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What dangers lie within their claims of invented "truth(s)" of what occurred on June 30, 2

What dangers lie within their claims of invented "truth(s)" of what occurred on June 30, 2013, that were created and proselytized by those little nagging mosquitoes of our lives?

2019-03-28 | Arizona Desert Walker Joy A. Collura and contributing other(s)

Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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The mosquitoes to my life are the opportunists - and it seems this Spring they have begun to come out in droves- but I guess it is to be expected with all the moisture this past season, both literally and figuratively. In addition, those Wildland Firefighters (WFs) / Firefighters (FFs) who have been disingenuous all this time will find that God's Word has meaning.

Luke 8:17 - "For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all." ( New Living Translation )

What is sad is that if this is how vicious the season has begun, then what is going to happen when more is revealed in Washington D.C. on specifics? Which, by the way, the "right" folks do have all the specifics ...

I think it is time that the people who are so locked on the "fairy tale" version of the truth of the June 30, 2013 tragedies - versus the reality of what occurred - need "check-ins" and "wake-up calls"-

I Corinthians 3:6 - "I planted the seed and Apollos watered it, but God made it grow." Berean Study Bible

I attended and was sanctioned in as a Firefighter 2 ( FFT2 ) at the 2019 ARIZONA WILDFIRE AND INCIDENT MANAGEMENT ACADEMY March 9-15, 2019. The Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy was created and developed in 2002, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It really has some true leaders and top notch instructors and students ...

In my opinion, this academy does need a memo out to their instructors and students. There is a high quality of training with the instructors and they "carry it forward" in the classrooms. I saw and experienced that. My concern is if we keep "allowing" certain behaviors to exist in professional settings, then that is unhealthy and unprofessional.

Social Media should not be a platform to create a "who are greater and nobler than us" mentality or spread perceptions that do not match realities. There are some current serious social media areas that I had to send to my legal team to ensure this certain negativity stops. If that is the current emotion based on false realities, then what is going to happen when I speak in Washington D.C. and reveal specific data that will very likely change the course of what has been shown about the Yarnell Hill Fire?

I find it very sad that we fail to find in others the beauty of why we were born and create an emphasis on integrity versus the commitment I am seeing from the world supporting the "whispers in the wind" horseshit.

If I know what I know on the Yarnell Hill Fire and I am getting students telling me details and specifics they just learned from an instructor on the Yarnell Hill Fire that has never been in any investigation reports official or unofficial, then there has to be guidance and direction to avoid telling rookies or students about the newly released data within the classroom or on campus. I want to emphasize their Staff does have the highest caliber in their wildland positions; they volunteer to teach because next to fighting fire; educating is priority to those wanting to be in the field or will always "live and breathe" the fire world long after they retire. There was a true family feel at this academy.

I did ask the administration to correspond with me on it, yet they choose not to respond, so I think the world needs to know the above information and within this post because the times of omissions and vested interests that I am seeing is what I have been told is referred to as a "plausible deniability." Additionally, the segregation of truth seekers that has happened since the YH Fire is purely disgusting on how they have been treated especially by the truth-knowers.

Despite all the things wrong with the world, we can still yoke together and make a permanent comprehension of the fact that some being shown the leadership role in the fire industry - really shouldn't be in that role. Let us bravely and confidently challenge it and work diligently to change it.

What follows will be the details of the February 26, 2019 7:30 am Annual Dennis H. Jones Living Well Network Mental Health Breakfast at the Hilton Memphis, 939 Ridge Lake Blvd. - McDonough shared his story-

We take issue with 'his story.' ... Stay tuned ...

Figure 1. Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough Memphis Interview Source: YouTube

WEB EXTRA: More with Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough ( (Local 24 Memphis Published on Feb 26, 2019) (52 views on 3/26/19 6pm)

Figure 2. Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough Memphis Interview Source: YouTube

Firefighter Hotshot Brendan McDonough’s Message To The Mid-South: “Fight For Your Life” (

(12 views on 3/26/19 6pm)

Figure 3. Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough Memphis Interview Source: YouTube

Firefighter Hotshot Brendan McDonough (

(16 views on 3/26/19 6pm)

Figure 4. Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough Memphis Interview Source: YouTube

Brendan McDonough Firefighter Hotshot (

(23 views on 3/26/19 6pm)

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 11:41 AM confirmations and the following is a contributing other:

"The ongoing Yarnell discussion forum at InvestigativeMEDIA is a PUBLIC forum.

