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Love Is Freedom ... So Is Telling The Truth. Are Y O U Ready?

2018-09-02 | Arizona Desert Walker Joy A. Collura and contributing other(s)

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Figure 1. Accessing AZ Public Records website image using Snipping Tool (Snippet). Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

I went to a family funeral/ "celebration of life" this week and Pastor Kinglsey O. Palmer gets "keyword" credit for the title of this post: ( )

He stated "Something can come good from bad." and changing the dash to comma then exclamation point from sunrise to sunset or as he said it "Son"set. We will miss you Irene dearly. It also raised awareness again to YH Fire and all the deaths since 2013...all the cancers...from pancreatic to throat to so many types...even extended to Peeples Valley areas.

Let's talk Peeples Valley...

Peeples Valley Fire Department; a 1.54 acres unmanned station - who has two Fire Chiefs in the past two - plus years that have really not done their job when it pertains to my public records request. They are always rerouting me telling me that the State has it because they were contracted by State but then BLM and State Forestry shared with me the Peeples Valley Fire Department/District are the custodians to their own records.

Figure 2. Questions about AZ Public Records website Snippet image. Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 3. Common Pitfalls of Public Record Request Snippet image. Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 4. Denied Access to Records - Right to take Public Body to Court Snippet image. Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 5. Maintenance of Records Snippet image. Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 6. AZ Attorney General Opinion. #I13-012 Dated 12/02/13 [R13-018] Snippet image Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 7. Attorney General Opinion #l13-012 Dated 12-02-2013 (R13-018) Snippet image Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

Figure 8. Maintaining and Preserving Records Snippet image. Source: AZ State Library, Archives and Public Records (

8-28-18 from 4:04pm - 6:29pm I got some incoming, encouraging and uplifting "reminder" texts: "God is always there. Be strong. I love you for what you are doing. It really matters. Thank You." ... "You know what to do in your heart. I trust you and support you." ... "Stay strong, my friend. These times will challenge and frustrate you. Hold the course. Your motivation is true. We love you for that. The dead are counting on you. Thank you." ... "...You are one of a kind, Joy...keep up the good work. Thanks for caring for the little guy. You're a treasure!" ... "You have the world's greatest husband..." ...We are all worthy of God's Love..." ... "You are on target." ..."You make me very happy we met and I'm proud of you for all things you are doing to ensure truth is shown" ... "...forge spite of the negative comments [from that YH Fire investigator] who judge you without the facts. The truth will be set free for not just you but many others..." ... he said a quote by Susan Jeffers: "Feel the fear then do it anyway." ... "I know that's why he chose you to witness the last day with the 19."

What that man and others did not know was that my finger was on the "delete" button to close this website. No one knows this but God and me and now you but even my husband who had no clue the above texts were coming in, even he stated his support and to remember that when "frustrated" he is praying for me as flawed as I am but very straight forward I am as well. He said through God all things are possible.

So then - that to me, is God ... This is not an easy path. I think the path is harder for anyone participating along side with me not just my immediate family.

"I know that I have been Blessed in my life to have His shine on me everywhere I go. It is in Him I get my strength. There were times I let Him down. I understand the meaning of His Love. It gives me "freedom" and He will always be in this heart of mine. I remember when He stood by me when times when my life was turning upside down and He always gave me a reason- Thanking Him for always "Believing" and always giving me "Hope". I want you to know God, I understand You- the freedoms You give us; Your Love is Freedom. Your Love is strong and you are the sunshine to my days. I love you. Truth is very freeing..." Source: Unknown Lady in 2001 Chandler, Arizona

I added the above quote from this Unknown Woman because it is very true, and it is how I feel. I know I have followed guidelines even when it has been quite frustrating.

