18 International"


October/November 2021- Happy Autumn.


The Summers are usually Fred working on recap of last Season making a post and Summers for me are dedicated just "dumping" out records in a "live" journaling fashion with my health and life events for family and friends. Then we take the other Seasons to what I place out in the Summers and create article type informative posts. If you need anything- Fred is available currently. Best Regards, Joy A Collura

October 20, 2021 3:33am

Have a safe Holiday Season!

We still have many glitches to fix on this blog. I wish there was more time to focus to all the different areas. Thank you for the opportunity to share these documents so you can make your own assessment.



May 28, 2021 10:30pm

I am trying to get at least the posts published so they are UP but so many bad glitches- not because of us. The format is saying a lot of the posts had to be broken up into several posts to even publish so for today my only focus is getting posts up and fix titles , order of posts and glitches another day. If you text or email me over the Memorial Weekend, I may not go to those areas or even calls so I can focus to my liquid fast / health / hikes / blog only. So have a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend. Thank you for your service for those Veterans.

Best Regards,

Arizona Desert Walker

Joy A. Collura



1-15-22 12pm:

Special Announcement

John N. MacLean and his assistant have been following the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 to make a possibly 'made-for-profit' book - they also have been rumored in the Hotshot Community as Family Advocates for the GMIHC and some speaking not so kind about me or others that contributed to this blog.

I am making for the Public at Large this statement:

If you mention my name or Fred J. Schoeffler and any person including above names states negativity or "huff puffs" in regard to us - just allow them their perceptions. Refrain from reacting or feel like you must defend us.

When we see their book, I am fully ready to place out more records that I guarantee will never be in their book, but you will then comprehend why I placed areas as I have so very public over time.

They can write a book all they want yet I am very much aware it may not cover the very topics that need to be addressed. That is my perception on that topic.

Thank you for letting me know continuously how some bad mouth us. I will not do the same because I feel everyone is entitled to their emotions/perceptions. I was sorry to hear W____ voiced out as he did in 2021 but maybe he is also not privy to all the data, so I accept some of his content--- some seem like lies especially about data on someone on a specific fire.

However, I look forward to that book...

and I said I would never do a book on the fire I eye-witnessed, yet I may write a book countering any areas that I have documented facts to any area I feel carries on a narrative to a fire I watched and documented fully more than any individual and that includes the Investigators and Authors/Reporters since I am on record as the only person who has asked / received as much voluminous records on YHF as me so there is much validity and perserverance in my blog posts than some quick story of an author or reporter or even the investigators who were on a deadline and or robbed of the records to do a valid proper assessment back in 2013 and I mean ADOSH there. SAIT - SAIR, I can prove some omissions that never made it to report that should have been in the reports, indeed. When I read a lot of this FOIAs and PRRs it is clear that areas were discovered but never discussed for families to know about or the Public at Large, which should have been the investigators not me doing it. That is wrong.


I at times take breaks off listening to YHF 2013 911 recordings and watch the above Judge---

I suggest you make the time and watch an episode - he has compassion - something lacking in today's world.


Family/Friends: Recap 2021 Medical (1-27-22 I will place documents here in full, but I am out of bandwidth until then so do my best to place what I can until then I am limited on allowance because it reboots and is way too slow):

Help me comprehend if you all see what went wrong in 2021 in this area, just let me know- I am scratching my head on it:

Me taking care of me with no insurance:

Saw Dee Sickles time to time for medical massages and did my labs and exercises- Gaia/April did massages while at Fred's place doing project as well.

Labs Collected: 01/15/2019 03:01 PM- Bilirubin, Total High

Labs Collected: 02/27/2019 07:59 AM -CRP, High Sensitivity High, T3 Free Non­Dialysis Low, Ferritin 319 High (range 9 ­- 162), TIBC Low

-donate blood

Labs Collected: 04/26/2019 07:40 AM: Calcium Low

added calcium

Labs Collected: 06/18/2019 02:54 PM Tests Ordered: CRP; CBC w/ Differential, w/ Platelet; Comprehensive Metabolic Panel- all looked good.

Fred paid for his Dr to run a lab on me- Labs Collected: 08/15/2019 - CHEMISTRY Pancreatic Elastase 1 499 mcg/g - Pancreatic Elastase 1. A healthy result should fall into the range 200 - 1000 mcg/g. all labs were good except:

Labs Collected: 10/28/2019 via Fred's Dr when in that area. Abnormal:

Labs Collected: 10/31/2019 11:13 AM- Hemoglobin High, Hematocrit High

Labs Collected: 11/02/2019 08:16 AM- Cholesterol High, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio High, HDL Cholesterol Low, Non­HDL Cholesterol High, LDL Cholesterol, Calculated High


Labs Collected: 08/31/2020 03:15 PM- Urogram with Reflex to Microscopic concern and fixed-

Vitamin D, 25­Hydroxy, Total Low Cholesterol High, Triglyceride High, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio High, HDL Cholesterol Low, Non­HDL Cholesterol High, LDL Cholesterol, Calculated High, VLDL CholesterolHigh TIBC Low Saturation High, Creatinine, Urine, Random High 470 ---you are allowed 19-280.