The transcript of Donut's interview is a real whopper and more people should read that.

Anyone who knows anything about the Yarnell Fire knows Brendan is now just 'making shit up'."

When you click on this specific link below, remember, to scroll up and down and read it in its entirety regarding how WTKTT analyzes and shows the facts.

The comment from Investigative Media:

WantsToKnowTheTruth says

MARCH 12, 2019 AT 9:34 AM:


Just recently, former Granite Mountain hotshot Brendan McDonough had another one of his ongoing paid speaking engagements. This one was for a foundation in Memphis, Tennessee, and it took place on February 26, 2019. (emphasis added)

A local television station did a video interview with Brendan as part of the local promotion for the event.

In that video-interview, Brendan basically ‘retells the story’ of what he experienced in Yarnell, Arizona, on June 30 2013.

There are LOTS of places in this new “story” that Brendan is telling where he really goes off the rails and it becomes almost pure ‘made up’ fiction, rather than fact. (emphasis added)

There are times when the “story” he is now telling doesn’t even match anything in either his ADOSH testimony, or what he wrote in his OWN BOOK. (emphasis added)

More about that later… first things first.

Here is a link to the original video interview, followed by a full transcript of this ‘new story’ that Brendan is now telling…

YouTube Channel: Local24Memphis

Video Title: WEB EXTRA: More with Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough

Published: February 26, 2019

Full transcript (accurate to the best of his abilities) ——————————————————————————————————– -'I believe my story is…. it is tragic… but it is full of hope and I’ve been blessed with that… and it… ya know… started as a young child and, ya know, we fast-forward to this… this defining moment of June thirtieth, two-thousand and thirteen, and…

So we wake up and… my roommate, he’s on the crew… we get… we get awake and we go to the… the fire station, ya know, five-thirty AM… and got coffee goin’… got lunch packed and we’re ready to go.

And so we get there… we see the rest of the guys and we’re drinkin’ coffee and… uhm… about fifteen, twenty minutes in we get a call to go Yarnell. It’s about an hour away from home and I’m sittin’ there thinkin’… Okay… hour away from home… it’s a small little fire… we’re gonna be home for Fourth-of-July.

This’ll be perfect.

As a hotshot, you’re never home for Fourth-of-July.

And so that was kinda the… the big-push, ya know. Everyone’s got little kids and it’s like… man… I wanna see the fireworks with our kids.

So we get drivin’ down there, and as any good hotshot would do, I… I take a nap. Fall asleep anywhere. I don’t know how long we could be workin’. Twenty-four hours straight. Thirty-six hours straight. So I get some sleep… and I remember wakin’ up probly about twenty minutes before we get there and I start lookin’ around at the terrain and… ya know… what… what we’re seeing and what we’re kinda gonna be up against and… ya know… how big could this fire potentially get.

And so we get to the town and… so… my superintendent, Eric Marsh, he gets a briefing and he goes “Hey… I got somethin’ for us” and we’re gonna go ahead and get a heel on this fire… and that just means at the… the starting point, we’re gonna start building an anchor, and we’re gonna build a safe spot to start from. We gotta have somewhere to go from… and so that was… that was our task.

And so… ah… we grabbed our packs, grabbed some extra water, grabbed everything we need and we started hikin’, like any other day.

And so we start gettin’ up there and I remember it bein’ humid. And I know ya think… ya know… Prescott Arizona? Humid? ( he laughs ). Tell ya… have ya ever been to Memphis? But… it was… it was a humidity that I hadn’t felt before on a fire like that and so I just remember startin’ to sweat a lot… and so I was drinkin’ water, and we stopped about halfway, which is kinda unusual. Usually we don’t stop. It was a hot, humid day fer sure… and… uhm… took a water break and kept goin’ and we get to the top and my captain and my superintendent… Eric Marsh, Jesse Steed… they’re lookin over and they go “Hey… we need a lookout. Hey Donut…”.