To this date, when I have requested the Peeples Valley Fire Department (PVFD) public records, they have not fully fulfilled my requests, even with an AZ Ombudsman and the AZ Attorney General involved. For reasons unknown, PVFD redirected me to State Forestry and BLM, however, both these agencies rightly stated that PVFD is the proper custodian to their own records, yet PVFD fails to fulfill that area. I have given them more than enough time. Are any of you readers and/or visitors ready to give it a try and get your Public Records? I can tell you this much. Bob Brandon treated me kindly after the YH Fire when he had his grandson assessing Kimberly Leroy's property as I was pulling weeds at the Flippens ( )

Figure 9. A USPS certified mail receipt showing when PVFD Fire Chief Bob Heckman signed for my public records request yet years later still not complete. Source: Joy A Collura's Personal Cell

Figure 10. AZ Ombudsman Citizens' Aide (AZOCA) Complaint email on-going thread between Joy A. Collura and AZ Ombudsman regarding PVFD Records Request. Source: Collura and AZ Ombudsman Gmail

Figure 11. Image of my "June 2016 public records request not being properly fulfilled by peeples valley fd is being rerouted to you" Source: Collura and Garner Gmail

Figure 12. Complaint asking the ETA of my long overdue PVFD Public Records Request. Source: Collura and ?? Gmail

Figure 13. PVFD Public Records Request Complaint reply Source: Collura and Garone Gmail

Figure 14. Documents (images) received from Chief Bob Heckman at the in-person Nov 2016 meeting to go over public records and my certified mail receipts. Source: Collura and PVFD Gmail

Figure 15. Proof of mailing of the separate, SECOND letters to PVFD, Bagdad FD, and Central Yavapai FD (CYFD) respectively. CYFD is the only one that rectified my Public Records Requests. Source: Collura. PVFD, Bagdad, and CYFD ?? Gmail

Figure 16. Email to the AZ Ombudsman and AZ Attorney General regarding PVFD Fire Chief Bob Brandon hanging up on me during my July 20, 2018, Public Records Request inquiry by telephone. Attached are the video showing the PVFD Water Tender driving out of the Shrine area, a copy of the original Public Records Request, the Signature receipt, and the actual recorded phone conversation referenced above. Source: Gmail, YouTube video and audio recording, and Gmail

Figure 17. Email to the AZ Ombudsman and AZ Attorney General regarding PVFD Fire Chief Bob Brandon hanging up on me during my July 20, 2018, Public Records Request inquiry by telephone. Attached are relevant mailing documents. Source: Collura and PVFD Gmail

Figure 18. Email to AZ Ombudsman and AZ Attorney General regarding my Public Records Requests. Source: Collura and Garone Gmail

So then, my question is why - if there were no records for YHF for Bob Brandon and the Peeples Valley FD Water Tender in the Sesame to Shrine corridor areas - why was there a news article published on it? And why was it posted YouTube video as well? These "Public Records" clearly indicate that the PVFD Water Tender AND Bob Brandon were actively engaged in the YH Fire suppression activities which would have generated Public Records, (i.e. personnel time sheets, vehicle mileage and/or time sheets, Unit Logs, etc.).

Figure 19. ( ) "New videos released from deadly Yarnell Hill Fire (2) "The Arizona State Forestry Division released 21 videos showing firefighters battling the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona on June 30, 2013. The videos, which the state division said it obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request from the US Forest Service, show the firefighters before and after confirming that 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a [wildfire] crew from the Prescott Fire Department, had been killed. Credit: Arizona State Forestry Division/US Forest Service, published November 10, 2014. Source: USFS. ASF, YouTube

Figure 19a. ( ) "Only the braves real life yarnell hill" revealing zoomed-in Sesame Street and Shrine Corridor aggressive fire behavior and two red Municipal Type 6 Fire Engines departing area after the PVFD Water Tender and the BRHS Crew Carrier exits. Newly published August 31, 2018. Source: Lloyd Prime - YouTube

Consider the InvestigativeMEDIA post below regarding the videos in Figures 19 and 19a.

Video clips contained in this (new) YouTube composite video …

* +0:00 through +2:26 Aaron Hulburd’s M2U00261 video. It was taken while OPS1 Todd Abel was on his second recon flight around the Yarnell Hill Fire aboard Helicopter ‘Ranger 58’. That recon flight left the ground at exactly 2:00 PM and lasted for 30 minutes, landing at 2:30 PM. The ‘clip’ from Hulburd’s M2U00261 video used in this new YouTube video actually begins at the +25 second mark in the original Hulburd video ( and is missing those first 25 seconds of video/audio in the original ). The rest of Hulburd’s original M2U00261 video is then included in full, with nothing else ‘missing’.

* +2:27 through +2:54

Aaron Hulburd’s M2U00262 video. Shot from the Shrine of St. Joseph parking lot at the end of the paved part of Shrine Road.