Again, I was gone, go, go and much stress at this phase above so not shocked with results and I also months before was bit in the tib and fib and had H pylori and Gastric concerns.

Collected: 11/12/2020 11:57 AM - 100% okay. Went to Fred's that same day --- I got ill. I donated blood and after that I have not been the same. This was my turning point - the point of origin.

December 1, 2020, I donated double reds for a cancer patient, and I lost partial memory that week for almost 2 weeks and I did not know who Dan or Scott or Ted was - they saw it and reported to me the findings - meanwhile I was not the only one ill at that phase in same residence - my labs prove how I was 100% 11-12-20 when I was home in Congress and on transition day to leave Congress then I was in ER by 12-3-21 ---ER came back with cough / bronchitis / lowert left 15 mm lung cavitation and go get testing.

Labs Collected: 12/21/2020 01:44 PM - Vitamin D, 25­Hydroxy, Total Low GFR Estimated (Non­African American) Low, CholesteroHigh, Triglyceride High, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio High, HDL CholesterolLow, Non­HDL Cholesterol High, LDL Cholesterol, Calculated High, VLDL Cholesterol High, Creatinine, Urine, Random High, Clarity, Urine Turbid.

I am at Urgent Care start of January 2021 and the Urgent Care Dr reviewed my records I brought and thanked me for my organization and he paid for my visit and stated I need a Lung Specialist and with no insurance that is going to be costly and he waived that visit fully and thanked me for my proactive attitude. I said I wish you were my PCP. He stated what I need to have done will fall out of his professional scope. Nice man. I called around for Lung Doctors- nothing nearby- went and did labs:

Labs Collected: 01/22/2021 02:20 PM - Ferritin/Iron/TIBC looks good, Vitamin D, 25­Hydroxy, Total LOW, H. Pylori Urea Breath Test- negative and they are expensive tests to take but had to rule it out for 2019 I had it after the dog bite to tib and fib.

Labs Collected: 02/12/2021 12:53 PM - normal urine- was hurting--- leaking much

I saw the PCP was not really focusing to lab work too much so I did my own:

Labs Collected: 2/12/2021 tests ran Ammonia, Plasma/Beta-2 Microglobulin, Serum/ Estrogens, Total / Vitamin B12 / Cancer Antigen (CA) 15-3 (close to out of range) / Iodine, Serum or Plasma / Eosinophil Count / Gastrin, Serum / Cancer Antigen (CA) 125 / CA 19-9 (close to out of range) / AFP, Serum, Tumor Marker / CEA / Complement C4, Serum / Thyroid Panel With TSH / and this came back abnormal:

Labs Collected: 08/20/2021 03:57 PM - Vitamin B12 High, BUN/Creatinine Ratio LOW, Cholesterol High, Triglyceride High, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio High, HDL Cholesterol LOW, Non-HDL Cholesterol High, LDL Cholesterol, Calculated High, VLDL Cholesterol High

I did another set of labs:

Labs Collected: 10/29/2021 08:50 AM- Good Vitamin D and good CRP

Labs Collected: 12/10/2021 07:58 AM- B12/ Amylase / Vitamin B1 / Protein, Total / Immunofixation, Serum / Celiac Disease, Comprehensive* / Sjogren's Antibodies, SS-A(Ro) and SS-B(La)/ Protein Electrophoresis, Serum / Lyme Disease Screen w/Rflx Immunoblot /Hepatitis C Ab w/Reflex HCV RNA, Quant, RT-PCR looks ok-neg-good.

Short and sweet (right) covering a few years of labs and now look below at ONE YEAR down below and STILL no real executive Health Plan for me just pending headaches and PCP since November 2021 till did not do the insurance area needed for me to go forward with Specialists' orders---ugh so let us recap Medical 2021:

4-5-21 Free Hearing Loss test in Wickenburg said I needed to urgently see a professional ENT due to Hearing Threshold Levels in dB and the condition of inside.

4/06/21: Self Pay $172.00 Cerumen Impaction Right, Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural hearing loss bilateral, Neck/Head Mass Right

4-13-21 Labs Abnormal: Lipid Panel Cholesterol, Total High, Triglycerides High, HDL Low, LDL High, Vitamin D Low, Antinuclear Antibodies IFA negative, Alk Phos Isoenzyme Bone Fraction High, RDW (sd) Low, Apolipoprotein A1 Low ,ApolipoproteinB High,Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio High,ADMA High, Omega Check Low , Cardio IQ Oxidized LDL High , Low: EPA/DPA/DHA/Arachionic Acid/linoleic Acid

Amen Clinics Inc- 3-17-21 Service Date04/13/2021 - Report Date04/17/2021 these tests were done:

CBC With Differential/Platelet/Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)/Lipid Panel/Hepatic Function Panel (6)/Vitamin B12 and Folate/Testosterone,Free and Total/Hemoglobin A1c/Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S/DHEA-Sulfate/TSH/C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac/Homocyst(e)ine/Copper, Serum/Zinc, Plasma or Serum/Insulin/ Ferritin, Serum/Ferritin, Serum



Triiodothyronine (T3), Free and this was the abnormal areas:

4/20/21: Brain Tumor - Frontal Leptomeningeal origin -Head Pain - Right Otitis Externa. (Note- I had prior Staphylococcus aureus - MRSA and damage to eardrum from Coning Incident) No insurance- paid the ER visit in cash $4430.82 plus $850=5,280.82 out of my pocket with a local who paid $5,000 cash of this visit. Thank you. Also learned: anterior frontal leptomeminges/meningioma, physiologic basal ganglier calcifications, IV given: saline, iv ns bolus 1000ml, ondasetron 4mg, toradol 30mg, benadryl 25mg, dexamethasone 10mg, reglan 5mg, percocet 5/325mg, arterial blood gas collection pH High/pCO2 Low, pO2 High, lab abnormalities: MCHC high, #MONO High, % NEUT High, % Lymph low, % Eos Low, Glucose High, Total Bilrubin High, CRP High,

05/07/2021- $101.11 / 319.00 Insurance - Follow Up to ER- Poor Mannerisms from doctor- Gave him poor rating - he gave STAT order (precertification) to ENT- no cost visit.

05/11/2021- $283.82/$601, $4,332.58/$6,650.00 Nasopharyngoscopy - Insurance -Excellent Care from ENT and his assistants - Hearing Aids $6,650, one Brain Tumor discussed, GERD, Neck and Head Pain, Otalgia, Dysphagia Oropharyngeal Phase, Tinnitus bilateral, Sensorineural hearing loss bilateral - sent to Simon Med Imaging CT scan - I paid $65.00 and $4,332.58 cash. (MET DEDUCTIBLE but it trinkled and I had to pay until 5-28-21 because part of this visit was not covered.)

05/12/2021- $44.79/$210.00 - Hospital - I paid $44.79

05/21/2021- $101.11/$319.00 PCP- no cost visit. WOMENS WELLNESS- I appealed and never heard anything further on this from Summer 2021. Chest area challenged. No further information. However, Carol Conti's 3- or 6-month follow-up has been in my chart awhile and recently it continues to state "thermographically significant with an elevated level of concern for thermal irregularities based on three or more findings...Recommend bilateral breast ultrasound and prompt clinical investigation with PCP." ---I have not seen any care challenged in this area by PCP or Clinic Management when addressed or even when I said to that area and Medical Records that I challenged this area, nothing further addressed - so much for being proactive. Ct Scan, Thorax; W/O Contrast Mat

05/28/2021- $326.57/$1,195.00, $175.12/$595.00, $462.75/$1,288.00 Imaging - Ct Scan, Orbit/Sella/Posterior Fossa/Outer, Middle, Inner Ear; W/O Contrast- Ct Scan, Soft Tissue Neck; W/Contrast Matl(S) - Outpatient Ancillary / Professional - I paid $297.51/$175.12 - developmentally diminutive right vertebral artery; an anatomic variant. Enhancing parafalcine right frontal in greatest transverse dimension with hyper density, CT represents a component of internal calcification, mucosal thickening in the bilateral maxillary sinuses and ventral ethmoids.

06/03/2021- $71.21/$217.00 PCP Visit. zero cost visit.

06/09/2021 Foot Dr. (Left foot Neuroma- Right foot Ganglion Cyst / Lipoma) I paid $65.00

06/14/2021 Hospital $217.25/$2,739.00 -mild first digit MTP joint degenerative changes with hallux valgus type configuration. Calcaneal spurring. Generalized soft tissue swelling of the ankles. Achilles insertion enthesophyte formation ( Achilles tendon enthesopathy is pain at the insertion of the Achilles tendon at the posterosuperior aspect of the calcaneus.)

06/16/2021 Foot Dr./Hospital $77.44/$453.00-$225.00 Mri, Any Joint, Lower Extremity; W/O Contrast Matl

06/18/2021 $65.93/$130.93/$240.00 LUNG DR for 15 mm cavitating hole in lower left side diagnosed Dec 2020. I paid $65.00

06/19/2021- $177.61/$450.00 $266.34/$201.34/$543.00 Pre-Cancer removed from throat and area biopsied on leg I paid $65.00

06/21/2021- $455.67/$4,014.00 Hospital Mri, Any Joint, Lower Extremity; W/O Contrast Matl

