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2023 Wildland Fire Near Our Area - "GRAYBACK MOUNTAIN FIRE" Initial Attack documentation

Locals asked me to take a peak into a nearby fire.

I will document initial attack at this point.

Then if needed go into progression / suppression and watch "how much" slurry drops are done to our desert, and I will make a public first case study if any of that stuff is dropped on "live" fire

and I will watch the burn scar on this fire-

the one from 5-13-21 and even Thompson's burn barrel moment and etc.

and keep in mind I know WHO lives out that way - that long stretch road was where I just spent October 2022 through March 2023 taking loads of photos and videos --- that is God for sure.


05/15/2023 15:19


PN P8AU (1522)

PNP8AU (1522)

GraybackWildfireGrayback Mountain

34.4255, -112.963565.

BAT 5-3 CAPT 4-2 CAPT 5-1

Incident Number:

  • A5S-230500

  • PN P8AU (1522)

  • PNP8AU (1522)

Report Version: Day One - Initial

Current Incident Size: 65 acres - (Prepared 05/16/2023 13:41)

nearby water is 11.20 miles away from reported area of fire:

What --- I noted on the WildCad---the DIVS 7 tied to Willis- that is odd...??? and Darrell Willis Crews??? Whatttttt....???


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