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May I Introduce Wildland Fire's Top Notch Person ... Dr. Ted Putnam ... His Life Example Inspire

May I Introduce Wildland Fire's Top Notch Person ... Dr. Ted Putnam ... His Life Example Inspires Others To Become More ... Wouldn't You Agree?

2018-10-15 | Arizona Desert Walker Joy A. Collura and contributing other(s)

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Consider now Dr. Putnam's research paper that is located only here on our YHFR website and, and most recently in 2019, on the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center. Dr. Putnam makes some interesting and thought provoking comments: "Historically accident investigations have provided crucial feedback for maximizing safety. These investigations have usually produced step-by-step factual reports to document the accident. ... Generally the goal of accident reports is to convey as much of the truth of an event that is discoverable. ... Sometimes investigators deliberately distort or do not report all the causal elements. Such biases lead firefighters to distrust the resulting reports, which can hamper our efforts to stay safe." (emphasis added)

"Although it seems obvious that accident investigations should strive to uncover the actual cause and conditions that led to the accident, this is seldom attempted let alone advocated in the relevant agency investigation guides used by wildland fire and other organizational ... accident investigators." (emphasis added)

Figure 1. A 30 page Accidents, accident guides, stories and the truth Source: Dr. Ted Putnam (IAWF)

I know I mention Dr. Ted Putnam in person or on my blog a lot. Charlie Moseley and Dr. Ted Putnam from the start in 2013 always gave me information as best and pure as they could being they knew I was not your usual lady and I was sponging all areas yet those men always shared pure and slow where I could comprehend the fire information.

Dr. Ted Putnam has been working on Mann Gulch for a long time and YH Fire has not been his forefront Wildfire even though it was one of the epic ones, he wanted to keep the pursuit and focus to Mann Gulch.

I am thankful he takes the time out and shares in the manner he does. He is a true leader.

Some of the younger crowd feel YH Fire sets the bar and some young FFs say "who is Dr. Ted Putnam". Boy, I have to make an old school versus new school post soon.

Dr. Ted Putnam is one of the truest marks of a leader. His career actions - as the rest of the world wonders why he is not marching in step with the status quo - he has always stayed true... When I am zigging through life, you may find Dr. Ted Putnam zagging... always when one is out there "complaining," while the other is optimistic hoping for change, I see Dr. Ted Putnam as the "sail" to make this all seem to function in a very conscientious, sensible, fair, knowledgeable, intellectual, respectful way. He has never said do not mention my name or do not let anyone know we talked... "those people" know who they are that has done that to me who are/were elite in the Fire Industry.

The reason he stands out in any crowd is not the blue Columbia shirts or the once smokejumping outfits or nomex but because he is special/unique in this Fire Industry and I will not accept the new generation of FFs say "who is that?"

When you GTS (Google That Shit) his name or Wildland Fire it will lead you to this post where I keep a file of this important paper and misc. other links.

Each year has passed me by since the YH Fire and each year I feel stronger that Dr. Ted Putnam - if you spend the littlest amount of time with him - it will change your life to become a better Y O U. Top notch fella. I was always hoping certain Incident Command Folks would have spoke up and told more on the YH Fire yet in due time my blog page and its post will share more details that those men lacked in doing to this date. I get tired of hearing the gag orders or the memos or the Touhy lingo ... there has to be a mindful mental decision to do the right thing so true lessons can be adhered and learned...

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