* +2:54 through +3:22 Aaron Hulburd’s M2U00263 video. Shows vehicles exiting from the Shrine Road Youth Camp area.

* +3:24 through the end of the video at +4:31

Aaron Hulburd’s M2U00264 video. Shows Paul musser on foot at the Shrine parking lot, Tony Sciacca leaving the area in his white-with-red-stripes PNF pickup with camper back, and then more vehicles emerging from the Shrine Road Youth Camp area.


At the very end of Hulburd’s M2U00264 video… we see and hear Blue Ridge Superintendent Brian Frisby and Blue Ridge Captain Trueheart Brown pull up to the St. Joseph Shrine parking lot in their Polaris Ranger UTV.

According to the Blue Ridge GPS tracking data… the exact time of that arrival at that spot was 1637 ( 4:37 PM) … just 2 minutes before Jesse Steed’s first MAYDAY was going to hit the radio.

The M2U0064 video is 3 minutes and 37 seconds long.

So that makes the actual START time for Aaron Hulburd’s M2U0064 video right around 1633.23 ( 4:33.23 PM ) ( 1637 minus 3:37 ).

As for which ‘engines’ those are… that was determined long ago.

Central Yavapai Engine E-59 License Plate on front says “CEY P59” License Plate on rear ( as seen in other photos of same engine ) says “G-682DV”

Sun City West Fire Engine Says “Brush 103” on the side.

  • Figure 20. ( ) Recording of PVFD Fire Chief Bob Heckman regarding above referenced Public Records Requests. The video/audio does tend to skip/jump at times so you may catch it when listening to recording. I want this video to be investigated for the alleged financial fraud. Source: PVFD, YouTube

Figure 21. ( ) audio clip of PVFD Chief Bob Brandon Hangs Up On Yarnell Hill Fire Eyewitness Twice Source: PVFD, YouTube

Figure 22. Screenshot of Figure 23 video showing YouTube ID; set on private status currently Source: Collura and YouTube

Figure 23. (video) I recorded directly from marker 40:20 through 44:20 (from above screenshot video) to avoid my "much rambling" to hear/see how holding all the data inside has affected me over time. My private YouTube vlog was for family and friends during my 125+ pound weight loss journey the past year. I then turned the setting to "public" for awhile even though it is somewhat embarrassing (okay; a lot embarrassing); yet I feel the world needs to know how much I have been anguishing over the aftermath of the Yarnell Hill Fire (YH Fire). Source: Joy A. Collura, YouTube

Figure 24. Contacting Arizona Ombudsman Source: Joy A. Collura, YouTube

Figure 25. PVFD Roster. Source: PVFD

( )

Figure 26. Yavapai County records for PVFD Fire Station. Source: Yavapai County Records

Figure 27. PDF image (six pages) Letter To The Respondents of my repeated attempts to attain answers on my Public Records Request(s). You will note that the right side is cut off. Source: Collura, Garone, Heckman, Garner, Ombudsman, ASF Gmail

If you want to fact check information this area is currently stating here are other public records links pertaining to Peeples Valley Fire Department:

( ); search for Peeples Valley Fire Department.

Consider now my inquiry made in regard to a Phone Conversation between a small town municipal fire chief at his office during business hours and whether I can post a recorded conversation on my blog.

Quoting a paid in full Arizona Attorney using Speech Converter MP3 to text Source: Goldwave of a phone conversation 8-29-18 4:44pm: "You have the right to record him... If you are on a telephone you can record him as long as you are part of the conversation... There is no exemptions for anyone anywhere... It is a Federal law and it has been around from a long long time... Some states have narrowed it...Is somebody threatening [the YH Fire eyewitness] with anything?... Court can force the open record laws...The Attorney General is not a private attorney... The Attorney General is a State Office... File something in court for the open records..."

Here is a heads up to the FFs/WFs on Central Yavapai Fire District (CYFD), Sun City West FD, Glendale FD, Peeples Valley FD, Yarnell Fire Dept (FD), Wickenburg and others, of what I witnessed on June 30, 2013. I have remained silent then, however, note that I will release the relevant data out on my web-page ( ).