That’s me. My nickname’s Donut.

They go “You wanna be a lookout today?”

I say “Yes, sir. I’d love to.”

And… uh… it was a task that I was honored to be a part of… ya know… I have responsibilities and roles and it’s a leadership role. At the time I was… I was twenty-one years old and… uhm… I was just… ya know… tryin’ to make a life for myself and my daughter and be that dad that I never had.

And so I… I felt a sense of pride when they asked me… I say “they trust me”. And so we talked about what… what they needed, what they wanted me to do, what they wanted me to watch for on the fire.

So I said “Allright…” ya know… “I’ll see you guys later. Love ya.”

And so I start walkin’ down and I get picked up by somebody and he gives me a ride to my lookout position… and I’m watchin’ this fire… and as the day goes on I’m watchin’ it kinda pick up like any other fire… and I’m talkin’ with my superintendent and he goes “No, thank you… I appreciate it… ya know… I’m…”… uh… from the hill they were at they could see a lot of what I could see. The main thing they wanted me to see was to… to look into a canyon that they couldn’t see over.

And so I’m just hangin’ out… takin’ weather… ya know… I got a a weather kit that let’s… allows me to find out temperature, the relative humidity and what we call probability of ignition… what’s the likelihood of how fast it’s gonna burn.

And so it… it starts gettin’ hotter and hotter throughout the day and hit about lunch time and we’re seein’… ya know… eighty-plus and… uhm… the fire’s startin’ to kick up a little bit… but it’s movin’ away from us. It’s goin’ north.

So we’re pretty safe. We’re… we’re… we’re pretty good at this point.

And… uhm… I eat lunch. It’s an MRE… ya know… meals ready to eat for the military… and so I think I had like beef macaroni or somethin’. Couldn’t fix it with enough tabasco, but ( he laughs ) got it down and kept goin’ and I…

I heard over the radio… this weather event comin’ in… and it said, you know, it’s… it’s bringin’ gusts of fifty to sixty miles an hour and… uhm… it’s gonna turn the fire around… and I’m sittin’ there thinkin’… wow… that’s… that could be pretty impressive if that happens. I haven’t seen that happen too often. So I call up my captain, my supe, and I say “Hey sir… did you copy that weather?”, ya know, “I did, but what did you hear?”, and so I told him what I hear and he goes “Okay”. You know, we got a timeframe… that gives a timeframe of about TWO HOURS for this weather event.

And so… I’m sittin’ there spinnin’ my weather… and… uh… I’m watchin’ this storm come in and I… and I can see it off in the distance. I remember talkin’ to my Captain… “Hey Cap… you see that storm comin’?”… he says… “Yea… I see it comin’. Keep your eyes on it and let me know what’s going on”.

And… uhm… about an hour later… another weather event comes in and says “Hey… we got about an hour” before this weather storm comes in… and my crew’s workin’, they’re on the fire’s edge, they’re goin’ direct, they’re workin’ with helicopters… and at this point the… the fire’s moved so far north there was another town over that was threatened… and so they had started pullin’ off ‘cus they couldn’t save certain homes… and… uhm… so that’s kinda… that’s startin’ to go… gettin’ a little chaotic… and then this weather, you know, it’s gettin’ closer and closer.

And so I… it’s my time… uh… what time was it? ( He thinks for a moment ).

It was late afternoon. I’m talkin’ to my captain and I say “Hey… I think it’s a good idea for me to get outta here ‘cus the fire’s started doin’ what it was supposed to do. It started goin’ from north, to northeast, you know, it was just kinda makin’ its turn… makin’ its push… but the winds… we haven’t seen it yet. It wasn’t fifty, sixty… it just wasn’t comin’ like… like they had said at that time.

And so I was on my way out. Fire starts to pick up a little bit and I can see it comin’ across the road I was supposed to go out on.

That same gentleman that had picked me up earlier knew I was there… and so he came… I was gonna call for help and I was like… I don’t… I don’t think this is, ya know, uhm… I think I could make it… ya know… but I don’t wanna put someone else’s life at risk for my own decision.