6/28/21- Current Print /Fax to my Drs from Fred's who worked on me from 2019/2020: Acute Upper Resp. Infection, Gastritis, H-Pylori, Abnormal microbiological findings in specimens from respiratory organs and thorax, Seizures, Brain Tumors, Vit. B deficiency, Disorders of the peripheral nervous system, Fatigue, Hyperlipidemia, abnormalities of plasma proteins, issues in non-uterus non cervix area, edema, neoplasm of left kidney, lumps in bilateral breasts, thyroid nodule, benign neoplasm of the meninges, severe dorsalgia, endometriosis with total hysterectomy ( in recent years questionable ovaries), UTIs, Disease of the Intestines, Urinary Incontinence, Full incontinence of feces, abdominal pains - Gallbladder Efraction went from 31 to 19, Calculus of the kidneys, colon polyps, Effect of reduced temperature, GERD, perineal and pelvic pain, T zone skin eruptions, Cough in 2019/2020, bacterial intestinal infections, hemochromatosis, bladder disorder, screen for malignant neoplasm of cervix and breast, Vit D & B deficiency, Hyperglycemia, pure hypercholesterolemia,

07/01/2021 - $347.49/$2,450.00 Hospital- Subcortical edema on the lateral fibular head - bone contusion injury.

07/15/2021 - $101.11/$319.00 PCP Visit. zero cost visit.

7/21/21- EGD & colonoscopy evaluation going over medical records history- Vit D Def., Brain Tumors, Hemochromatosis, teen hood cirrhosis, seizure disorder, Crohn's, IBS, elevated total bili noted, UTIs, prior Colonoscopy/EGD 2016 removed 10mm polyps in descending colon and repeat in 3 years, hiatal hernia, H Pylori, PUD, prior EGD was 1-25-08 hematemesis and rectal bleeding/hemmrhoids. EF 31%, BC 7.87, hemoglobin 15.4, MCV84.2, platelet 230, albumin 4.4, total bili 1.3, AST 22, ALT 23, alk phos 56

07/27/2021 - $183.72/$482.00 Precancerous Colon Surgeon Visit I paid $65.00

08/03/2021- $161.67 Foot Dr. Now out of network- need new Foot Dr referral- I paid $65.00

08/13/2021- $135.24/ $70.24/ $206.00 ENT -third bilateral ear infection in 2021- Insurance -Excellent Care from ENT and his assistants. Brain Tumor, GERD, Dysphagia Oropharyngeal Phase, Hypertrophy/Tonsils, Sleep Apnea/Obstructive, Rhinitis / Allergic to pollen, Neck and Head Pain, Otalgia, Tinnitus bilateral, Sensorineural hearing loss bilateral- The journey of the sleep studies began here. November 14th part one and the second part was to be December 28th- cancelled by sleep studies at 5pm 12-28-21 because part two showed STAT - to Routine - to STAT to Holiday Week so no-go. I feel I should not have to pay for this now into 2022 because 8-13-21 gave it plenty of time to handle this area in 2021- not my errors. I paid $65.00

08/17/2021 $141.24 / $426.00 PCP Visit. zero cost visit.

08/18/2021- $21.18/$187.00 $69.00/$175.00 labs - Hemochromatosis related

08/20/2021 - $108.93/$1,436.00 GI- Hospital Procedure

08/23/2021 -$716.18/$1,189.17 $1,040.00 - $3,220.05/$2,415.03/$9,600.00- Surgeon$798.11/$1,547.00 Endoscopy / Colonoscopy - Adenomatous polyps (Adenomatous polyps- Higher risk) removed. Biopsy of small bowel/dastric/GE junction/Colon transverse. Work done in ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon with cold snare. Hiatal Hernia/ Hem. Negative for COVID 19. Biopsy results: benign oxyntic and antral-type mucosa, superficial small intestinal mucosa of small bowel, gastroesophageal junctional mucosa with reactive changes of GE junction, colon tubular adenoma in transverse/ascending, terminal ileum biopsy superficial small intestinal mucosa, right and left colon benign colonic mucosa-background of hyperpigmented macrophages, hyperplastic polyps-fragmented tissue in descending colon, over 20 portions- pathology reported.

08/25/2021- $7.06/$179.00 Hospital -

08/30/2021- $1,001.15/$9,361.10 Hospital - Gall Bladder

09/03/2021- $124.09/$923.30 (Note to insurance- why was this PCP paid higher than other PCP visits???) Head/Back Pain (Soon to go to Fire Academy and Travelling to Idaho- shot in back) - this PCP wanted to talk Big Pharma and Genetic Cholesterol getting on it forever when I am in so much pain and I countered I would if we tried it for a bit took labs then took me off then tried it and he looked at my family member and stopped talking with me like a child- it was pitiful. Terrible Mannerisms from fill-in PCP- turned him into Clinic Manager - Poorly handled. I would never see this man who I saw 5-11-21 and 9-3-21. Horrible manners. Others in town call him a chauvinist and I experienced the same.

