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7-26-23 through August 2023 Journal

if I was healthy...this would be happy tan me near some lake:

July 26 SCAM:

p l e a s e...I so do not love it...donate them to someone today:


emailed them to not renew--watching health & finances right now, I met the reporter at LAPR in 23' who told me about ARIZONA AGENDA:

I only went to the one pre-Project 10 n 18 meeting to listen in (it is on my YHFR journal here/recorded) and Jenn Ashcraft stated she was possibly gonna be secretary/treasurer in that meeting not me if she was gonna do it---it was just in discussion phase, and I was always "JUST" the surveillance no trespassing gal---no ties to this area at all so I know I told everyone I just cannot be involved God said --in Scott's making of the documentary and this area so I pray I am not any legal areas and this is just a sample situation...please exclude me from the Yarnell land beginning mechanisms and the building of any films and or documentaries so I can lay low and recover from a 2022 brutal assault done my way. I sent a letter as well:

this was a message from a Celebrity to Dan J's FB:

Kris Kross - Jump

Lionel Richie - Stuck On You

wearing my earbuds---walking my backyard

July 27

my husband and I had planned to be on this trip, but God changed those plans to do Donna Gordon and YHF13' area...Pretty views.

we were to do this trip, but God said I had to do the DONNA GORDON my missed views...thanks TG:

Sonny's old cat "Cole" we have since 2015:

July 28

I awoke with my cell in EMERGENCY MODE ???? somebody was literally copying my data---WTH? Who the heck is doing that?

and I saw an astrology type thing playing on my cell when I logged on???

I was sleeping. ??? WTH??? who is on my cell when I am asleep--- who is playing/placing astrology crap on my cell? Is this some corrupt illegal tactic of another to get certain data on my cell memory? Sad folks. I am watching. Now the world can see your attempt...dumb. That is the kind of world I get to see for telling the truth, eh?! Screw with my technology. God is watching.

clearing images off my cell:

July 29

Thank you for the Glendale Fire Chief Conference Care package:

With my health, I just was unable to attend...I could have done without the 100Club stickers...after all that back-channel areas I saw in regard to RM. Really, sir?!

Besides the Arizona State Archive Library- LAPR, where would permanent records be stored for Significant Historically Wildland Fires/Fatalities for any fire / aviation records that would be in the State of Arizona's jurisdiction. Also, LAPR offers a guideline what is to be perm. records but what do you have for DFFM as guidelines and protocols because for years I asked that both in Public records request and Emails and they have yet to answer/fulfill it. A Chart showing what records the jurisdiction must keep. Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) states everything is at LAPR yet that is untrue. I would like the State of Arizona to do an audit for the following fires: Cedar Fire Shelter Deployments (2016)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/28/2016 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Hochderffer Hills Entrapment (1996)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/21/1996 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Coyote Prescribed Fire Entrapment (2017)

​[State]: Arizona [Date]: 10/26/2017 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

​Sawtooth Rx Entrapment Fatality (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/14/2003 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Bull Fire Entrapment FLA (2011)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/29/2011 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Dude Fire Entrapment Fatalities (1990)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/26/1990 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

A-Bar (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/11/2003 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Yarnell Hill Fire Entrapment Fatalities (2013)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/03/2013 [Incident Type]: Fatalities

Mackenzie Fire Entrapment (1994)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/01/1994 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Smoke Grenade (2013)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 10/14/2013 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Shultz Fire (2010)

San Juan Fire Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Report (2014)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/26/2014 [Incident Type]: Large Fire

Bowie Fire Radio Cloning Issues (2017)

​[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/10/2017 [Incident Type]: Large Fire

Cherry Escaped RX Fire Review (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 07/17/2003 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Mitchell and Hot Air (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/18/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Nugget Prescribed Fire (2009)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/04/2009 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Greer Escaped RX Review (2010)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 12/07/2010 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Frye / Whitmire Escaped RX (2008)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/01/2008 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Twin Prescribed Fire (2009)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 11/16/2009 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Island Lake Escaped RX Burn (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 02/04/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Long Jim III Escaped Prescribed Fire (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/05/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire​

EB-3 Escaped Prescribed Fire (2000)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/13/2000 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Chitty Prescribed Fire (2008)

Agua Fria Grassland Rx (1994)

Noon Fire Hit by Lightning (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/24/2004 [Incident Type]: Hit by Lightning​​

Clark Peak Fire Safety Concern (1996)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/03/1996 [Incident Type]: Firing Operation

two hundred seventy four - eight hundred thirty seven "gravitation pull"...state of observing. Some of my hardest times led to some of my greatest moments.

bird in flight---what is the shiny part?

thinking of you Uncle Ed and Aunt Anna ---

also remembering...