And so… uh… as soon as I went to hit the radio button… I let go… and he pulled up.

And so he’s like… “Get in!”… ya know… “C’mon Donut!”. ( He laughs ). I’m like “Allright”.

So I throw my pack in there… and… ya know… he’s like “You wanna tell your supe what’s goin’ on?”. This is another superintendent of a different crew… and I said “Sir… why don’t you. Okay? I think you got a little more experience. Why dontcha tell him what’s goin’ on and…”.

So he’s chattin’ with him. He says “Hey… I got Donut. He’s with us. We’re gonna move your vehicles out of where they’re at. We’re gonna bring ’em in town… and we’ll see y’all in town”. Ya know… “we’ll see ya some time today”.

And so that was the last time I had talked to my superintendent.

And… uhm… so we get the vehicles in town… and so… they… ya know… the… the incident command team they’re goin’ “Hey… this fire’s startin’ to turn out on us. There’s a bunch a homes up north. We need to try and get in there and prep it”.

And so we start gettin’ up there… it’s about a five minute drive. Get our vehicles parked. I hop in with them and I’m puttin’ on my pack when we… when we finally got to where we were parked… and it couldn’t a been two minutes in that we started seein’ embers fall from the fire.

And… they’re probly… they’re pretty big. Ya know… ’bout half-dollar size start comin’ down… and so this fire’s startin’ to start everywhere and so it’s like… allright… it’s time to get outta here. This is… this is dangerous.

Uhm… no… no home’s worth it.

And so… over the radio I hear my crew and they’re… ya know… “Hey… we’re headed to our escape route. We’re on our way out”… ya know… “We’re gonna… we’re gonna meet up in town”.

So I’m like “Allright. Cool. I’ll see ya in about thirty, thirty-five minutes”.

And so at this point in time, they said “Hey… this… this weather event… you got… you got an HOUR… when they started moving.”

And… what had happened in an HOUR… happened in about ten, fifteen minutes.

So this fire had completely turned around… and it seemed like as soon as it lined up east and west… opposite of north and south, the way it was going… that wind just came in. That storm came in… and with the monsoon season that we have it’s, ya know, a heavy rain event… but sometimes it… it brings no rain… it just brings a lotta wind… and so it just pushes out these down… downward flows that can… uhm… just create its own… its own weather within a little area. Like a micro-burst, almost.

And so… this weather just started turnin’.

And we had pulled outta the… the north end of the town we were at. We started movin’ more south to where the vehicles were.

Where… ya know… someone had reached out to my crew… and… “Hey… how you guys doin? You makin’ your way down?” “Yea… we’re makin’ our way down”.

And… uhm… I remember watchin’ this… this fire come through and it started to burn through the city… and I remember thinkin’… we’re… we’re losin’ homes right now. Uh… people are losin’ their livelihoods.

And… it’s important. Ya know. And… and… people are being evacuated.

And ya kinda feel this sense of like… did I do enough?.

Ya know? Was my efforts enough?… for what’s goin’ on?

Then I gotta… at twenty-one I’m figuring out how to check myself if like this is a natural disaster.

We find success when we find it… and when we can’t… we just… ya know… what can we change? How do we grow from it?

There’s some days you just… there’s not much you can do.'-

( Transcript continued next ‘Reply’ due to post-length limits )…


  • WantsToKnowTheTruth says

MARCH 12, 2019 AT 9:36 AM

( McDonough interview transcript – continued )

So my crew’s makin’ their way down and this fire really just starts pickin’ up and usually smoke goes… rises… ya know… and this… this wind was so intense that it just laid over. It just created like a two-hundred foot layer of smoke that just kinda laid over an entire town.

And… uh… my superintendent called over the radio and he goes… ya know… “This is… this is Eric Marsh breaking in on the radio. We’re gettin’ ready to deploy our fire shelters”.

I remember when it hit me… I go “Man… that’s… that’s not a good place to be in right now”.