09/24/2021- $24,226.25/ $2,537.69 / $1,909.00 Emergency Visit - Three Seizures into Unconscious State - found on the Yarnell "Project 10 and 18 United / International" Land by Yarnell EMT and Fred J. Schoeffler. I have not been the same since and have expressed that to all areas - PCP, clinic manager, and Specialists. My whole body was affected by this event that oddly this event - this wash - leads to a YCSO documented 'put into inventory not safekeeping or evidence for the USFS investigation' moment --- I found that very odd this location when going back to the area. Why was this event excluded from both the Sait-Sair and ADOSH reports? I think this missing information is crucial to many people and for the Public at Large and I discovered it 12-31-21 12:50am and it is in the works to be made public even though it should have been years ago by the people who collected the data, shame on you. A lawyer and publicist can help figure out that one. I did give it to different folks to protect me. The key take-away on it is to show an area omitted and was it to be considered a cover up piece of data and what happened from that point case I passed on...there is people who have this crucial data and then some. That ER visit also showed Reoccurent Seizure (Adult), etiology epilepsy, Ground Level fall into seizures, renal area, bilateral kidney stones, one of the brain tumors- frontal area, osteophytes c1-c2, endplate osteophytes (L4-S1), Marginal osteophytes Bilateral Sacroiliac joints, multilevel anterior endplate osteophytes, degenerative spurring dorsal intratarsal joints, arthropathy of the spine. MCHC High, #MONO High, Glucose High, hyperdense lesion with calcification in right olfactory groove/anterior cranial fossa in continuity with the falx cerebrum likely Dural based with small component extending left of midline. Seizures versus syncope. Osteophytes C1-C2. Facet Arthropathy. Atelectasis. Respiratory Motion Artifacts. Bones: endplate osteophytes. left remal lesion .9cm (-53HU), previously .7cm- Angiomyolipoma. Left renal calyceal calculus .7cm. - Script when left: Dr Farnsworth and not the same Dr I got gangrene/staph/Mrsa from but boy I wish I could avoid in my lifetime to see that name. I actually had a very lengthy discussion years later with the guy who's action made some heavy reaction on my health- it was when someone left a bad comment on him on a rating and I stated my condition and he said who is the desert walker - I never worked on a desert walker as you describe and when we talked - he thought I had passed on- yeah, that was an interesting informative call. I learned a lot about the health industry in that call that I did my best to stay away from doctors all this I am needing care but I document every moment. I have to--- I have seen almost death due to another's decision making. Anyways, this ER DR on -24 scripted me to rest and no strenous activity.

10/06/2021-$224.86/$450.00 Brain & Cancer Surgeon Visit - Monitoring phase. I paid $65.00

10/08/2021- $283.82 / $218.82 / $447.00 ENT -fourth bilateral ear infection in 2021- Treated with antibiotics. Nasopharyngoscopy - Insurance -Excellent Care from ENT and his assistants. Brain Tumor, GERD, Neck and Head Pain, Otalgia,Otitis Externa, Tinnitus bilateral, Sensorineural hearing loss bilateral- ordered MRI with and without contrast- DENIED by insurance- need more information and never given by office. I paid $65.00

10/13/2021- $217.67/$383.00Hemochromatosis Specialist visit I paid $65.00

10/29/2021- - ENT -fifth bilateral ear infection in 2021 - refill made at Big Pharma- ugh ---$216.19 / $151.19 / $420.00 New Foot Dr Second Opinion - identified lipoma areas and ankle concern areas -neuroma- follow-up with Neurologist for advanced bilateral neuropathy- I ordered my own set of labs and the Hemochromatosis Specialist lab order I did the lab draw but a week later Labs said they tossed it because the office of HS did not send the precert.-$200.48 / $34.26 however there is a LAB insurance on file and as well 1-12-22 Dr Chen said he had results in front of him so ???? something is off there. I paid $65.00

---11-10-21 Received snail mail that I did not do my MRI yet from ENT office - not my concern - insurance denied it. Mri, Orbit, Face, & Neck; W/O Contrast Matl(S), Followed By Contrast Matl(S) & Further Sequences

11/14/2021- Sleep Study-Respiratory- one part was approved- other part said pending - they did the study - $579.50/$995.00

11/19/2021- $9.37/$88.51 redid HS labs --- (again my labs tossed out) $130.93 /$65.93/ $307.00 Neurologist I paid $65.00- $71.21 / $6.21 / $130.00 Dermatologist - Same day I was biopsied for Staphylococcus aureus - MRSA on my chest area. I paid $65.00 I paid $65.00- $71.21 / $6.21 / $130.00 Dermatologist - Same day I was biopsied for Staphylococcus aureus - MRSA on my chest area. I paid $65.00

***pending areas for Neurologist: Physical Therapy, Referral Precert Approval to see the Rare Disease Autonomic Neuronuscular Subcontractor Neurologist Specialist, Seizure Neurologist. Labs came back ANA Screen w/ Reflex to Titer= POSITIVE

11-24-21 Issues with Colon Surgeon's order from 8-23-21- hard to reach office by all (me/PCP/Scheduling)--- finally happened 12-6-21.