July 31

watching George Foreman dvd--- I like the fillum.

a lot of head pain...much draining golden liquid:

I redacted their pay but boy is it A LOT of funds for some-whoah.

Current City of Prescott Firefighter Payroll Ranges are as such:


Strange to see T. Cooley make so little in comparison to some...but believe you me his pay is not little; just in comparison to would make some s[___] who are in the top 25 highest paid for the City of Prescott FFs ...I know I did.

I reduced it from 30 GB to 24.04GB so I am gonna work on commenting on Doug Fir's posts from yesterday,

August 1 :

my ideal outfit if I hit the lottery :)

hee hee

August 2- my cell keeps going into emergency mode ??? weird ... and in "copying" my stuff mode--- ??? Guess, because I am a truth teller?

I watched it on one area until 10:10am

and recorded it on another device at 10:07am:

why did I record it?

I have not spoken much to SB in 2023, and just seem odd I was requested to be the first one to watch it.

He stated: "so I got a video I want you to watch, I want you to the first person see it. I would be honored ... " ...

SB asked me to call him- I did. He wanted me to be the first to view his fillum link because this was why I had not heard from him all this time, yet my gut still locked in on areas could have been balanced sooner with all this yet based on all this invested time, energy and funds it laid dormant. Here is when the link was sent to me:

ended watching fillum at 10:10 and took screenshot of their newer staff member at ___--- she totally reminds of Danielle (Dani) down the street, S__, right?!. if you have any questions/comments- for this week --- is the best contact or call/text Fred at 928 970 0926. Welcome to the site. I am unavailable dealing with health issues.

mt feedback:

I was not a fan of the tone connectivity to my fire...I would have fixed that area...

August 3- calisthenics, stretches and vibration machine before my walk:


we miss you Harry:

walking backyard---saw the moon still up

doing yardwork today

works great where cat litter box is:

getting back slowly into my supplements after a year break to allow the liver to heal from the brutal assault. Starting with:

August 4: Yeah, I slept finally---almost 12 hours---yeah---finally :)

I only signed it to support a fellow "Whistleblower"...

August 5 3:45am: awoke from a dream about being in Greece in a Spanish Villa Castle like place and we were going to sleep, and we were excited we got this castle at such a good price. I told my husband I am gonna go look at the windows and check the outside and see what's happening outside our first night here. This lady came up to me asking why I am on her land and I said we just bought this land and she said she has had it for 60+ years and she ain't selling and so as I am walking back to tell hubby this new news there was a pool and I am thinking so cool this pool and I heard the kid say our last time swimming in this pool and I said how come and he said you didn't know they are blowing it up and demolishing it in the morning...I was like no, we told the real estate guy we were happy to sleep in---- so they said what real estate guy--- my aunt owns this --- we just got duped in buying a castle that all the papers looked legit but they weren't then I awoke...It was the coolest home---wish I could go back into the dream.

{*KY / JC}

cancelled appts:

For the Public at Large ... why do they still have me on there if they called high priority cops on my 7-20-22 when asking for public records. ??? and where is my brick...I did not want my brick with them after I resigned and the kid said it would be awhile out before they do the bricks...I still want my brick here ...I do not want people thinking I am affiliated to any slurry drop folks, period...and they are tied to WFF...they should put "resigned-July 2022" next to my name.

August 6:

doing this today:

August 7

One of my ladies group ladies wanted to reach me and visit and with cops living in my subdivision - unknowing if they are all watching or not I prefer people to just stay away so people are safe...I have zero trust with some of them folks; some live way too close...I am the truth and always be and they think my friend can just get struck and that's that...bull honkey...the raw footage tells the I have positioned to be in a safe place Summer 2023 and I really want zero people to know that location.

here is a view of the local cattle pond 8-7-22--- not this year:

my long term desert time person's grandpa:

way too kind of folks...

WFF was not the return for my name last week when googling so interesting it is number one this week: ????

Send to IMDB to remove my name to a project I had signed up for but due to health I was unable to attend yet Fred J Schoeffler did:

due to health...

August 8 - walked over 5 hours.