But they’ve trained for this, ya know. These guys have been in the fire service for ten, fifteen… ya know… years… twenty years… uhm… and… I… I had a lotta trust in them. I’d worked for them for two and a half years and I’d never been put in a position that I felt compromised or unsafe… and so… I was like… allright… ya know… they’re… they’re gonna get outta this. This happens… and… uhm… this is a part of firefighting. This is an aspect that does happen.

And… so we start gettin’ ready for medical and a lotta people are startin’ to get pulled outta the city. We’ve evacuated what we can evacuate. And… uh… that was it. That was the last time I heard from my supe over the radio. And… uhm… the fire had passed… and we were ready to get in there… but… homes were still burnin’. Power lines were crossin’ the road and… uh… there’s not much we could do to reach ’em and so they put a helicopter up with a… with a paramedic in there… and they find ’em… and ya hear him and he says “I’ve touched down on the ground” and you can hear the helicopter in the background… and about two minutes later he… he’s like “We got nineteen confirmed”… I’m like… “Yea. I told ya it was nineteen guys. Whadda ya mean?”

And in that split second I knew… like… they all died. Like… nineteen men had just passed away.

The amount of shock I felt is unexplainable. That loss.

That deep love that you form with men… I call it man-love… ya know… Man-love? Yea… man-love. Love that only men can have for one another.

For one another human being… and… it didn’t matter where you came from… what your past was like. I was a heroin addict. I was a felon… and these people took me in.

And… uh… they were gone. In the blink of an eye.

It was tough. I didn’t know what to feel.

And so there’s still… this city is still burning. There’s still a fire that’s threatening… and so… tryin’ to figure out how to get them outta there… what to do… this… this is somethin’ that just does not happen often.

And… I remember goin’ back to the buggies… and the news had started to spread… and I remember seein’ one of my brother’s cellphones in the truck ringing… and I remember thinkin’… he’s never gonna pick that up again. His wife’s never gonna hear his voice again.

And the rest was kind of a blur. For about a year.

I just did what I was asked to do and went to funerals, went to memorials, fundraisers. I didn’t get help. I’m a tough fireman. What do I need help for? Talk to somebody? Nah… let’s just go to the gym. Nah. It’s fine.

It started takin’ a serious toll on me. On my body and my mind and my family.

—————————————————————————————————– +13:56 – END OF BRENDAN MCDONOUGH’S FEB 26, 2019 MEMPHIS VIDEO INTERVIEW

When you click on this specific link below, remember, to scroll up and down and read it in its entirety regarding how WTKTT analyzes and shows the facts.

I feel it is important to have McDonough's transcripts as many places as possible publicly especially when this Summer's events take place.

What follows in Figure 5 below are several snippets from an InvestigativeMEDIA post on McDonough's comments to SAIT and / or ADOSH Investigators in response to questions regarding whether or not the GMHS followed the Wildland Fire Rules. His response was that Fire Order #10 (Fight fire aggressively but provide for safety first) [ sic ] was "Hillbilly" and "old" and that they "were smarter than that, a lot smarter."

Figure 5. InvestigativeMEDIA snippets of GMHS McDonough comments to Investigators that the Fire Order #10 was "Hillbilly" and "old" and that the GMHS was "much smarter" Source: InvestigativeMEDIA

After realizing that third year-GMHS McDonough felt that Fire Order #10 was considered "hillbilly" and "old," then I encourage the Wildland Fire World of WFs and FFs to attend and actively join in to this "Guest Live" event and really bravely and confidently ask the much needed and important questions this Friday at 3 pm:

Figure 6. Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough GUEST LIVE Interview this Friday March 29, 2019 3 pm on his FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM Source: Instagram (Snippet)

How many of you after watching later this week Brendan's interviews are left with a kaleidoscope of memories from June 30, 2013, and it did not match to what you faced?...or saw?...especially for those of you involved in the spur road firing operations...I am sorry that you were directed and restricted from purely sharing (Touhy Regulations and the Federal Housekeeping Statute)...I really am sorry.

My continued and sincere strong suggestion is for you to write me or see me in person and I will anonymously get your data forward publicly. Some people have told me they have had to get things off their chest - the guilt that eats them - Please, world when more is revealed this year ... please forgive the ones who have not yet spoken or revealed the accurate information. Please forgive them. A lot was vested to create their seal ... it just did not work.