11/30/2021-$279.00/$310.00 Neurologist Physical Therapy Assessment - Hospital - Dr. wanted me to go on January 6 weeks for weekly visits. Due to it being so far, I asked if I could go to the closer location for Neurologist Physical Therapy. Neurologist/ PCP/ PCP Manager and Insurance Case Manger still all this time later have not assisted me on topic. Just like "oh well"... I paid $65.00

12/06/2021 Colon Dr has placed an order 8-23-21 and it just got done on 12-6-21 ??? Hospital - $573.44/$4,086.65 - Bilateral Kidney Stones, Renal Tumor, Low Renal function - Punctuate calcifications involving bilateral kidneys - Bilateral Kidney Stones 3-4mm R - 8mm L. No further evaluations. Stomach is relatively decompressed with small air-fluid level and hiatal hernia. Moderate colonic fecal retention.

12/07/2021-$1,314.00/$1,460.00 Hospital (Brain) (Seizures) -

12/09/2021- $309.75/$244.75/$607.00 Neurologist

Thank you Brooke / Kelsey / Dr PM / Dr PR for today as we did my ECG / raw electrodiagnostic data evaluation to reveal my significant findings which is consistent to other Specialists --- chronic lower lumbar radiculopathy and worst at L5.

12/10/2021- Labs- my own labs $800 I did plus their labs: $1,713.78/$190.87-

12/21/2021- Emergency Room Visit for extreme head pain -

12/28/2021- Second Part of Sleep Study Cancelled by them at 5pm because insurance precert still pending. Insurance stated they contacted immediately ENT and that ENT was out of office until 1-3-22. That took me into a new year. However, this was a set action 8-13-21 so why was it unsuccessful to be processed ??? who is where the mistakes happened? Insurance or ENT? Should not take that long. I feel $4600 for this procedure should not be for me because 12-28-21 it was not going to cost me at all because I met my deductible. I am challenging this area going into new year. Your thoughts???

12-30-21- spoke to ENT filled antibiotics for the sixth round since January 2021 for bilateral ear infection and peer to peer for sleep studies which was approved on 1-12-22 finally yet I still do not think I am responsible for something that clearly could have been handled in 2021 to meet a new deductible.

Amount billed:$101,579.80

Amount allowed:$24,323.03

Amount paid:$18,018.01

I paid: $17,599.33 plus $640 plus $4,800 plus $135 plus $156 plus $1,100 plus $725 plus $2,000 plus $418 plus $813 plus $6,200= 34,586.33 of income went this way but most of my grandma's funds paid it when she passed on plus she paid for me to be a lifetime member to a cause and organization I believe in - Wildland Firefighter Foundation --- pretty sucky that each year, that is my life, but it also has been the life of others around me because almost $7,000 of Dr Ted Putnam's area- I use his medical device daily this past year, Fred J. Schoeffler on top of the fee above has assisted in my health for helping with his life and the blog areas and that is costly,

and Scottie Briggs/GM also has helped me to get me to a Costa Mesa, AZ brain doctors and that was not included in above but both Fred and Scott helped there, and a local lady also gave $5,000 of her mother's inheritance in 2021 to my care when she knocked on my door and did that which was addressed in above matters. I want to thank those folks.

I am praying 2022 is different and God just heals me. I also was seen by quality Chiropractors and those visits are not included above ---

I went June 14th, 2021 (Diversified C5, C7, Anterior adj T5/6 Lumbar Side Posture L4, left sacrum) June 25, 2021 (adjusted C5, Anterior adj T3-6, Lumbar side posture L4Anterior adj T4-6,ribs) July 16, 2021 (adjusted c6, and Anterior adj T3&6, Lumbar side posture L2, L5, left sacrum, right pelvis) August 6, 2021 (adjusted C3, C5, Anterior adj T6-9, Lumbar side posture L3, L5, left sacrum). They worked on my Neck, t1-t5, tailbone area, shoulders bilateral. They diagnosed me with segmental and somatic dysfunction of cervical region, cervicalgia, thoracic spine pain, segmental and somatic dysfunction of lumbar region, Low back pain, segmental and somatic dysfunction of sacral region. They noted this to be an acute exacerbation of chronic condition.

Another Chiropractor in Idaho: cash $100 9-15-21 - 9-17-21 Neurological adjustment of the Seg and somatic of cervical/thoracic/lumbar/sacral region.

Medical Massages and Xrays 2021 Recap:

I saw April start of 2021 and as well I saw Dee a couple times in 2021 and Mary has been August 2021 and 1-14-22 and I have been with Deb all of 2021 and all of 2021 I have been lymphatic congestion- this is some of the areas since August:

T1-S1 radiated pain both sides to the groin area. Left Scapula muscle spasms. 5 lumbar type vertebral bodies with a shallow lumbar lordosis. Facet arthropathy at L1-2 through L5-S1 and bilateral sacroiliac joint arthropathy. slight edema.