Here are what some of you FFs/WFs that were there on June 30, 2013, in the Sesame Street to Shrine Corridor have stated since that time: "... we had to be briefed right after to keep quiet and all incoming/outgoing is to be discussed with the Investigation PIO only" and "they seized my stuff [photos, videos, logs, etc.] and I never got it back" and "we were not kept in the loop" and "we were treated like outsiders"and "during the actions on the Sesame to Shrine Corridor, the dozer came out of the blue and was radioed and he left" and "the fire activity happened at the wash by the hill with boulders" and "things flared up in the wash between 4-5pm" and "I think it was that task force leaders first job on ICT" and "I have kept it inside and I do not know who to turn to and share" and "I had rookies with me" and "we all carried radios and cells and took pictures" and "I healed by getting involved with the community after the fire" and "freaking huge waste of resources when they did Air Attack retardant drops" and "we split up when it got bad" and "YCSO deputy checked area for unaccounted for civilians" and "I was ordered to leave" and "Widening the wash [Sesame to Shrine Corridor] was done by crews and dozer" and "we cut a half mile of that Shrine to Sesame wash area" and "several people have been ill since the fire."

To the world - when PVFD Fire Chief Bob Brandon talks about "Boulder Mountain" in the article in recent posts, he is not referring to a legal-named spot, but a nickname to a 5180' elevation boulderous hill which is actually [and oddly] Harper Canyon and not the 4640' elevation Peeples Valley area, Genung Mountain.

Hey There, Yavapai County Dozer Operator Paul Morin on the Sesame Street to Shrine Corridor doing your dozer actions on June 30, 2013 - I hope you are ready to talk about what occurred - when you are ready; reach me, please through this website.

Figure 28. Email Thread: paragraph below Source: Collura and The World Gmail

good points about the CTR and lunch breaks:

(SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 AT 9:13 PM RTS said:"The posted Crew Time Reports (CTRs) and Fire Time reports (FTRs) are interesting and reveal the typical posting of one’s fire time while on the firelines to “SHOW” a meal period rather than actually take one. SHOWING a Meal Period and not actually taking one and then adding time on at the end of one’s shift is considered FRAUD.Here is Cornell University Law School posting regarding Compensable Meal Periods at 29 CFR 785.19a.§ 785.19 Meal.(a)Bona fide meal periods. Bona fide meal periods are not worktime. Bona fide meal periods do not include coffee breaks or time for snacks. These are rest periods. The employee must be completely relieved from duty for the purposes of eating regular meals. Ordinarily 30 minutes or more is long enough for a bona fide meal period. A shorter period may be long enough under special conditions. The employee is not relieved if he is required to perform any duties, whether active or inactive, while eating. For example, an office employee who is required to eat at his desk or a factory worker who is required to be at his machine is working while eating. (Culkin v. Glenn L. Martin, Nebraska Co., 97 F. Supp. 661 (D. Neb. 1951), aff’d 197 F. 2d 981 (C.A. 8, 1952), cert. denied 344 U.S. 888 (1952); Thompson v. Stock & Sons, Inc., 93 F. Supp. 213 (E.D. Mich 1950), aff’d 194 F. 2d 493 (C.A. 6, 1952); Biggs v. Joshua Hendy Corp., 183 F. 2d 515 (C. A. 9, 1950), 187 F. 2d 447 (C.A. 9, 1951); Walling v. Dunbar Transfer & Storage Co., 3 W.H. Cases 284; 7 Labor Cases para. 61.565 (W.D. Tenn. 1943); Lofton v. Seneca Coal and Coke Co., 2 W.H. Cases 669; 6 Labor Cases para. 61,271 (N.D. Okla. 1942); aff’d 136 F. 2d 359 (C.A. 10, 1943); cert. denied 320 U.S. 772 (1943); Mitchell v. Tampa Cigar Co., 36 Labor Cases para. 65, 198, 14 W.H. Cases 38 (S.D. Fla. 1959); Douglass v. Hurwitz Co., 145 F. Supp. 29, 13 W.H. Cases (E.D. Pa. 1956))(b)Where no permission to leave premises. It is not necessary that an employee be permitted to leave the premises if he is otherwise completely freed from duties during the meal period.Highlighting this section:” The employee must be completely relieved from duty for the purposes of eating regular meals. … The employee is not relieved if he is required to perform any duties, whether active or inactive, while eating..” Once again, SHOWING a Meal Period and not actually taking one and then adding time on at the end of one’s shift is considered FRAUD.So then, when is a WF or FF on the firelines ever completely relieved from duty for the purpose of eating a meal? NEVER !!! Because they are REQUIRED to perform the duty of LCES and much more.")

