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Are You Wondering Why It Is Taking Me So Long To Post At Times? Are We Ready To Drop The Dash - Are

Are You Wondering Why It Is Taking Me So Long To Post At Times? Are We Ready To Drop The Dash--- ? Are We Ready For The Commas? Or Finally Have We Said Enough? And Now We Are Finally Ready For The Exclamation Point - Right - Right ?

Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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Fixing Web page Issues..."loose ends"..."glitches"...crashing at the computer and I wanted to post one tonight but I see the clock and it is already Thursday morning so give me a day or so to post one; to help a YH Fire investigator with clarity that there was cover ups and lies and so on because looking for proper audio transcript program. If you know of any- let me know.

In 2018, I am creating long term self-improvement goals like getting the training, certification, and experience I need to further this page in the right direction. As well, the basic logistics, like cleaning up and helping others and lightening many folks loads so we all can move more easily. Doing my best to rank the importance of the items on our list, using A, B, and C. Items ranked A are things that can be completed in a day or two. B items are those that will take somewhat longer, and C items are those that will require serious commitment over some time. There are a lot of areas I need to cover in regards to the YH Fire since some from the YH Fire investigation teams seem to perceive a label that just does not support the reality of who I am. I can empathize for the man because they spent a lot of time professionally on their endeavor to make a good report, yet I plan to bring the data I have collected over five years to the forefront, and there is cover up and fraud - those are the facts.

Making change is fraught with suffering, and suffering is a great motivator for the right reasons.

I told you all to have a Happy Labor Day weekend. However I end up planning to spend my weekend, it will involve posting this first. I said I would do an unfamiliar route and here I am. Most housewives are today gardening, knitting, or painting as I am peeling and releasing another layer of the YH Fire onion; education and knowledge sharing. That is sad, however, it is very important. I did make a batch of chocolate chip cookies though to keep with traditional housewife duties.

It’s not easy, in this uncertain world, to deliberately choose change and instability that I am unfamiliar with and at times uncomfortable with, but it is needed. Even when it’s the right thing to do, it can still feel wrong. My family and friends understand this since I, in 2018, have made my focus "" and not always balancing their lives' issues into my life. It almost seems or appears that I am doing a "me - me - me" path, yet I am not. I am here to hopefully ensure positive change in the wildland fire industry by showing what is currently happening with my endeavors to release the facts on the YH Fire. Occasionally, I will address current fires with similar fire weather and fire behavior and human factors that would provide lessons learned, because it appears that Wildland Firefighters are dying for the very same reasons. For example, the hidden areas to the Carr Fire, Mendocino Complex Fire, and the Rattlesnake Fire, etc.

Recently, one of the YH Fire investigators who spent six months looking into the YH Fire thinks I lack equanimity, and to that I say - "with as much as I have gained in knowledge since June 30, 2013, myself and the ones helping and giving their contribution(s) to my web page, we have spent an immense amount of time and energy in this important endeavor. So then, there is nothing "wacked" about it - revealing the truths is serious business."

I am the sensitive sort. I have seen people both excited and excitable this week. Squabbles have broken out in a flash, simply because many folks are identifying very closely with their own personal/professional opinions; or maybe it is as simple as the insidious Spiritual Warfare when dealing with subjects of this nature. Perhaps I will serve as a good example for everyone with this post that even if someone labels you unjust and wrong as I have recently seen/felt a YH Fire Investigator do that to me. I can be compassionate enough to see all sides of an issue, not just my own. He spent many months to publish and release a professional report, and now some housewife hiker building a web page is taking the time out to show more data than others are willing to release to the world (some very sensitive). That is not wacky. On the contrary, that is God's Hand guiding me to do the right thing. How about Y O U - what are you doing to help reveal the truths about the YH Fire?

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Site Update:

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organizing phase.

If I get the written consent on 3- they will

be posted but check back soon. Updated 8-25-18 10:46pm Figures 2b-2k

on "How we got here and why is it that we should speak up?"

Also I meet with legal team on some sensitive areas being pushed to the front soon on here..

I have a funeral 8-26-18 and from that day until 9-17-18 I probably will be "away from pc" to get some solid hike time in so

Happy Labor Day!

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"Truth will ultimately prevail when there is pains taken to bring it to light." Source: From George Washington to Charles Mynn Thruston, 10 August 1794

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