October 2021: R jaw knot, L side knot, ankles sore, ribs sore. Masseter was tight and painful, R scapula rhomboids congestion, jaw improving by end of month, November 2021: R jaw knot, L side knot, ankles sore, ribs sore. deep into the scapula. Range of motion for my shoulder. R scapula spasms. Left shoulder. Right Shoulder. Damage in the tissues. Fascia and areas are damaged. Scar adhesions. Muscles tend to slide on normal person. Right neck painful due to bilateral ear infection more on right. Both ankles and hands stiff that week. December 2021: Left scapula itchy. Ankles and feet still stiff. Bad head pain. Head and scalp worked on 45 minutes. Left serratus - ribs - costochondritis. Left scapula. January 2021: left scapula, Left serratus - ribs - costochondritis. Head pain.

what is pending from 2021 into 2022:

***pending areas for Neurologist which has been with PCP area as well as Clinic Manager via from me/ insurance and Neurologist since November 19, 2021, and still nowhere except:

  1. Physical Therapy,

  2. Referral Precert Approval to see the Rare Disease Autonomic Neuromuscular Subcontractor Neurologist Specialist,

  3. Seizure Neurologist.

***pending areas for ENT:

  1. MRI denied due to Neurogenic Tumor

  2. Part Two of Sleep Studies that was ordered 8-13-21--- I do not feel I am accountable financially for the study because of their delays.

***pending areas for Hemochromatosis Specialist:

  1. Accountability for almost 500 miles was placed out to do labs to have them tossed out a few times in 2021- I want disciplinary action because my drivers live over 3 hours away plus all that driving, they did to me from their homes just to have it tossed out plus I have recordings before doing labs if they had all they needed before doing the draw---

  2. insurance recommends Genetic Counseling, and it requires PCP to get precert from insurance but GOOD LUCK- I still have not got jack from them on 2021 areas.

  3. Look in banker boxes for 1990s records. (found it and sent to insurance case manager-)

Let us look at Referrals and Precertifications from 2021 and which ones ended up in 2022 now:

  • 05/07/2021- 05/07/2022 - ENT Office Visits/Services - active and still seeing the Doctor but awaiting that call from Assistant on how much part two is going to be for study that was cancelled 12-28-21 and also what about my head pain continuation. 12-21-21 ER doctor stated the bilateral ear infection- took yet another round of antibiotics but no relief.

I see Carol Conti every 6 months for the chest area and annually for full body scans. ( Northern Arizona Thermal Imaging at Hidden Cove Suites ( )

I had over thirty mammograms in a small amount of time- due to the ischemic moment - gangrene - MRSA moment 2005-2009 time frame.

-Jan 2021 recap: bilateral hyperthermia with vertical orientation in the forehead. Sinus inflammation (STILL HAVE IT). Could be pinched nerve, fungal infection, sinus infection. Forehead hyperthermia may be related to pinch nerves of the posterior head or neck due to muscle spasm. Increased hyperthermia around mouth greater in right and left lateral lower jaw extending into the submandibular area and neck. Perioral hyperthermia and recommend evaluation with a Biological Dentist and electrodermal Screening and Ozone Therapy ( NEVER DID THIS BECAUSE I AM FINANCIALLY STILL WORKING ON BRAIN/ NEUROLOGY/ ENT/ PHYSICAL THERAPY/ HEMOCHROMATOSIS SPEC./ RARE DISEASE DOC.) The nose is warmer than to be expected and compared to prior studies. Test for thyroid disorder (MAY 2021- ruled out by ENT). TMJ disorder. Intensity at the temporomandibular joints and into the temporalis muscle. Teeth Grinding. Study shows general muscular related hyperthermia lateral posterior neck bilaterally. Hyperthermia found: anatomical region of the Thyroid gland in the anterior neck, Posterior neck w/ diffuse bilateral, focal area T-2 base of neck. Hyperthermic bilaterally found: tonsillar, submandibular, sub-mental lymphatic chains of neck. More lymphatic drainage massages. Anterior chest: increased hyperthermia in the axillary region left greater than right. Lung nodule. Scattered mottled patterns of hyperthermia over all the chest. Upper back: Scapular area. Scattered mottled patterns of hyperthermia over upper back. Right Breast: Well defined thermal-vascular pattern in the inner regions of the breast greater than 1.5c as comp to the pp. breast at 2-3 o'clock. Significant inferior vascular pattern with greater temp. difference as compared to opp. breast at 6-7o'clock. Finding lump 12-1 o'clock Raises level of concern for this breast. Left Breast: Monitoring. -Intense branching thermovascular pattern originating in the upper breast and curving beneath the nipple areas. Intense fragments across upper breast. Hyperthermia in axillary region under the arm and lateral to breast. Mottling patterns in Abdomen/Upper central epigastric region of the abdomen. (h pylori). Pelvic region concerns. There is 15 more pages of this report --- pause for now, and just give out any areas came back with a concern: lateral left and right abdomen, lower back, arms/hands, legs/feet--- and redid it in August 2021 and quick look at labelled concerns: head pain behind eyes, T1-5, right carotid area, elevated cholesterol, hyperthermal patterns dental - significant (HENCE WHY I WANT TO DO TEETH BUT NO FUNDS WHEN DOING ALL THIS MEDICAL), TMJ, anterior head, intense in nose, pinched nerves / muscle spasm, maxillary /ethmoid sinuses located below the eyes, mouth/neck/submandibular area, lateral posterior neck bilaterally, behind the ear in area of mastoid which is attached to the neck muscles, thyroid gland,tonsillar, submandibular, sub-mental lymphatic chains of neck, focal area T-2 base of neck, relative focal hypothermia cervical spine- nerve impingement. Chest c/o relaxation ventricular function 50-55% and tricuspid regurgitation, chest concerns, upper back/scapula concerns, Intense fragments across upper breast. Hyperthermia in axillary region under the arm and lateral to breast. Mottling patterns in Abdomen/Upper central epigastric region of the abdomen. (h pylori). Pelvic region concerns. Janury 10th I received a follow up letter on abnormalities and to go in for follow-up soon and hilighting the areas.