Figure 28: Executive Assistant to the Attorney General Reply then my reply then I forwarded it to AZ Ombudsman and on 9.6.18 added an email from the Governor's office dated 9.2.18 and added 9.6.18 email between Ombudsman and myself and Ms Lumpp reply that Attorney General does not get involved in public records; contact the Ombudsman/Governor. Added 9-9-18 Ombudsman and my reply to one another and again on 9-10-18 for final clarifications. Added email thread to AFDA Admin and Yavapai County Attorney and Ombudsman 9-12-18 2:31pm and since PDFs are converted to an image I did my best to keep them in order but at times I have seen them out of order yet I did place them one at a time versus bulk upload. This thread is now becoming long but I wanted to keep it to one specific area and so please forgive me for not labeling and just placing it on here. I have had a LONG week but yet always have made time to this site and its many frustrations. Let me do a Figure 28a. and carry on that way from this point on to keep on target with clarity not to confuse. The below Figure 28a is going to be the email thread between Glendale Fire Dept. that was on the June 30, 2013 YH Fire and me then forwarded to the Attorney General and Ombudsman. `

Figure ?? the above YouTube video is the audio of retrieving voice mail and returning the call to Glendale Fire Dept ( Liz Cortez ) 9-17-18 Source:

Figure 28a. Email Thread. Wed, Sep 12, 10:18 PM I placed a public records request to Glendale Arizona Fire Department that was on Yarnell Hill Fire June 30, 2013. Glendale replied Thu, Sept 13, 7:08am and its continuation documented thread. The world will eventually know the data I know. Source: Gmail

Please "pay attention" to these structural Fire Districts replies. I asked for "red card qualifications" which they cannot destroy to a very specific fire and I am focused to a very specific part of the fire they are documented to be on yet none are coming back with any Red Card qualifications. Pay attention also that one of the loved ones of the GMHS early on shared with a WF they had sniffing dogs in areas I am speaking about and they discovered accelerant. These pieces of information should not remain"quiet" and should be in the world's eyes to properly assess the YH Fire.

Figure 28b. Source: Gmail My last email from Jack Young; so sad :( I am. I left 1 last voice message for ya Jack even though you cannot hear it...I am going to miss hearing you. Some of my best memories...Happy Birthday Jack whom shared the same birth date as Jesse Steed....Also in loving memory bday month wishes to Eric Marsh, Jesse Steed, Chris MacKenzie (in loving memory this Summer the loss of his dad), Kevin Woyjeck.

This is 9-15-18 3:05pm

Please forgive me if I am not organized this week. I had not heard in days from my sweet long time dearest friend "Black Jack" Jack Norwood Young who would write me a few times a day every single day of the calendar year and we talked and I was going to call him today to wish him an early happy birthday because I leave this week for more fire research related stuff and he would have been 92 this September 25th, 2018. I do not use the word friend lightly and he was my dearest long time friend. I sure am heart broken. I will really miss the daily communications so much. Please take time to visit my dear friend's chronicles...I love you Jack...So happy God led you to my life. You were terrific. So please just understand if I am not organized - I am hurting alot. I also had a a pet die yesterday that God placed in my life on my trails - from one of the YH Fire investigative hike three years if you are one of the folks who think I am a "pain in the ass" for always trying to get the facts on the YH Fire...and you just want to wake up every day to go to work and get your pay check then please start telling the facts.

I will keep at it (The YH Fire Truths) until I see Jack again in Heaven...actually it is all organized even if I pass on then this web page continues on...I now have contributing partners...

Thank you to Jack's son, Cody, for contacting me. The media had it wrong on when Jack passed on. He died a day after his last contact with me on the 12th; Wednesday not Thursday. Cody, I will see you all at the Memorial with lots of tissues and humor along with it...this Saturday the 22nd on my other brother's birthday at the Old Tucson 10-2pm.

It use to be at weddings people would poke me "your next" when I was young but seems to be the lingo at funerals vs weddings nowadays...