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The upload time was slowing down on the front page on Androids so I am moving all my Mind, Body and Spirit images from front page to this link:


These are the folks I personally enjoy/visit and "highly recommend' and are a part of my life journey:


I was due for a procedure today August 1, 2019 yet last week I began this item instead:

if you want to try it- go ask a physician before trying it for yourself

Working on putting our Power Point Presentation on this week.

(8-23-19 - approx. one month I have tried to place the post online - with glitches and the posts vanished to start over)


Great Professional Ladies @ Scottsdale Foot Solutions



Adding this here February 6, 2021-

I, Joy A Collura, removed myself from Modern Family Medicine's care below because number one I was due in for a procedure December 2019 and she never followed up with me on that topic but she got herself involved in a very odd situation in 2020- I stand firm by my review:

I do not recommend:


I would like to add Dee's New Business Card.


I saw her Friday the 13th of December, 2019 for a 3 hour medical massage and I was "still" in pain after that I went to Scottsdale Monday the 16th and had to kill time and Tony helped for 2 hours (still in pain) at:


Carol Conti is top notch!


I am looking for a permanent Sports Doctor

who does S.O.A.P.s so if you know of any - drop me their business card(s)


Many ask me where I get my customized gear and I really like this company because of their MADE IN THE USA products:


Thank you for our moment at the Pinon Cafe June 26, 2020- You are the best! For your leather needs click on above or call Wild Bill (480) 572-2072.


I love these items and use them daily:

Organic & Fair Trade Aloe Vera Gel - Unscented

  • 96% Pure Organic Aloe Juice, one of nature's best natural moisturizers.

  • Cools and soothes skin after sun exposure.

  • Easy to apply and leaves no sticky residue.

  • Unscented and great for all skin types - even sensitive skin.

  • Certified Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Leaping Bunny cruelty free.

  • Family and planet-friendly.

  • Bottled in BPA-free and recyclable container.

  • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial color or dyes.

  • All ingredients are sourced from plants or are a product of fermentation.

Cool, soothe and hydrate dry and sun-parched skin with certified organic and fair trade aloe vera juice (and little else). It’s as close as you can get to breaking a leaf off an aloe plant! With its amazing moisturizing benefits, it delivers that feeling of instant relief we remember from our childhood days at the beach.

Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients

Organic Aloe†, Xanthan Gum (from non-GMO corn), Water (and) Gluconic Acid (and) Sodium Benzoate (from cassia oil and natural fructose sources), Glyceryl Caprylate (from non-GMO plant material), Citric Acid (from non-GMO corn).

† = Certified Fair Trade. 96% of product. ™


Original Sprout -



Front Page Moved to Here May 28, 2021 10:30pm:

May 12, 2021 I am resting. The future of this blog has always relied on

all contractual areas being met and still they lay unmet.

The content here was from 2018-2020 on this blog pertaining to YHF.

2021 is either a "pause" or the blog will close and I will walk away

for good. I am very displeased and I have huge regrets that I placed my life on hold for another persons' agenda(s). I am a housewife hiker. Any areas of this site made in "assertions" was done by another publishing person, not me. I will have to "pause" and review the site's posts this Summer/Fall 2021 to 'fact check and verify' - I placed trust in the wrong people. I just want the records out in a way we could get it from a laymen's way or firefighter terminology way. I did my best and continue to do so with all my health limitations.

Simple as that.


Archived from front page Summer 2022 - June 5 2022 3:50pm:

Since 2018, The Summers are usually Fred J. Schoeffler working on recap of last Season making a post and Summers for me, Joy A. Collura, are dedicated to reveal records in a "live" journaling fashion with my health and life events for family and friends. Then we take the other Seasons to what I place out in the Summers and create article type informative posts. If you need anything- Fred is available currently at

(928) 970-0926.

Best Regards,

Joy A Collura

-January 15, 2022-

Fred J. Schoeffler suggests scrolling to the bottom to the first article for chronological purposes, so he asks you to work from the last article up to the most recent.

My testimony is here: What does InvestigativeMEDIA mean to Joy A. Collura? Why did she first venture to IM Chapter One? (

Blog | yarnellhillfirerevel (

"Project 10 & 18 United" - and - "Project 10 & 18 International" are under construction for online website and the land soon to be Wildland Fire Lesson Learn Center.

Our Mission | Project 10 & 18 (

I, Joy A. Collura, have not yet joined the Project (2022) on any level - I will post the date here if/when I do. Please fact check and verify on anything to do with my name anywhere,

April 26, 2022- I currently have zero Fire Related areas on my plate and "just healing/recovering" and I am not tied to any areas - however working on " What does InvestigativeMEDIA mean to Joy A. Collura? "

changed to:


See you Abby this Summer 2022 :)


June 8 2022 3am:

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