Date: Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 at 10:40 AM, I notified Julie my urine was neon yellow-

No medications in 2022 yet but if one PCP had his way, I would be on cholesterol meds forever--- however time to time I do plain Niacin 250 g 1 tablet

Plus the cost of my organic foods and supplements is crazy high...

My Supplements for 2021 and 2022:

  1. Solgar Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 500 mg 1 tablet daily

  2. KAL 250 Mg S.o.d. 2000 Tablets, 50 Count 1 tablet daily

  3. Pure Encapsulations Biotin 8 mg | B Vitamin Supplement for Stress Relief, Hair, Skin, and Nail Strengthening, Metabolism, Glucose Support, and Nervous System* |1 tablet daily

  4. Pure Encapsulations B12 Liquid | 1,000 mcg Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) Supplement to Support Nerves, Immune Health, Energy, and Cognitive Function* | 1 fl. oz.

  5. NAC 900mg every 12 hours

  6. Nutricost L-Arginine L-Ornithine 750mg 1 tablet daily

  7. Vitamin D3 (5000IU- 125mcg) 1 tablet daily

  8. Acetyl-l-Cartitine 1 tablet daily

  9. Sprouts Vitamin C + Rose Hips 1 tablet daily

  10. Potassium1 tablet daily

  11. Apple Cider Vinegar 300 mg 1 tablet daily

  12. Probio Fiber1 tablet daily

  13. uqora 1 tablet daily

  14. 1 drop Good to Go vial daily

  15. as needed from Costa Mesa CA Brain Health Drs: BRAINMD for the ganglia: Gaba Calm Support and Everyday Stress Relief plus I was evaluated for any psychiatric labels and "Stress" was the only area that came back and very suiting for being a Truth Teller - Whistle Blower that as I do my task, I have those who want areas to stay and remain omitted and hidden- they talk very bad about me in a defamation and lies manners and they will learn some day that is God is watching all of us--- I am sorry there are folks who have lied to you all as they have especially family advocates of the GMHS family and friends but all I can do is my best with my health issues.

Daily use:

Manuka Honey 850+

going through files- misc:

Oct 27, 1999: (LC 85034) Strong Family History. DNA Hemochromatosis: carrier of hemochromatosis with C282Y Heterozygote- mild symptoms of hemochromatosis such as lethargy, joint pain, and weakness. Venipuncture showed molecular analysis revealed heterozygous for HFE Mutation C282Y-90% of HFE Mutation is in Hemochromatosis Patients. This does not exclude from a diagnostic due to absent of symptoms - a carrier as well. Current technology does not allow the two mutations. Always monitor my transferrin/saturation/serum ferritin and see a genetic counselor. No PCP has ever done this since 1999 for me. I have never seen a G-C for my family disease.

6-3-97 basal carc: right arm compound nevus - shave biopsy 6x6x2mm

3-13-02 Left Breast shave biopsy .7x.6x.1cm & .6x.5cm lesion removed

6-5-02 basal carc: mid back shave biopsy .5x.4x.2cm trisected. left mid back shave biopsy.5x.5x.1cm trisected.

1-17-08- endoscopy

8-10-2012- Show Low ER: Sacrum and Coccyx 3 views: degenerative disease at sacroiliac joints---Note a month later I was diagnosed with the one brain tumor- other one was 2009. Also note 13mm hypoechoic mass confirmed at mid superior. 15 mm sharply circumscribed ovoid mass at mid superior portion of the R breast and was on old mammogram as well. Architectural distortion to the chest wall. Chest injury in fall. WBC Low, Absolute NEUT Low

I lost all this page I was building for Monday's medical appt. due to bandwidth and pc issues, so I am not recreating it exactly how it was- very frustrating----

2012- Sonny brought me to El Paso, TX to Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph to talk about my brain tumors- He was a God sent. He was the one who said stay away from traditional doctors as much as you can because they have to follow guidelines set before them and we are God's Temple - keep it as pure as we can.


4/16/2013 11:39: Reason For Exam (CT Maxillofacial w/ Contrast) JAW PAIN - POST THERMAL TESTS, SCREENING FOR THYROID DISORDERS -- CT JAW W/WO CONTRAST.