For the oppressors, let us get together and talk about the pumpkin area on the Boulder Spring Ranch of that weekend of the Yarnell Hill Fire- instead of using online social media areas as a pulpit to create your own private 'safe-zone.'

Let us talk...I am all okay to talk to those that want to ensure the "old ways" are bridged to the "new ways" correctly. We need to remember the fire as it happened.

Why is it that some leaders will let you know when you are in trouble, but some other leaders do not want the same respect when they are doing wrong? This is clearly a double standard.

Let us talk about firing out the "spur roads" of the Sesame to the Shrine areas. I want you to be fully aware that this unrevealed occurrence has continued to live with the 19 that died. Let's talk about the feelings of chaos those of you came across when you lit the areas you did. Let's talk about "in the black" - the ones in the spur road areas. Let's talk Division Boundaries.

Let us talk about the mouthy verbiage that afternoon. Let us talk about the fire runs that raced 5000 feet in less than 30-40 seconds.

If you want to use Social Media to have a "follower-base" then publicly give all the relevant and correct information, please. Place a link to my blog and let the alleged followers decide and make their own assessment. Be right. Be fair.

Let us talk lit-up spur roads. So many have too much information that cannot or will not reveal and I know who.

I am coming out with the documented records, so some of you may have to learn new job fields and some will need true mental health help, and at this point some should not be allowed to use "mental health" as a "cop-out."

Stop playing the victim role that you were told to be quiet and allow your integrity to override that.

In other words "Man Up." [ gender non-specific - right Gary ]

I truly am not a "party-pooper" nor a "party-liner" but what I am is a lady with true integrity.

What is worse?

That weekend on the Weavers? Or the too many people who suppressed the truth since?

I will, until the day I pass on and thereafter, ensure the data comes forward. I am very disappointed by people who think "coming clean" is taking a shower-

After all the conversations you had or did not have - the time of more to the Yarnell Hill Fire is here and it's coming out into the light. There were WFs, FFs, and regular people who took more photos and videos of fire behaviors and actions and vehicles and firefighters.

What follows in bolded red are excerpts from the Serious Accident Investigation Team (SAIT) Serious Accident Investigation Report (SAIR) September 2013. These are the references to the dozer line and Sesame to Shrine Corridor Planned Firing Operation(s):

SAIT-SAIR pages 15, 18, 21, 24, and 25 (all emphasis added above)

Figure 6. M2U00264 video on the Shrine - Unlisted - ( 5,447 views ) Source: YouTube ( AZSF Uploaded on Nov 7, 2014 )

The following are from the very informative and insightful Coyote Blog (August 2013) and associated comments specifically mentioning the YH Fire, GMHS, PFD Darrel Willis, and much more; out there in cyber-world that I feel needs to be here and well-worth reading "Fetishizing An Enormous F*ckup":

Figure 7 a-g. (a) Fetishizing an enormous f*uckup (August 28, 2013) From the location of the Yarnell fire deaths. (g) Apparently No Mistakes Were Made In Yarnell Fire. (September 30, 2013) Coyote Blog on Yarnell Hill Fire with comments and archives. Source: Blogger


In closing, let’s get right to it ... some of the alleged victim(s) often receive financial support and other secondary gain as a result of the nationwide uproar(s). Unfortunately, further attention to these events reveals that some details of the story don’t hold up to scrutiny.

"Why would people loudly and publicly proclaim themselves as victims? Perhaps a better question, based upon the level of secondary gain, attention, protection and support received by these people, is why wouldn’t they? With all of the attention on the issue, why are we surprised when people are exaggerating, using, or downright lying, about victimization? Of course, when we attach benefits to identification as a victim, we will hear from more victims, both real and exaggerated." ( Psychology Today - The Culture of Victimhood -Hoaxes, Trigger Warnings and Trauma-Informed care. Posted Jun 28, 2014 )

14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,

(Ephesians 6:14) New International Version (NIV)

Source: Ruler Assembly Ministries

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